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12/28/2023 HTM
Feedback from Taxpayers on ISD Property Tax reductions is overwhelmingly positive!

11/29/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt named “2023 Legislator of the Year” at ALEC’s National Policy Summit

11/07/2023 HTM
Supermajority of Texans have voted FOR Proposition 4, $18 billion of Property Tax Reduction!

10/19/2023 HTM
Secretary of State Election Audit shows huge problems in Harris County

09/16/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt comments on Acquittal of Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr.

09/01/2023 HTM
First ever oversight of elections by Texas Secretary of State is now law in Harris County

08/22/2023 HTM
Harris County must return elections back to elected officials after TX Supreme Court decision

08/09/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt’s Huge property tax reduction bill is ceremonially signed into law!

07/13/2023 HTM
“Texas-sized” Record $18 billion Tax reduction bill finally passes, Texas taxpayers WIN!!!

07/12/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt bills, Texas largest Property Tax Cut, Pass Senate Unanimously!

07/10/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt files the Largest Property Tax Cut Bill SB 2 in the State’s History & SB 3!

07/06/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt’s response to Harris County’s frivolous lawsuit against SB 1750

06/29/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt says Senate Record Property Tax Relief gets even better with Teacher Pay!

06/21/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt sees eye-popping savings in unanimously passed record $18 billion Senate plan

06/12/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt shares eye-popping savings for TX homeowners under Senate Tax Plan!

06/01/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt comments on the appointment of the new HISD Superintendent and the Board of Managers by TEA Commissioner Mike Morath

05/30/2023 HTM
A Unanimous Texas Senate Rockets out $17.6 billion of Property Tax Relief to Texas Taxpayers

05/29/2023 HTM
County Officials cannot deny Public Information Election Record request to AG Paxton’s Office

05/28/2023 HTM
SB 1933, Senator Bettencourt’s 2nd Election Administration Reform Bill passes House and Senate

05/24/2023 HTM
Statement from Senator Paul Bettencourt in response to Harris County News Conference with Attorney Christian D. Menefee about the County’s “Legal Strategy” following the passage of SB 1750 & SB 1933

05/24/2023 HTM
Senators Bettencourt & West pass TX-Virtual Education bill moving well into the 21st century!

05/24/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt’s bills return Harris County Elections from EA back to Elected Officials passes!

05/19/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt’s HB 2071 halts PFC abuse ripping billions of dollars off tax rolls

05/15/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt passes bill out the TX Senate to put illegal street racers in “park”!

05/11/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt’s bill to speed up public information requests flies out of the TX Senate!

05/10/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt & Rep. Jetton’s bill to put more human traffickers behind bars passes TX Senate!

05/08/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt passes historical disannexation bill; No Regulation without Representation!

05/04/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt’s bill to make the platting process less complicated passes the Texas Senate

05/02/2023 HTM
Senators Bettencourt & Paxton pass SB 1474 to support Special Education students in a Big Way!

04/29/2023 HTM
Texas Senate follows through on 2022 commitment to Divest from Russia Federation Investments!

04/27/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt passes bill to stop local governments from thwarting the will of its voters

04/25/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt’s bill to end the Lost Generation of Truant students passes TX Senate 30-1!

04/21/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt and Sen. West’s bipartisan Virtual Education bill bolts out of the TX Senate 28-3!

04/20/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt passes Texas Election Marshal bill to restore public trust in elections!

04/18/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt’s bill returns Harris County Elections back to Elected Officials!

04/14/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt passes best election audit bill in the USA per Heritage Foundation, SB 1039

04/07/2023 HTM
Two more important bills to fix what ails Harris County Elections pass out of Texas Senate!

04/04/2023 HTM
Harris County voters finally get to hear Truth about Election Records with new Transparency bill

03/31/2023 HTM
Sen. Paul Bettencourt passes Five more Election Integrity Bills to the full Texas Senate!

03/29/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt passes Bipartisan Ballot Language Bill 22-8 Out of the Texas Senate!

03/23/2023 HTM
Texas Senate’s unprecedented $16.5 billion Property Tax Relief Voted out Unanimously!

03/21/2023 HTM
Crackdown on Catalytic Converter theft is adopted by Senate Criminal Justice Committee 7-0

03/21/2023 HTM
Sen. Finance launches final part of Lt. Gov Patrick/Senate Unprecedented Property Tax Relief Package

03/16/2023 HTM
$15 billion of Sen. Bettencourt’s Property Tax Relief bills advance out of the Senate Finance Committee

03/15/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt supports TEA Commissioner Morath installing a Board of Managers for HISD

03/15/2023 HTM
Sen. Paul Bettencourt explains Unprecedented $16.5 Billion Property Tax Relief Bills in Finance Today

03/11/2023 HTM
Sen. Paul Bettencourt & Rep. Mike Schofield Say Let Texans Vote on Daylight Saving Time!

03/10/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt and Sen. West file SB 1861 to Boost Virtual Education in Texas

03/09/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt files “Safety Six” to Strengthen School Safety on Multiple Levels!

03/08/2023 HTM
30 TX Senators follow through on 2022 commitment to Divest from Russia Federation Investments

03/07/2023 HTM
Sen Bettencourt & Rep Cain file bills to return Management of Elections back to Elected Officials!

03/03/2023 HTM
Senators Bettencourt & Paxton file SB 1474 to support Special Education students in a Big Way!

03/02/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt files SB3: a 75% Homestead Exemption Increase, with all Texas Senators

02/20/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt & Chairman Hughes file Election Audit Bill to address Election Irregularities

02/10/2023 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt praises Comptroller Hegar stopping Harris County Defunding Constables

02/10/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt files three more Election Integrity Reform Bills

02/09/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt files SB 805 to end practices of out-of-control housing authorities PFCs

01/27/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt says Tornado damaged homes & businesses will receive Automatic Disaster Property Tax Reappraisal by HCAD

01/23/2023 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt reappointed Chairman of TX Senate Committee on Local Government

01/19/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt files SB 465 to hold criminals targeting catalytic converters accountable

01/13/2023 HTM
Texas Supreme Court vacates injunction against Commissioner Morath and TEA in HISD case

01/06/2023 HTM
Senator Bettencourt reacts to record number of election challenges filed in Harris County


12/21/2022 PDF
Senator Bettencourt's Letter to the Editor of the Houston Chronicle

12/20/2022 HTM
Texas Taxpayers Save $8 billion on Property Taxes this year!

11/22/2022 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt lauds Office of Attorney General Writ to SCOT on Harris Co provisional ballots

11/15/2022 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt & Rep. Swanson refiled SB 220 & HB 549 in response to election improprieties

11/14/2022 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt supports Governor Abbott's call for an investigation of Harris County Elections

11/09/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt applauds voters rejecting Katy ISD & Fort Bend ISDs TREs on the Ballot

10/28/2022 HTM
Sen. Bettencourt Champions Election Integrity Bill SB 1111 upheld by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

10/25/2022 HTM
Discussion over...Harris County Taxpayers Win! A quarter billion dollars saved for Taxpayers

10/19/2022 HTM
SOS Election Audit Letter shows massive breach of chain-of-custody votes in Harris County

10/17/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt says Record Property Tax Relief at Risk in County Budget Battles

09/27/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt says Harris County gets more Property Tax Revenue in 2022 and No "Deficit"

09/01/2022 HTM
Sen. Paul Bettencourt Sounds the Taxpayer Alarm as ISDs have TREs to Raise Property Tax Rate!

08/22/2022 HTM
Inflation is up, but Homestead ISD Tax Bills are Not! Over 3.5 Million should see savings this Fall

08/03/2022 HTM
Senate Bill 1111 is Common Sense Election Law

08/02/2022 HTM
A Frivolous Squared Waste of Taxpayer Monies

05/07/2022 HTM
Texas Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Constitutional Amendments Reducing Property Taxes

05/05/2022 HTM
Public to Vote on Constitutional Amendment Propositions 1 and 2 on Saturday, May 7, 2022

04/18/2022 HTM
Attorney General Ken Paxton Issues Opinion in Response to Senator Bettencourt's Questioned on HISD's Vaccine Policy

03/28/2022 HTM
Public to Vote on Senator Bettencourt's Constitutional Amendments from SJR 2 on May 7, 2022

03/08/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Reacts to Harris County Election Administrator Longoria's Resignation Effective July 1, 2022

03/02/2022 HTM
Texas Senate Unanimously Joined Senator Paul Bettencourt on Texas Disinvestment of Russian Investments Interim Charge Sent to Lieutenant Governor Patrick
· Attachment: Letter to Lt. Governor Patrick

03/02/2022 PDF
Letter to Lt. Governor Patrick RE: Interim charge to protect state assets due to Russian invasion

02/17/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Expands Upon Governor Abbott Setting the May 2022 Election For the Two Property Tax Relief Constitutional Ballot Measures, SJR 2 - 87th Legislature, 2nd Special & SJR 2 - 87th Legislature, 3rd Special

01/19/2022 HTM
Senator Bettencourt and Thirteen Other Senators File an Amicus Brief Requesting a Rehearing by the Court of Criminal Appeals Ruling in the Stephens v. State and Ex Parte Stephens
· Attachments: Amicus Brief, Amended Amicus Brief


08/30/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt's SB 91 To Lower School District M&O Property Taxes Passes Unanimously To Full Senate

08/27/2021 HTM
Bettencourt's Property Tax Relief Bills SB 8, SB 12 & SJR 2 Pass The Texas House With Unanimous Support

08/09/2021 HTM
Bettencourt's Property Tax Relief Bills SB8, SB12 & SJR2 Pass Full Senate Unanimously & Moves to House

08/07/2021 HTM
Bettencourt's Property Tax Relief Bills SB8, SB12 & SJR2 Pass Local Gov 8-0 Again; Moves to Full Senate

07/14/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt's Property Tax Relief Bills SB8, SB12 & SJR4 Pass 22-0 Through The Full Senate

07/12/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt's Property Tax Relief Bills SB8, SB12 & SJR4 Pass Local Gov 8-0 & Move to Full Senate

06/29/2021 HTM
TEA Commissioner Morath Speaks On Importance of Sen Bettencourt’s SB 1365, House Sponsor Rep. Huberty, To Restore Texas Education System Oversight & Accountability

05/29/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt’s SB 1365 to Restore Education System Oversight & Accountability Passes to Governor!

05/25/2021 HTM
SB 1111 By Bettencourt to Stop Commercial P.O. Box Registration Addresses Heads To Governor's Desk

05/25/2021 HTM
Bettencourt Passes HB 1869 By Rep Burrows To Strengthen Taxpayer Protections From SB2

05/20/2021 HTM
Texas House Passes SB1449 That Saves Time & Money for Small Businesses, Moves to Governor's Desk!

05/18/2021 HTM
SB 581, The Homeowners Religious Freedom Act, Passes Both Chambers and Moves to Governor's Desk!

05/11/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Passes HB 2723 Improving 86th Session SB 2's Property Tax Rate Setting Transparency

05/10/2021 HTM
SB1365 Passes out of House Public Education Committee to Restore Education System Accountability

05/06/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Passes Major Bi-Partisan Bill to Restore Education System Accountability Reforms

05/04/2021 HTM
Bettencourt Passes Bipartisan Bill Removing Criminal Penalties For Violations of Local Pandemic Orders

04/28/2021 HTM
The Senate Passes Two More of Senator Bettencourt's Election Integrity Bills to Texas House

04/27/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Passes SB 1879 To Increase Transparency Requirements on Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

04/22/2021 HTM
Bettencourt Passes Senate Bill 1449 Unanimously That Saves Time and Money for Small Businesses

04/20/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Passes SB 591 To The House To Close Affordable Housing Property Tax Loophole

04/15/2021 HTM
Bettencourt & 9 JAs Pass SB 10 To Stop Taxpayer Funded Lobbying in Cities & Counties to the House

04/12/2021 HTM
The Texas Senate Passes 3 of Senator Bettencourt's "Integrity-7" Election Bills to Texas House

03/23/2021 PDF
Response Letter to Houston Chronicle Editorial Board

03/13/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Says Let Texans Vote on Daylight Saving Time

03/12/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt & 9 Joint-Authors File SB 10 To Stop Taxpayer Funded Lobbying in Cities & Counties

03/11/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 28 in the Texas Senate to Create Educational Opportunities for Texas Families

03/11/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Files Package of Property Tax Reform Legislation On Wide Array of Taxpayer Issues

03/08/2021 HTM
Senator Paul Bettencourt & 5 Joint Authors Filed 7 Important Election Integrity Bills in Texas Senate

02/05/2021 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 591 Closing Affordable Housing Projects Property Tax Loophole

02/04/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt w/ Creighton & Kolkhorst, Files SB 581, The Homeowners Religious Freedom Act

02/01/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt files SB 532, Caitlynne’s bill, preventing defendants from release on Multiple PR Bonds

01/28/2021 HTM
Bettencourt Lauds Fed Judge Decision Denying Request To Order Automatic Bail Hearings By Plaintiffs Counsel

01/22/2021 HTM
Sen Bettencourt, with 8 State Reps, Oppose Sheriff Gonzalez’s Prisoner Release Request in New Amicus Brief

01/22/2021 PDF
Russell v. Harris County Amicus Brief


12/18/2020 HTM
Bettencourt Files SB 252 To Strengthen Statutes Against Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars by Local Officials

12/10/2020 HTM
Bettencourt and Johnson File SB237 To Give Police Discretion For Citations of Criminal Trespassing

11/30/2020 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Joins in Call for Harris County Elections Administrator Appointment to be Rescinded
· Attachment: Press release with attached letters

11/23/2020 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 215 To Create Office of Inspector General Within The Texas Education Agency

11/18/2020 HTM
Bettencourt Files SB 208 to Prohibit Election Officials from Sending Unsolicited Absentee Ballot Apps

10/29/2020 HTM
Without Explanation HC Clerk Hollins Changes Daily Record of Early Voting Belatedly After Public Inquiry

10/27/2020 HTM
Secretary of State formally asks Harris County Clerk’s Office For Correct File of Early Voters

10/20/2020 HTM
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston City Council Propose to Raise Your Property Taxes

10/07/2020 HTM
Bettencourt Lauds TX Supreme Court Decision Keeping Chaos From Reigning in the Election Process

10/01/2020 HTM
Governor Abbott Proclamation to Ensure Poll Watcher Access to Protect Election Integrity

08/28/2020 HTM
Texas Secretary of State Tells Clerk Hollins to Halt Plans to Mail Absentee Ballot Apps to 2+ Million Voters

08/27/2020 HTM
Harris County Dramatically Accelerates It's Wasteful Spending of Money in the 2020 Election

08/26/2020 HTM
Harris County Dramatically Accelerates It's Wasteful Spending of Money in the 2020 Election

08/21/2020 HTM
Texas Supreme Court Stays TRO Against General Land Office, Allowing Them To Resume Accepting Harvey Relief Applications Within The City Limits Of Houston So Help Is On The Way at Last

08/17/2020 HTM
Houston Area Legislative Delegation Files Amicus Brief for GLO, not Houston, to Manage Harvey Relief

08/17/2020 PDF
Amicus Curiae Brief of Senator Paul Bettencourt, et al. in Support of the Relators’ Opposed Motion for Temporary Relief

08/12/2020 HTM
Sen Bettencourt and Creighton Speak Out Against Judge Hidalgo’s Plan to Prevent In Classroom Instruction

07/28/2020 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Lauds Attorney General Paxton’s Opinion Regarding the Opening of Texas Schools

07/28/2020 PDF
GLO v. City of Houston Amicus Brief

07/21/2020 HTM
Senator Bettencourt and Creighton Again SAY NO To 2nd Lockdown of TX Economy

07/16/2020 HTM
Senators Bettencourt and Creighton Speak Out Against 2nd Lockdown of the Economy

07/15/2020 HTM
Despite Judge Hidalgo's Repeated Demands, Economic Shutdown is Not Justified by New Data

06/04/2020 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Says County Clerk Hollin’s Mailing 376K BBM Applications Waste of Money

05/29/2020 HTM
Chairman Burrows and Bettencourt Laud Dallas City Council Decision to Reject Raising Property Taxes

05/21/2020 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Calls Judge Hidalgo’s Exec Order “Invisible Ink” as Its Still Not Published 8 Hours Later

05/12/2020 HTM
Chairman Bettencourt Says For Most Texas Taxpayers, Deadline to Protest Appraisal is Still May 15

05/07/2020 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Says Overreaching County Orders Must Be Reined In

04/15/2020 HTM
Federal Judge Rejects Motion to Release Up to 4,000 Inmates from Harris County Jail

04/08/2020 HTM
UPDATED: Sen Bettencourt, et al, Filed Amicus Brief Objecting to Release of Inmates from Harris County Jail
· Attachment: Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae Brief

04/07/2020 HTM
Sen Bettencourt, et al, Files Amicus Brief Objecting to Release of Inmates from Harris County Jail
· Attachment: Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae Brief

03/11/2020 PDF
Letter to Editor Riley for Correction/Clarification

02/27/2020 HTM
Media Advisory: Houston ISD, State's Largest School District, Raided Today

01/06/2020 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Lauds the Release of "Do-Not-Hire Registry" by Texas Education Agency


12/27/2019 HTM
Sen Bettencourt Speaks On A Few Changes Taxpayers Should See On Tax Bill This Year

11/01/2019 HTM
Continued Mismanagement by HISD Board Requires State Takeover to Correct per TEA Report

10/08/2019 PDF
Harris County Commissioners Set To Vote On An 11.4% Property Tax Increase

09/28/2019 PDF
Texas Taxpayers Being Taxed To The Max by Certain Cities and Counties

09/12/2019 PDF
Harris County Commissioners Court Advances Double Digit Property Tax Bill Hike

08/06/2019 PDF
Texas Property Taxpayers Will See Meaningful Relief on 2019 Tax Bill, More to Come in 2020+

08/05/2019 PDF
Senate Bill 2: Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019

07/19/2019 PDF
Senate Bill 2: Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019
· Attachment: Presentation in PPT format

05/29/2019 PDF
Another Bill Expanding Adult Stem Cell Therapies Passed Unanimously to Governor

05/27/2019 PDF
Bettencourt Among 2 Members of the Senate To Be Named the 2019 Citizens' Choice Award Winner

05/25/2019 PDF
Senate Bill 2 Passed 21-9 to Offer a Billion Dollars of Property Tax Reform for All Texas Taxpayers

05/23/2019 PDF
Major Steps for taxpayers in Future disaster appraisal relief in Passes Senate back to House

05/22/2019 PDF
Bettencourt's Bills To Expand Protections For Private Schools Head to Governor's Desk

05/20/2019 PDF
Property Tax Disaster Reappraisal SB 1772 Set In House For Tuesday Vote Follows Passage of HJR 34 Constitutional Appraisal In The Senate 31-0

05/15/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Sponsors Two Important Transparency Bills That Move To Governor's Desk

05/02/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Passes Bill to Create An Office of Inspector General In The Texas Education Agency

05/02/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Advances Legislation To Maintain Public Confidence In The Voter Roll

05/01/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Unanimously Passes Bipartisan Bill to Get ISDs Out Of The Waterpark Business

04/30/2019 PDF
Bettencourt Passes Senate Bill 2219 to Ensure Greater Uniformity in Elections to Protect Taxpayers

04/23/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Unanimously Passes Another Major Bill To Protect Private School Students

04/22/2019 PDF
Senate Has Unanimously Passed SB 1772, Automatic Disaster Reappraisal Legislation Post Harvey

04/17/2019 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding SR 535 and border policy issues

04/16/2019 PDF
Senate Unanimously Passes Automatic Disaster Reappraisal Legislation In Wake of Harvey

04/16/2019 PDF
Texas Home and Business Finally To Catch a Break on Property Tax Bills!

04/15/2019 PDF
On "Tax Day" 2019, Senate Passes Property Tax Reform & Relief, SB2 By Bettencourt

04/12/2019 PDF
Senate Unanimously Passes Bettencourt Bill To Expand Protections For Private Schools

04/10/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt & 8 Other Colleagues Applaud President Trump's Executive Orders on Pipelines

04/10/2019 PDF
Bettencourt Passes Senate Bill 1006 Unanimously That Saves Time and Money for Small Businesses

04/04/2019 PDF
Education Reform Legislation Authored by Senator Bettencourt Headed to the Full Senate

04/02/2019 PDF
Texas Senate Declares There Is an Emergency Crisis on the Southern Border
· Attachment: Senate Resolution 535

03/27/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Passes SB 702 To Increase Transparency on Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

03/20/2019 PDF
Education Committee Hears 5 Bills By Bettencourt To Expand Protections For Texas Students

03/08/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 5, Bipartisan Legislation to Increase the Homestead Exemption to $35,000

03/07/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says Let Texans Vote on Daylight Saving Time

03/06/2019 PDF
Sen Bettencourt Files Follow up Bill to SB7 From 2017 Inappropriate Student-Educator Relationships

03/01/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Legislation To Restructure the Houston ISD Board of Trustees

02/28/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Bill to Require Notification of Floodplains to Buyer Before Purchasing Property

02/26/2019 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt & Hinojosa, And 5 More File Bill to Get ISD’s Out of the Water Park Business

02/22/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Legislation To Protect the Vote of Taxpayers on Pension Bonds

02/21/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 933 To Create Office of Inspector General in the Texas Education Agency

01/31/2019 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Senate Bill 2 - The Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act

01/18/2019 PDF
Senator Paul Bettencourt Named Chair of Newly Formed Senate Committee on Property Tax


12/18/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Legislation To Expand Dual Credit Opportunities for Students Across Texas

12/12/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files The Homeowner's Religious Freedom Act, SB 227

11/30/2018 PDF
School Funding Commission Revenue Workgroup Proposals Presented, Debate Continues

11/28/2018 PDF
Shocking Testimony at Select Committee on Property Tax Reform Hearing

11/02/2018 PDF
Senator Bettencourt informs DPS and SOS about flaws in voter and license registrations

10/30/2018 PDF
84 Active Registered Voters At Just One UPS Store in Harris County - 22 Have Voted!

10/26/2018 PDF
Integrity of Harris County Voter Roll Continues To Be At Risk

10/16/2018 PDF
Houston ISD Trustees Have Made a Mockery of the Texas Open Meetings Act With Multiple Violations

09/21/2018 PDF
Key To Increasing Voter Engagement is Ending Dog Days of Summer Elections
· Attachments: Statewide Election Average Turnout, Select Election Turnout by County

08/24/2018 PDF
Harris County Voter Registrar Creates Confusion Suspending Voters In Middle of Election

07/27/2018 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Calls For An End To Dog Days Of Summer Property Tax Increase Elections

06/18/2018 PDF
Klein ISD Voters Reject 9 Penny Property Tax Rate Increase by a 55-45% Margin

06/13/2018 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Says Integrity of the Texas Voter Roll is at Risk

05/12/2018 PDF
Are the “Dog Days of Summer” Setting in on Harris County Taxpayers?

02/16/2018 PDF
Texas AG Sends Cease and Desist Order to Three ISDs Following Sen. Bettencourt's Opinion Request

02/13/2018 PDF
With Astrodome Vote Harris County Commissioners Court Shows They Are Tone Deaf to Taxpayers

02/01/2018 PDF
Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform Listens to Frustrated Taxpayers

01/29/2018 PDF
Average Houston Home's Property Tax Payment Rises to Nearly $5,000, Payment Due by January 31

01/23/2018 PDF
Texas Commission on Public School Finance Holds First Meeting in Austin


12/20/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt says Homes Up To $500,000 In Value Can Still Get Full Property Tax Deduction

12/15/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Asks For AG Opinion To Prevent Politics From Being Pushed Into School Districts

11/29/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Responds to Judge Emmett's Call for Higher Taxes

10/18/2017 PDF
Mayor Turner’s Unbelievable Attempt To Go Back on His Public Property Tax Promise Backfires 2-15

10/13/2017 PDF
Spring Branch ISD Stands up for Taxpayers by Voting For Disaster Reappraisal

10/02/2017 PDF
Media Advisory: Hurricane Harvey Information Meeting

07/26/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Passes Senate Bill 1, Property Tax Reform, by a vote of 19-12

07/25/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Preliminarily Passes Senate Bill 1, Property Tax Reform, by a vote of 19-12

07/22/2017 PDF
Ordinary Taxpayers Come Out in Force to Support Texas Property Tax Reform

07/21/2017 PDF
Media Advisory: Senate Select Committee on Government Reform Hearing

07/18/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files Special Session Property Tax Reform & Relief Legislation

06/16/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Four Property Tax Reform Bills Passed By Senator Bettencourt

06/13/2017 PDF
Life-Changing Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Signed by Governor Abbott

06/06/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Applauds Governor Abbott’s Special Session Call

05/28/2017 PDF
Life-Changing Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Passed Unanimously to Governor

05/26/2017 PDF
Texas House Doesn’t Appoint Conferees on Property Tax Bill, Killing Property Tax Relief

05/25/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Educator Misconduct Reform Bill, SB 7, by Senator Bettencourt

05/24/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves HB 810 to Bring Adult Stem Cell Therapies to Texas

05/24/2017 PDF
Governor to Sign Teacher-Student Misconduct Reform Bill, SB 7 by Senator Bettencourt, into Law

05/24/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Champions Real Property Tax Relief: Adds SB 2’s Property Tax Rollback and Automatic Election Provisions as Amendment to Counties’ Omnibus Bill

05/22/2017 PDF
Adult Stem Cell Therapy Bill Headed to Full Texas Senate after Unanimous 9-0 Committee Vote

05/21/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Echoes Governor Abbott’s statement today, “I want to see the rate rollback part of property taxes achieved”

05/17/2017 PDF
Senate Unanimously Passes SB 1609, the Homeowners’ Religious Freedom Act

05/15/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Reform, SB 7 by Senator Bettencourt, Passed Unanimously 31-0

05/10/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Reform, SB 7, Unanimously Passes Texas House, Headed Back to Senate

05/04/2017 PDF
Bill to Promote ISD-Charter Partnerships Passes Senate Unanimously 31-0

05/01/2017 PDF
Houston Pension Bill SB 2190 Amended to Recognize the Obvious: New Pension Plans are Viable

04/27/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s Proposed Pension Amendment Causes Consternation at Houston City Hall

04/25/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s SB 1166, calling for Sunset Commission review of Harris County Department of Education, approved by Texas Senate

04/05/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt’s SB 488, the Texas Ballot Integrity Act, Wins Senate Approval 24-6

03/31/2017 PDF
Taxpayers should have a voice voting on pension bonds, says the Texas Senate by 21-10 vote

03/30/2017 PDF
Taxpayers should have a voice voting on pension bonds, says the Texas Senate

03/29/2017 PDF
Texas Ballot Integrity Act, SB 488, by Senator Bettencourt Headed to Texas Senate

03/27/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves SB 730 to Ease Property Tax Burden on Small Businesses

03/21/2017 PDF
Major Step Forward for Texas Taxpayers: SB 2 Passes!

03/20/2017 PDF
Texans Deserve a Vote on the Issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds

03/15/2017 PDF
Senate Finance Committee Approves SB 2, the Property Tax Reform and Relief Act, on 9-5 Vote

03/14/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Champions Much Needed Property Tax Reform and Relief for Texas Taxpayers

03/13/2017 PDF
Greater Houston Partnership Endorses Property Tax Relief for 1st Time, Supports SB 2

03/10/2017 PDF
Sixth Largest County in Texas, Collin County, Votes to Support Property Tax Reform and Relief Collin County Judge Keith Self to Testify for SB 2 at Tuesday’s Hearing in Austin; Public Welcome

03/09/2017 PDF
Senators Bettencourt and Kolkhorst Stand for Religious Liberties; File SB 1609, Homeowners’ Religious Freedom Act

03/08/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Unanimously Approves SB 7 to Stamp Out Statewide Epidemic of Improper Student-Educator Relationships

02/28/2017 PDF
Educator Misconduct Bill, SB 7, by Senator Bettencourt Headed to Texas Senate

02/23/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt calls recent flare-up of educator misconduct in Texas a “Statewide Plague”

02/16/2017 PDF
Senator Birdwell Champions Liberty, Senate State Affairs Passes Convention of States Bill

02/15/2017 PDF
Harris County Taxpayer Protection Act Filed by Senator Whitmire, Joint Authored by Senator Bettencourt and 6 Others

02/13/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Insists on Fraud Protection Tools to Stop Statewide Registration and Title System Thefts

02/09/2017 PDF
Property Tax Bills Really Are Growing at 2⅓ Times Faster Than Household Income

02/07/2017 PDF
Harris County Republican Party Passes Resolution Supporting Property Tax Reform & Relief, SB 2

02/04/2017 PDF
Property Tax Relief and Reform Act, SB 2, Picks Up a Bipartisan Backer

02/03/2017 PDF
HISD Board Heeds Senator Bettencourt’s Call and Schedules New “Recapture” Election for May 6

02/01/2017 VID
VIDEO: Senate Republican Caucus press conference on Senate Bill 4

01/25/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Calls for HISD Trustees to Schedule Another HISD “Recapture” Vote for May

01/24/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Calls for HISD Trustees to Schedule Another HISD “Recapture” Vote for May

01/24/2017 HTM
Senator Bettencourt Lauds Donna Bahorich on her Reappointment as State Board of Education Chair by Governor Abbott

01/24/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says Parents Deserve to Choose the Best School for their Children

01/17/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says It’s Time for Conservative Solutions for Texas Challenges

01/13/2017 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Files SB 488: The Texas Ballot Integrity Act


12/09/2016 PDF
Texas Association of Business Numbers on Unfiled “Women’s Privacy Act” and Religious Freedom Bills are Wildly Speculative

11/29/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Responds to Overwhelming Cry for Property Tax Reform

11/29/2016 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding the pre-filing of SB 2, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2017 - legislation relating to reforming the property tax system

11/28/2016 PDF
Media Availability: Senator Bettencourt Files SB 2, Issues Interim Report on Property Tax Reform and Relief

11/18/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Says Scourge of Inappropriate Student-Educator Relationships must be stamped out

10/07/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Welcomes Special ‘Governor for a Day’ Honoree at the Texas Capitol

10/03/2016 PDF
Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Credited with Tax Rate Cuts

09/29/2016 PDF
Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Takes Blockbuster Testimony at Hearing

09/27/2016 PDF
Media Advisory: Houston Hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief

09/15/2016 PDF
Bettencourt Lauds Taxpayer Lawsuit To Reclaim Voter-Approved Homestead Exemption

08/24/2016 PDF
Senate Bill Shown to Save Local Taxpayers $100 Million

08/15/2016 PDF
Harris County Appraisal District Reports Home Values Rose 32 Percent In Just Two Years

08/13/2016 PDF
Mistreated Petitioners from Around the State Coming to Senate Committee Hearing to Present Information about Home-Rule City Councils’ Wrongdoings

08/11/2016 PDF
Media Advisory: Hearing of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations

08/10/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Says It is Time to Beef up State Offices of Inspector General

08/02/2016 PDF
Slowing the Growth of Property Taxes and Government Revenue Will Save Taxpayers Money

08/01/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Commends State Health Department’s Proposed Rule Changes Regarding the Remains of the Unborn
· Attachment: Letter to the Department of State Health Services

06/28/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt Busts Another Property Tax Myth: New Construction is Not the Major Cause of Property Value Increases Around the State

06/20/2016 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Busts Common Property Tax Myths: Renters Do Not Have a Free Lunch

06/14/2016 PDF
Sen. Bettencourt urges long-term, balanced pension reform solution to Houston’s looming liabilities

05/13/2016 PDF
Supreme Court of Texas Upholds School Funding System

02/02/2016 PDF
Harris County Celebrates Grand Opening of New Tax Sale Venue

01/28/2016 PDF
Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief Has Record Turnout at Hearing


12/04/2015 PDF
After Defeat, City Doubles Down on their War on Taxpayers

11/06/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Named Chair of Special Property Tax Committee

11/06/2015 PDF
Victory for Taxpayers in Travis County

11/05/2015 PDF
Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Committee Appointments to Select Committee

10/22/2015 PDF
Senator Paul Bettencourt Honored By MD Anderson Cancer Center

10/07/2015 PDF
Bettencourt Delivers Letter to Judge in Austin Property Tax Lawsuit

09/09/2015 PDF
City of Austin's Property Tax Lawsuit is a Capital City Revenue Grab
· Attachment: Interim charge request to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

08/24/2015 PDF
City of Austin Lawsuit Challenging Taxpayer Protections is Judicial Activism

08/19/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Requests Hearing on Deceptive City of Houston Legal Practices
· Attachment: Letter to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

08/05/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Commends Harris County Planned Parenthood Investigation

08/05/2015 PDF
Surprising 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Overturns Texas Photo ID Law

06/18/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt lauds Governor Abbott's Appointment of Donna Bahorich as State Board of Education Chair

05/31/2015 PDF
Harris County Paves The Way For Students To Have A Brighter Tomorrow

05/29/2015 PDF
Senate Passes SB 1 & SJR 1: The Homestead Exemption Increase

05/23/2015 PDF
Economic & Employment Opportunities For Exporting Gas Would Be A Boon For Texas

05/22/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

05/15/2015 PDF
Texans On Unemployment Who Get Re-Employed Quickly Will See Rewards

05/14/2015 PDF
Tax Payers Will Truly Be In The Know About Local Debt

05/06/2015 PDF
Striving For Fiscal Transparency and Accountability For Taxpayers

04/30/2015 PDF
Fortifying Texas Taxpayers With A Super Majority Protection Victory

04/28/2015 PDF
Senator Bettencourt Passes SB 762 - Providing Tax and Paperwork Relief for Small Businesses

04/23/2015 HTM
A Win-Win For Tax Payers and Government Both

04/09/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

04/07/2015 PDF
Texas Tax Credit Scholarships Advance

03/17/2015 PDF
Terminally Ill Texans Given A Better Chance to Fight and Win

03/09/2015 PDF
Local Government Transparency Bills Filed So Texas Voters Will Be More In The Know

02/11/2015 PDF
More Property Tax Relief Ideas For Texas Homeowners and Businesses

02/11/2015 PDF
SB 515/516 Press Conference Fact Sheet

02/11/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding property tax relief legislation

02/11/2015 PDF
Media Availability on Property Tax Relief Bills: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

02/10/2015 PDF
Providing Tax Relief For Homeowners and Businesses Still A #1 Priority

01/23/2015 PDF
Senator Paul Bettencourt's Statement on Committee Appointments

01/21/2015 PDF
It Really Is A New Day In Texas