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Senator Donna Campbell: District 25

Press Room Archives


05/27/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Applauds Favorable AG Opinion on Gun Store Zoning Issue

05/26/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Celebrates Passage of Tax Relief, Other Legislative Priorities
· Attachment: Senator Campbell Priority Legislation

05/24/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell's Quarry Bill Headed to Governor as Part of HB 907

05/23/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Expands Patient Access to Medical Cannabis Oil

05/19/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Adds Critical Amendment to SB 2726 to Protect Residents Near Quarries

05/16/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on Passage of SB 1978

05/06/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell's Statement on Passage of HB 3

05/01/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell's Statement on Passage of HB 3

05/01/2019 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding childhood obesity and physical fitness

04/18/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Joins Religious Leaders at San Antonio City Council to Reconsider Chick-Fil-A Airport Ban

04/17/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Joins Cruz and Cornyn for Border Security Press Conference

04/16/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell's Statement on Passage of SB 1264

04/15/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds Passage of SB 2

04/11/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds Passage of SB 2485 & 2487

04/09/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds Passage of SB 23

04/02/2019 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Supports Senate Declaration of Border Crisis

04/02/2019 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Votes Against Handout to Health Insurers

04/01/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell's Statement on Passage of SB 22 to End Taxpayer Dollars Going to Abortion Providers

03/22/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Opposes San Antonio's Decision to Ban Chick-fil-a

03/08/2019 PDF
Physician Senator Files Bill to Expand Patient Access to Medical Cannabis Oil

03/07/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Two Bills to Expand Access to School Choice

03/06/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Third Bill to Restrict Hill Country Quarries

03/04/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Votes in Favor of Teacher Pay Raise

02/27/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Bill to Ease Burden on Military Families

02/25/2019 PDF
'Texas Two-Thirds Act' Gives Texas Voters Greater Say Over Local Debt

02/22/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Bill to create State Plan to Address Care and Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease

02/12/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Texas Small Business Protection Act to Protect Businesses from Overreaching City Ordinances

02/07/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files SB 694 to Increase Monitoring of Quarries

02/05/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Expresses Support for Governor's Emergency Items

01/30/2019 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files SB 535 to Secure Texans' Right to Carry in Church

01/25/2019 PDF
Campbell Files New Initiative to Ensure Government Transparency and Accountability

01/18/2019 PDF
Senator Campbell Looks Forward to Chairing Veteran Affairs Committee, Taking On Greater Roles in Education, Finance, and Business & Commerce


12/17/2018 PDF
Sen. Campbell Seeks to Enforce HB 89 Against Airbnb for Anti-Israel Policy

11/20/2018 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files Bill to Address Quarries and Concrete Plants in Texas Hill Country

10/19/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on San Antonio City Council's Alamo Masterplan Vote

09/28/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on Judiciary Committee Vote to Advance Judge Kavanaugh

09/25/2018 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding issues relating to budgeting and taxation

09/06/2018 PDF
Letter to Commissioner Bush Regarding the new Alamo Master Plan

09/06/2018 PDF
Letter to Mayor Nirenberg Regarding the new Alamo Master Plan

08/27/2018 PDF
Sen. Campbell Requests AG Opinion on San Antonio’s Annexation Proposition
· Attachment: Request for Attorney General Opinion

08/16/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Condemns California-sized Overreach of San Antonio City Council

08/13/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell and Texas Conservative Coalition File Brief in Support of Appellants Challenging Austin's Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
· Attachment: Sick Leave Amicus Appellate Brief

08/06/2018 PDF
In Letter to Mayor, Sen. Campbell Expresses Concerns Over Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

07/30/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Expresses Concerns over Potential Alamo Changes

07/16/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on Austin receiving U.S. Army Futures Command

07/10/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on President Trump's Supreme Court Nomination

06/18/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Brief Opposing Austin's Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

06/04/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds Supreme Court Ruling in Victory for Religious Liberty

05/30/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Stands in Support of Governor Abbott's School Safety Plan

05/23/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Issues Statement on Tragic Santa Fe School Shooting

04/17/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell Issues Statement on Passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush

04/10/2018 HTM
Senator Donna Campbell Supports Trump Decision to Send Troops to Border

02/13/2018 PDF
Senator Campbell to Hold Ribbon Cutting for New District Office

02/06/2018 PDF
Senate Veteran Affairs and Border Security Holds 1st Hearing at Port San Antonio


12/13/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds $5 Million Grant for Port San Antonio

12/11/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Joins Governor Abbott at Ceremony to Recognize Master Sergeant Travis E. Watkins with Texas Medal of Honor

11/28/2017 HTM
Sen. Campbell Statement on Judge Yeakel's Ruling Against SB 8

11/17/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Presents Adoption Day Proclamation, Encourages Support for Foster Children in Texas

11/08/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on Passage of Proposition 6

10/06/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Recognizes A&M Freshman with Armed Services Scholarship

10/06/2017 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Honored with Courageous Defense of Life Award

10/02/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Touts Veterans Mental Health Care Initiative in El Paso

10/02/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Expresses Heartache Over Las Vegas Shooting

08/24/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Statement on Shameful Court Ruling on Voter ID Law

08/13/2017 PDF
Texas Annexation Right to Vote Act Passes Senate, Headed to Governor Abbott's Desk

08/11/2017 PDF
HB 13 Requiring Reporting of Abortion Complications Headed to Governor's Desk

07/26/2017 PDF
Texas Annexation Right To Vote Act Passes Senate

07/18/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files 2 of Gov. Abbott’s 20 Priority Items for the Special Session

06/30/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell's Statement on Fallen Officer Miguel Moreno

06/21/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Primary Author/Sponsor Bills Passed 85R

06/12/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Requests Attorney General Opinion on the Constitutionality of Municipal Tree Ordinances
· Attachment: Letter to Attorney General Ken Paxton

06/06/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Applauds Governor Abbott for Calling Special Session

06/01/2017 PDF
In Letter to Governor, Sen. Campbell Requests Annexation Reform in Special Session

05/31/2017 PDF
Letter to Governor Abbott

05/10/2017 PDF
Passage of SB 200 Marks 55th Senate Bill Passed by Senator Campbell

05/04/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Passes Three Key Education Bills Out of Senate

05/03/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Celebrates Unanimous Passage of David's Law in the Senate

05/02/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Passes SB 1602 to Strengthen Medical Reporting of Abortion Complications

04/27/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on Historic Passage of Charter School Facilities Funding

04/24/2017 PDF
State Senate Passes Senator Campbell's Texas Annexation Reform Act

04/19/2017 PDF
Senate Passes SB 277 - Mission Preparedness Protection Act

04/18/2017 PDF
SB 457, The Charter School Facilities Funding Act, Passes Education Committee

03/29/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell's Statement on Tragic Central Texas Bus Accident

03/28/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell's Statement on Passage of The Help for Texas Heroes Act

03/22/2017 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Advocates for Medicaid Reforms in Health Care Meeting with President Trump

03/15/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on SB 8 Passage

03/13/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Carries SJR 1 to Unanimous Passage in Texas Senate

03/07/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Stands with Charter School Parents to Support Facility Funding

03/07/2017 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding SB 457, relating to funding for an open-enrollment charter school based on the guaranteed level of state and local funds provided to school districts through the existing debt allotment

03/02/2017 PDF
Senator Campbell Files SB 27, The Help for Texas Heroes Act

02/23/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on President Trump Rescinding Obama Bathroom Policy

02/14/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Statement on Travis County Sheriff's Refusal to Enforce Law

02/13/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files SB 855 to End All Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Providers

02/08/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files SB 782 to Push Back Against Costly Local Tree Ordinances

02/02/2017 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files SB 715 to Protect Property Owners from Forced Annexation

02/01/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Statement of Support for Legislation to End Sanctuary Cities

01/25/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Files SB 616 to Encourage Better Ballot Language on Local Initiatives

01/18/2017 PDF
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Appoints Senator Campbell to Chair Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee

01/18/2017 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Files SB 457 to Narrow Charter School Funding Gap


12/15/2016 PDF
San Antonio Delegation Files SJR 1 for Families of First Responders

12/08/2016 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files the Mission Preparedness Protection Act

11/16/2016 HTM
Senator Campbell Files Wyatt’s Law to Protect Grieving Parents

11/15/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell's CLEAR Initiative Gives Taxpayers Tools to Hold Local Governments Accountable

11/14/2016 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files Founding Principles Act

10/12/2016 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Pays Tribute to POW and MIA Service Members with Unveiling of 'Chair of Honor' at the State Capitol

09/26/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell Weighs In on Dripping Springs Bathroom Policy Meeting

08/24/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell Tours San Antonio Residential Center for Veterans

08/22/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell Applauds Federal Judge's Ruling Against President Obama's Controversial School Bathroom Policy

08/05/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell Recognizes Schertz Student Alexander Gill as a 2016 Texas Armed Services Scholarship Winner

07/25/2016 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on Court's Ruling Against Texas Voter ID Law

07/08/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell's Statement on Tragic Shooting of Dallas Police Officers

06/27/2016 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Expresses Extreme Disappointment with HB 2 Ruling

06/24/2016 PDF
Senator Campbell Reprimands Austin City Council for Charter School Vote

06/23/2016 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Applauds SCOTUS for Pushback Against Obama's Immigration Policy

06/23/2016 PDF
Sen. Campbell Applauds Hazlewood Decision Upholding Tuition Benefits for Texas Veterans by Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

06/16/2016 PDF
In Letter To City Council, Senator Campbell Opposes Austin Ordinance That Would Harm Charter Schools
· Attachment: Letter to Austin City Council

05/20/2016 HTM
Sen. Campbell Pushes Back Against Obama's School Bathroom Policy In Letter To Superintendents
· Attachment: Letter to Central Texas area superintendents

05/13/2016 PDF
Statement on Texas Supreme Court School Finance Ruling

04/11/2016 PDF
Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Brings Hearing to Corpus Christi

02/04/2016 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Joins Amicus Brief in Support of HB 2


12/15/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Commends Abbott's Selection of Mike Morath to Lead TEA

11/13/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Hear Abortion Case

10/09/2015 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell's Statement on Lt. Governor's Interim Charges for Veteran Affairs, Military Installations, and Border Security

09/16/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Celebrates Removal Of Tolls From 281

08/12/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Shows Support for Jewish Community Targeted by Vandals

07/01/2015 HTM
Campbell And Larson Request Removal Of Tolls From U.S. 281 In Letter To MPO
· Attachment: Letter to Commissioner Kevin Wolff and the Alamo Area MPO

06/17/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Celebrates Successful Legislative Session With 60 Bills Passing To Governor's Desk
· Attachment: List of Authored/Sponsored Bills

06/09/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on Fifth Circuit Court's Ruling on HB 2

06/09/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Joins Governor Abbott for Signing of Border Security Bill

05/05/2015 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell's Statement on Passage of SB 1735

04/02/2015 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Makes Veterans Legislation a Priority, Passes Four Bills Out of the Texas Senate

03/19/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Joins Sen. Birdwell to Pass Campus Carry in the Senate

03/16/2015 PDF
Donna Campbell Applauds Passing of Licensed Open-Carry

03/12/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell and Rep. Isaac File Bills to Protect Trinity Groundwater

02/27/2015 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files 5 Bills to Assist Texas Veterans

02/20/2015 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files Founding Principles Act

02/17/2015 PDF
Campbell Statement on Governor Abbott's Pre-K Initiative

01/26/2015 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Joins Sen. Brian Birdwell To Author Campus Personal Protection Act

01/23/2015 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell to Chair Veterans Affairs Committee

01/21/2015 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell's Statement on Changing the 2/3rds Rule

01/16/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files Clarity to Carry Bill

01/06/2015 PDF
Sen. Campbell Files Taxpayers Savings Grant Bill


12/16/2014 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files SB 249 to Tackle State Debt

11/25/2014 PDF
Senator Donna Campbell Files Legislation to Protect the Alamo

11/21/2014 PDF
Campbell Blasts Pres. Obama for Reckless Use of Power

11/18/2014 PDF
Campbell Files Resolution to Thwart Obamacare Penalties

11/10/2014 PDF
VIA Board to be Elected by Voters Under Sen. Campbell Bill

11/10/2014 PDF
Senator Campbell Files First Bills of 84th Legislative Session to Protect Religious Freedom, Stop Ballot Fraud

10/24/2014 PDF
Donna Campbell Statement on Recovery of Ebola Patient Nina Pham

10/16/2014 PDF
Campbell Blasts City of Houston for Subpoenaing Pastors' Sermons

10/10/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Statement on Voter ID Ruling

09/19/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Encourages SBOE to Back Mercer Resolution

08/29/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Statement on School Finance Ruling

08/15/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Announces Sawyer Marshall of Smithson Valley as Texas Armed Services Scholarship Winner

08/08/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Statement on TEA Accountability Ratings

08/06/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Appointed to Sunset Advisory Commission

08/01/2014 PDF
Charter Petition Letter to San Antonio Mayor Taylor

07/29/2014 PDF
Donna Campbell and Lyle Larson Ask Transportation Commission to Redirect Dollars from Cancelled Streetcar Project to U.S. Hwy 281

07/28/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell's Statement on End of S.A. Streetcar Project

07/15/2014 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell Supports Conservative State Budget

07/08/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Blasts TxDOT Funding of Streetcar and Light Rail

06/30/2014 PDF
State Senator Donna Campbell Statement on Hobby Lobby Ruling

06/18/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Calls for Boost in Emergency Border Security, Special Session if Immigration Crisis Persists

05/15/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Calls for Medical Vouchers to Replace Troubled VA

04/25/2014 PDF
Campbell Writes Letter to BLM Defending Private Property Rights

02/26/2014 PDF
Sen. Campbell Blasts Judge's Ruling Against Traditional Marriage

01/09/2014 PDF
Governor Appoints Senator Campbell to Education Advisory Council


12/20/2013 PDF
Campbell Testifies for Stricter Oversight of Obamacare Navigators

11/26/2013 PDF
NRA Honors Senator Donna Campbell with Award

11/08/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Opposes Tolling of I-35

11/07/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Signs Amicus Brief to SCOTUS Defending Pro-Life Legislation

11/04/2013 PDF
Senator Campbell Writes Letter to AG's Office Asking for Scrutiny of VIA Streetcar Bonds

10/18/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Opposes New Streetcar Bonds in Letter to VIA

09/21/2013 PDF
Dewhurst Names Campbell to Select Committee on Transportation Funding

08/30/2013 PDF
Campbell Writes Open Letter to Mayor Castro, Opposes Gender-identity Ordinance

08/07/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Helps Pass Key Transportation Bill

07/26/2013 PDF
At Chick-Fil-A, Sen. Campbell Announces Employee John Wasserman as District's Texas Armed Services Scholarship Winner

07/22/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Issues Statement Against Continued Use of CSCOPE

07/16/2013 PDF
Campbell and Zaffirini Voice Joint Opposition to Proposed Landfill in Guadalupe County

07/12/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Protects Sanctity of Life with Passage of HB 2

07/02/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Stands With Women Who Have Been Harmed by Abortion, Speaks at Press Conference

07/01/2013 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding proposed legislation relating to abortion procedures

06/13/2013 PDF
Campbell Commends Governor Perry for Adding Pro-Life Issues to the Special Session

06/03/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Speaks at Groundbreaking Ceremony for Heroic Veteran's Home

05/25/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Votes No on SB 1, Cites Fiscal Conservatism

05/20/2013 PDF
Senator Campbell Joins Senator Patrick to Announce End of CSCOPE Lesson Plans

05/13/2013 PDF
With Gosnell Verdict In, Sen. Campbell Reiterates Necessity of Passing Abortion Facilities Bill

05/10/2013 PDF
Campbell Requests Block Grant for Medicaid

05/01/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Honors DPS for 190 Years of Service

04/24/2013 PDF
Campbell Gives Voters Opportunity to Authorize One-time Infusion from Economic Stabilization Fund

04/19/2013 PDF
Senate Passes Campbell's Bill to Reduce CHL Hours

04/15/2013 PDF
Campbell and Patrick's CSCOPE Oversight Bill Passes Senate

04/02/2013 PDF
Senator Campbell Opens Two District Offices

03/09/2013 PDF
Senator Campbell Files Taxpayer Savings Grant Bill

03/08/2013 PDF
Sen. Donna Campbell and Dan Patrick File Bill Bringing Oversight and Transparency to CSCOPE

02/24/2013 PDF
Sen. Campbell Takes Aim at Voter Fraud

02/20/2013 PDF
Campbell Co-Authors Resolution Demanding Reimbursement for Cost to Texas Taxpayers of Securing Border

01/31/2013 PDF
Senator Campbell Touts Job-Friendly Policies for Bringing Amazon to Central Texas

01/29/2013 PDF
Campbell Happy to See Governor Taking Role on Issues Critical to Central Texas

01/24/2013 PDF
Campbell Files Constitutional Amendment to Push Back on Federal Mandate