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12/18/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Legislation To Expand Dual Credit Opportunities for Students Across Texas

12/12/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files The Homeowner's Religious Freedom Act, SB 227

11/30/2018 PDF
School Funding Commission Revenue Workgroup Proposals Presented, Debate Continues

11/28/2018 PDF
Shocking Testimony at Select Committee on Property Tax Reform Hearing

11/02/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt informs DPS and SOS about flaws in voter and license registrations

10/30/2018 PDF
84 Active Registered Voters At Just One UPS Store in Harris County - 22 Have Voted!

10/26/2018 PDF
Integrity of Harris County Voter Roll Continues To Be At Risk

10/16/2018 PDF
Houston ISD Trustees Have Made a Mockery of the Texas Open Meetings Act With Multiple Violations

09/21/2018 PDF
Key To Increasing Voter Engagement is Ending Dog Days of Summer Elections
· Attachments: Statewide Election Average Turnout, Select Election Turnout by County

08/24/2018 PDF
Harris County Voter Registrar Creates Confusion Suspending Voters In Middle of Election

07/27/2018 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Calls For An End To Dog Days Of Summer Property Tax Increase Elections

06/18/2018 PDF
Klein ISD Voters Reject 9 Penny Property Tax Rate Increase by a 55-45% Margin

06/13/2018 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Says Integrity of the Texas Voter Roll is at Risk

05/12/2018 PDF
Are the “Dog Days of Summer” Setting in on Harris County Taxpayers?

02/16/2018 PDF
Texas AG Sends Cease and Desist Order to Three ISDs Following Sen. Bettencourt's Opinion Request

02/13/2018 PDF
With Astrodome Vote Harris County Commissioners Court Shows They Are Tone Deaf to Taxpayers

02/01/2018 PDF
Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform Listens to Frustrated Taxpayers

01/29/2018 PDF
Average Houston Home's Property Tax Payment Rises to Nearly $5,000, Payment Due by January 31

01/23/2018 PDF
Texas Commission on Public School Finance Holds First Meeting in Austin


12/20/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt says Homes Up To $500,000 In Value Can Still Get Full Property Tax Deduction

12/15/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Asks For AG Opinion To Prevent Politics From Being Pushed Into School Districts

11/29/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Responds to Judge Emmett's Call for Higher Taxes

10/18/2017 PDF
Mayor Turner’s Unbelievable Attempt To Go Back on His Public Property Tax Promise Backfires 2-15

10/13/2017 PDF
Spring Branch ISD Stands up for Taxpayers by Voting For Disaster Reappraisal

10/02/2017 PDF
Media Advisory: Hurricane Harvey Information Meeting

07/26/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Passes Senate Bill 1, Property Tax Reform, by a vote of 19-12

07/25/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Preliminarily Passes Senate Bill 1, Property Tax Reform, by a vote of 19-12

07/22/2017 PDF
Ordinary Taxpayers Come Out in Force to Support Texas Property Tax Reform

07/21/2017 PDF
Media Advisory: Senate Select Committee on Government Reform Hearing

07/18/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Special Session Property Tax Reform & Relief Legislation

06/16/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Four Property Tax Reform Bills Passed By Senator Bettencourt

06/13/2017 PDF
Life-Changing Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Signed by Governor Abbott

06/06/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Applauds Governor Abbott’s Special Session Call

05/28/2017 PDF
Life-Changing Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Passed Unanimously to Governor

05/26/2017 PDF
Texas House Doesn’t Appoint Conferees on Property Tax Bill, Killing Property Tax Relief

05/25/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Educator Misconduct Reform Bill, SB 7, by Senator Bettencourt

05/24/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves HB 810 to Bring Adult Stem Cell Therapies to Texas

05/24/2017 PDF
Governor to Sign Teacher-Student Misconduct Reform Bill, SB 7 by Senator Bettencourt, into Law

05/24/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Champions Real Property Tax Relief: Adds SB 2’s Property Tax Rollback and Automatic Election Provisions as Amendment to Counties’ Omnibus Bill

05/22/2017 PDF
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Headed to Full Texas Senate after Unanimous 9-0 Committee Vote

05/21/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Echoes Governor Abbott’s statement today, “I want to see the rate rollback part of property taxes achieved”

05/17/2017 PDF
Senate Unanimously Passes SB 1609, the Homeowners’ Religious Freedom Act

05/15/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Reform, SB 7 by Senator Bettencourt, Passed Unanimously 31-0

05/10/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Reform, SB 7, Unanimously Passes Texas House, Headed Back to Senate

05/04/2017 PDF
Bill to Promote ISD-Charter Partnerships Passes Senate Unanimously 31-0

05/01/2017 PDF
Houston Pension Bill SB 2190 Amended to Recognize the Obvious: New Pension Plans are Viable

04/27/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s Proposed Pension Amendment Causes Consternation at Houston City Hall

04/25/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s SB 1166, calling for Sunset Commission review of Harris County Department of Education, approved by Texas Senate

04/05/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s SB 488, the Texas Ballot Integrity Act, Wins Senate Approval 24-6

03/31/2017 PDF
Taxpayers should have a voice voting on pension bonds, says the Texas Senate by 21-10 vote

03/30/2017 PDF
Taxpayers should have a voice voting on pension bonds, says the Texas Senate

03/29/2017 PDF
Texas Ballot Integrity Act, SB 488, by Senator Bettencourt Headed to Texas Senate

03/27/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves SB 730 to Ease Property Tax Burden on Small Businesses

03/21/2017 PDF
Major Step Forward for Texas Taxpayers: SB 2 Passes!

03/20/2017 PDF
Texans Deserve a Vote on the Issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds

03/15/2017 PDF
Senate Finance Committee Approves SB 2, the Property Tax Reform and Relief Act, on 9-5 Vote

03/14/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Champions Much Needed Property Tax Reform and Relief for Texas Taxpayers

03/13/2017 PDF
Greater Houston Partnership Endorses Property Tax Relief for 1st Time, Supports SB 2

03/10/2017 PDF
Sixth Largest County in Texas, Collin County, Votes to Support Property Tax Reform and Relief Collin County Judge Keith Self to Testify for SB 2 at Tuesday’s Hearing in Austin; Public Welcome

03/09/2017 PDF
Senators Bettencourt and Kolkhorst Stand for Religious Liberties; File SB 1609, Homeowners’ Religious Freedom Act

03/08/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves SB 7 to Stamp Out Statewide Epidemic of Improper Student-Educator Relationships

02/28/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Bill, SB 7, by Senator Bettencourt Headed to Texas Senate

02/23/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt calls recent flare-up of educator misconduct in Texas a “Statewide Plague”

02/16/2017 PDF
Senator Birdwell Champions Liberty, Senate State Affairs Passes Convention of States Bill

02/15/2017 PDF
Harris County Taxpayer Protection Act Filed by Senator Whitmire, Joint Authored by Senator Bettencourt and 6 Others

02/13/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Insists on Fraud Protection Tools to Stop Statewide Registration and Title System Thefts

02/09/2017 PDF
Property Tax Bills Really Are Growing at 2⅓ Times Faster Than Household Income

02/07/2017 PDF
Harris County Republican Party Passes Resolution Supporting Property Tax Reform & Relief, SB 2

02/04/2017 PDF
Property Tax Relief and Reform Act, SB 2, Picks Up a Bipartisan Backer

02/03/2017 PDF
HISD Board Heeds Senator Bettencourt’s Call and Schedules New “Recapture” Election for May 6

02/01/2017 VID
VIDEO: Senate Republican Caucus press conference on Senate Bill 4

01/25/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Calls for HISD Trustees to Schedule Another HISD “Recapture” Vote for May

01/24/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Calls for HISD Trustees to Schedule Another HISD “Recapture” Vote for May

01/24/2017 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Lauds Donna Bahorich on her Reappointment as State Board of Education Chair by Governor Abbott

01/24/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says Parents Deserve to Choose the Best School for their Children

01/17/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says It’s Time for Conservative Solutions for Texas Challenges

01/13/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 488: The Texas Ballot Integrity Act


12/09/2016 PDF
Texas Association of Business Numbers on Unfiled “Women’s Privacy Act” and Religious Freedom Bills are Wildly Speculative

11/29/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Responds to Overwhelming Cry for Property Tax Reform

11/29/2016 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding the pre-filing of SB 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2017 - legislation relating to reforming the property tax system

11/28/2016 PDF
Media Availability: Senator Bettencourt Files SB 2, Issues Interim Report on Property Tax Reform and Relief

11/18/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Says Scourge of Inappropriate Student-Educator Relationships must be stamped out

10/07/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Welcomes Special ‘Governor for a Day’ Honoree at the Texas Capitol

10/03/2016 PDF
Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Credited with Tax Rate Cuts

09/29/2016 PDF
Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Takes Blockbuster Testimony at Hearing

09/27/2016 PDF
Media Advisory: Houston Hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief

09/15/2016 PDF
Bettencourt Lauds Taxpayer Lawsuit To Reclaim Voter-Approved Homestead Exemption

08/24/2016 PDF
Senate Bill Shown to Save Local Taxpayers $100 Million

08/15/2016 PDF
Harris County Appraisal District Reports Home Values Rose 32 Percent In Just Two Years

08/13/2016 PDF
Mistreated Petitioners from Around the State Coming to Senate Committee Hearing to Present Information about Home-Rule City Councils’ Wrongdoings

08/11/2016 PDF
Media Advisory: Hearing of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations

08/10/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says It is Time to Beef up State Offices of Inspector General

08/02/2016 PDF
Slowing the Growth of Property Taxes and Government Revenue Will Save Taxpayers Money

08/01/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Commends State Health Department’s Proposed Rule Changes Regarding the Remains of the Unborn
· Attachment: Letter to the Department of State Health Services

06/28/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Busts Another Property Tax Myth: New Construction is Not the Major Cause of Property Value Increases Around the State

06/20/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Busts Common Property Tax Myths: Renters Do Not Have a Free Lunch

06/14/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt urges long-term, balanced pension reform solution to Houston’s looming liabilities

05/13/2016 PDF
Supreme Court of Texas Upholds School Funding System

02/02/2016 PDF
Harris County Celebrates Grand Opening of New Tax Sale Venue

01/28/2016 PDF
Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Has Record Turnout at Hearing


12/04/2015 PDF
After Defeat, City Doubles Down on their War on Taxpayers

11/06/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Named Chair of Special Property Tax Committee

11/06/2015 PDF
Victory for Taxpayers in Travis County

11/05/2015 PDF
Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Committee Appointments to Select Committee

10/22/2015 PDF
Senator Paul Bettencourt Honored By MD Anderson Cancer Center

10/07/2015 PDF
Bettencourt Delivers Letter to Judge in Austin Property Tax Lawsuit

09/09/2015 PDF
City of Austin's Property Tax Lawsuit is a Capital City Revenue Grab
· Attachment: Interim charge request to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

08/24/2015 PDF
City of Austin Lawsuit Challenging Taxpayer Protections is Judicial Activism

08/19/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Requests Hearing on Deceptive City of Houston Legal Practices
· Attachment: Letter to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

08/05/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Commends Harris County Planned Parenthood Investigation

08/05/2015 PDF
Surprising 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Overturns Texas Photo ID Law

06/18/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt lauds Governor Abbott's Appointment of Donna Bahorich as State Board of Education Chair

05/31/2015 PDF
Harris County Paves The Way For Students To Have A Brighter Tomorrow

05/29/2015 PDF
Senate Passes SB 1 & SJR 1: The Homestead Exemption Increase

05/23/2015 PDF
Economic & Employment Opportunities For Exporting Gas Would Be A Boon For Texas

05/22/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

05/15/2015 PDF
Texans On Unemployment Who Get Re-Employed Quickly Will See Rewards

05/14/2015 PDF
Tax Payers Will Truly Be In The Know About Local Debt

05/06/2015 PDF
Striving For Fiscal Transparency and Accountability For Taxpayers

04/30/2015 PDF
Fortifying Texas Taxpayers With A Super Majority Protection Victory

04/28/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Passes SB 762 - Providing Tax and Paperwork Relief for Small Businesses

04/23/2015 HTM
A Win-Win For Tax Payers and Government Both

04/09/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

04/07/2015 PDF
Texas Tax Credit Scholarships Advance

03/17/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

03/09/2015 PDF
Local Government Transparency Bills Filed So Texas Voters Will Be More In The Know

02/11/2015 PDF
More Property Tax Relief Ideas For Texas Homeowners and Businesses

02/11/2015 PDF
SB 515/516 Press Conference Fact Sheet

02/11/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding property tax relief legislation

02/11/2015 PDF
Media Availability on Property Tax Relief Bills: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

02/10/2015 PDF
Providing Tax Relief For Homeowners and Businesses Still A #1 Priority

01/23/2015 PDF
Senator Paul Bettencourt's Statement on Committee Appointments

01/21/2015 PDF
It Really Is A New Day In Texas