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Senator Carlos Uresti: District 19

Press Room Archives



11/21/2017 PDF
Statement on Air Force Plane Crash

11/16/2017 PDF
Statement on the Passing of Steve Mostyn

10/25/2017 PDF
Statement on Speaker Joe Straus Choosing Not to Seek Re-election

10/13/2017 PDF
Statement on alleged sexual abuse at Medina County Foster Home

09/05/2017 PDF
Statement on DACA Repeal

08/31/2017 PDF
Sen. Uresti and Blue Ribbon Task Force Launch Hurricane Harvey relief effort for foster children

08/15/2017 PDF
Statement on the conclusion of the special session

08/13/2017 PDF
Statement on the passage of Senate Bill 6 providing annexation reform

07/05/2017 PDF
Act Immediately to Prevent Heat Related Deaths

05/31/2017 PDF
Governor Signs Historic Foster Care and CPS Reform Bills

05/27/2017 PDF
Senator Uresti touts CPS funding in budget vote

05/26/2017 PDF
Senator Uresti passes major CPS reform through Senate

05/17/2017 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Statement on legal proceedings

05/09/2017 PDF
Session Watch: 85th Legislative Session in the final stretch

04/27/2017 PDF
Senator Carlos Uresti Passes “Camo Alert” to Help Texas Veterans

04/19/2017 PDF
Session Watch: Big Data Abound

04/07/2017 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Statement on two recent child deaths in Bexar County

03/29/2017 PDF
Session Watch: Vouchers alive in Texas Senate, less so in Texas House

03/13/2017 PDF
Session Watch: Bill Filing for the 85th Session Ends

03/08/2017 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding Senate Bill 1436, relating to the punishment for the offense of injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual and creating the offense of continuous injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual

03/01/2017 PDF
Senator Carlos Uresti Statement on Senate Passage of Senate Bill 11

02/27/2017 PDF
Session Watch: Counties Visit Capitol and the Finance Committee Gets Specific

02/22/2017 PDF
Senator Carlos Uresti: Senate Bill 11 Headed to the Full Senate

02/13/2017 PDF
Session Watch: Emergency Items Hit the Senate Floor

01/30/2017 PDF
Session Watch - Session Begins and the Budgets Arrive

01/18/2017 PDF
Sen. Uresti’s Committee Assignments to Serve District 19 Well

01/11/2017 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Statement on Judge Janis Jack’s Foster Care Interim Order

01/10/2017 PDF
Uresti Brothers Take Oath of Office

01/09/2017 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Statement on the passing of Archbishop Patrick Flores



12/28/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Appointed to Legislative Budget Board

12/09/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti's 19th Annual Toy Drive Raises Hundreds Of Toys

11/10/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti to Host Veterans

10/29/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Honors Congressional Gold Medal Recipients

09/18/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Named to committee to Study Border Security

09/03/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti statement on the retirement of Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon

07/29/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti and veterans team up to honor medal recipients

07/17/2015 PDF
Senator Carlos Uresti to hold mobile office hours

07/15/2015 PDF
Senate District 19 Back to School Fairs

07/13/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Statement on the escape of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman

06/01/2015 PDF
Texas Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

05/26/2015 PDF
Sen. Uresti finance appointment bodes well for San Antonio and District 19

05/07/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Joins Teachers and Public Safety Personnel in Opposing SB 1968

04/14/2015 PDF
Senator Uresti responds to Senate passage of HB 1

04/09/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti passes major alternative fuels initiative

04/01/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Let's All Re-commit to Ending Child Abuse

03/12/2015 HTM
Sen. Uresti announces major alternative fuels initiative

03/12/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding SB 12, legislation to provide incentives for the conversion of state government vehicle fleets to cleaner-burning natural gas

03/11/2015 PDF
Sen. Uresti to announce major alternative fuels initiative

02/24/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: The Eyes of Texas Should be on State Contracts

02/19/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Files Bill to Get Tobacco Out of High Schools

01/28/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti Files Secure Voter Registration Bill

01/23/2015 PDF
Sen. Carlos Uresti: Ready to serve on Finance Committee






12/16/2010 HTM
Uresti files bills on foster children's rights, teen smoking, newborns

12/15/2010 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: "Senator Santa" to donate toys, visit seniors in Eagle Pass, Del Rio

12/10/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Legislature gets a second chance to pass Kristy Appleby Protective Order bill

11/19/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Thanksgiving: a day of many traditions but one purpose

11/10/2010 HTM
Uresti files bill to fix problem with veterans' property tax exemption law

11/08/2010 HTM
Uresti pre-files space flight liability bill

11/08/2010 HTM
Uresti pre-files Kristy Appleby, texting ban bills

11/05/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Fix on the way for flaw in disabled veterans property tax exemption bill

11/01/2010 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Election Night Watch Party

10/15/2010 HTM
OP-ED: West Texas counties would benefit from tax code fix

10/08/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Legislature should give thumbs up to texting while driving ban

09/29/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Luna scholars program a great opportunity for District 19 students

09/17/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Raising the smoking age could break the cycle of addiction

09/02/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Tough decisions ahead for the family of Texas

08/20/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Groundwater districts, Mother Nature need a helping hand

08/05/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Despite budget woes, state's commitment to public education must remain strong

08/04/2010 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Back to School Health & Social Services Fair

06/18/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Korea anniversary: a reminder of America's commitment to freedom

06/04/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Dual language skills widen the paths to success

04/22/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Work zone ahead — ease up on the pedal!

04/15/2010 HTM
Media Advisory: Uresti, Blue Ribbon Task Force to conduct block walk on the West Side

04/01/2010 HTM
Uresti urges consumers to take advantage of appliance rebate program

03/25/2010 HTM
OP-ED: Child Abuse Prevention Month — time to Go Blue! for kids in your community


12/17/2009 HTM
OP-ED: Daily acts of compassion, generosity can save a child

10/19/2009 HTM
DFPS Commissioner Heiligenstein to brief Blue Ribbon Task Force

10/09/2009 HTM
Veterans, homeowners have a stake in Constitutional Amendment election

09/15/2009 HTM
Maverick County flooding recognized as a disaster

08/21/2009 HTM
Gov. Perry signs Uresti's Blue Ribbon Task Force bill

08/05/2009 HTM
Uresti urges disabled vets to take advantage of tax exemption law

07/31/2009 HTM
Uresti Urges Grieving San Antonio Community to Come Together Over Baby Scotty's Death

07/16/2009 HTM
With child drownings on the rise, Uresti touts "See and Save" campaign

06/01/2009 HTM
Uresti gets the most out of the 81st Legislative session

05/28/2009 HTM
Uresti, Senate rescue package of child protection and health bills

05/27/2009 HTM
Governor signs bill for Texas A&M University-San Antonio

05/20/2009 HTM
Senate passes scrap tire bill for Maverick County

05/19/2009 HTM
Senate approves Uresti bill creating resident physician program

05/14/2009 HTM
Texas Senate passes Greyson's Law to expand newborn screenings

05/13/2009 HTM
Texas A&M-San Antonio bill headed to the governor

05/11/2009 HTM
Uresti bill lets Brewster County set same hotel/motel tax rate as Alpine

05/08/2009 HTM
Senate approves Laughlin AFB anti-encroachment bill

05/07/2009 HTM
Uresti bill requires transportation plan for discharged mental patients

05/05/2009 HTM
Senate approves BexarMet bill

04/27/2009 HTM
Uresti bill would boost space tourism in Texas

04/23/2009 HTM
News Advisory

04/22/2009 HTM
Senate approves tax break for fully disabled vets

04/15/2009 HTM
News Advisory

04/15/2009 HTM
Senate passes Uresti's bill to combat teen smoking

04/08/2009 HTM
Advocates for children press their case at the state Capitol

04/07/2009 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding Child Abuse Awareness Month and legislation relating to child abuse prevention

04/02/2009 HTM
Senate moves forward on Foster Children's Bill of Rights

04/01/2009 HTM
Uresti: Senate budget bill should do more for kids, families

03/31/2009 HTM
Committee approves Uresti bill to combat teen smoking

03/31/2009 HTM
Uresti joins child advocates, volunteers in neighborhood walk for kids

03/25/2009 HTM
Senate committee passes protective order bill

02/25/2009 HTM
Senator Files "Children First" Legislative Package

02/16/2009 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti Seeks Protection for Texas Families

02/12/2009 HTM
Senator Uresti Visits Reeves County Detention Facility

02/04/2009 HTM
Senator Uresti Applauds his Committee Assignments

01/30/2009 HTM
Senator Uresti Files Bill Allowing Texas A&M-San Antonio to Start Breaking-Ground

01/26/2009 HTM
Senator Uresti Hosts First Veterans Meeting of the 81st Legislative Session

01/23/2009 HTM
Sen. Uresti’s First Filed Bill Of The 81st Session Focuses On Bexar Met Reform

01/13/2009 HTM
Bexar Met Oversight Committee Submits Report on Bexar Met Reform Options


12/20/2008 HTM
Carlos Uresti Honored with "Champion for Children" Award

12/08/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti's 12th Annual Christmas Party and Toy Drive Exceeds 10,000 Toys

11/17/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti and the Blue Ribbon Task Force Extend Child Abuse Prevention Billboard Campaign

11/10/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti Hosts Veterans Day Reception Honoring Our Heroes

11/07/2008 HTM
Remembering Our Heroes on Veterans Day

10/27/2008 HTM
We Just Came Together as a Team

10/20/2008 HTM
Hot Meals Soothe the Body and the Soul

10/02/2008 HTM
National Night Out: An Opportunity for Fun, Family, and Friendship

09/17/2008 HTM
National Hispanic Heritage Month: A Time to Remember and a Time to Celebrate

09/11/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Strength in Siblings

09/08/2008 HTM
Make Child Safety a Habit

08/29/2008 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Marfa Lights Parade

08/26/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti Opens Pecos District Office

08/22/2008 HTM
Come See Senate District 19's New Pecos District Office

08/20/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti Opens Pecos District Office

08/19/2008 HTM
Falls: Top Cause of Injury and Death for Elderly

08/01/2008 HTM
Luncheon Held in Honor of Senator Uresti

08/01/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti to Serve as Grand Marshall of Old Settler's Reunion Parade

07/30/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti Partners For A Better Tomorrow

07/24/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti Welcomes His First Grandchild

07/19/2008 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti And The Blue Ribbon Task Force Hit The Streets To Prevent Child Abuse

07/16/2008 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Blue Ribbon Task Force Strengthening Families Block Walk

07/14/2008 HTM
Nurse-Family Partnership Extends to More Families

07/11/2008 HTM
Summer Returns

04/18/2008 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: KidsDay in the Park

04/17/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti and the Blue Ribbon Task Force Announce a New Honorary Chair and Extends Child Abuse Prevention Billboard Campaign

04/16/2008 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Blue Ribbon Task Force Press Conference

04/07/2008 HTM
OP-ED: How You Can Help in the Fight Against Child Abuse

03/19/2008 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti Opens a New District Office in Eagle Pass

03/11/2008 HTM
Blue Ribbon Task Force Establishes Strengthening Families Block Walk Campaign

03/05/2008 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Blue Ribbon Task Force Block Walk to Strengthen Families and Prevent Child Abuse

03/03/2008 HTM
Senator Uresti to Open New District Office in Eagle Pass

02/29/2008 HTM
OP-ED: The Most Important Civic Duty

02/11/2008 HTM
National Trust for Historic Preservation Names Fort Davis as one of 2008's Dozen Distinctive Destinations

02/05/2008 HTM
Child Abuse and Neglect Effects are Felt Beyond Victims and Families

01/28/2008 HTM
Texas Senate Update: A&M San Antonio Campus

01/22/2008 HTM
DFPS Adopts and Begins Implementing the Foster Children's Bill of Rights

01/16/2008 HTM
Texas Department of State Health Services Helps Texans Quit Smoking

01/14/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Having Food on the Table

01/04/2008 HTM
2-1-1 Website Provides Parents with Valuable Health and Human Services Information


12/17/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti hosts community for his 11th Annual Christmas Party and Toy Drive

12/13/2007 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti launches campaign to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect

12/11/2007 HTM
Media Advisory: Unveiling of the Blue Ribbon Task Force Awareness Campaign to Combat Child Abuse & Neglect

12/10/2007 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti Cautions Parents to Exercise "Toy Safety" this Holiday Season

12/04/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti visits Fort Davis; Hosts "Meet and Greet" reception for West Texas constituents

11/15/2007 HTM
Texas A&M University-San Antonio Another Step Closer

11/15/2007 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti Urges Texans to Prepare for Emergencies

11/15/2007 HTM
Senator Carlos Uresti announces Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Award to Uvalde Old Town Design Standards Project

11/12/2007 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Texas A&M University-San Antonio Permanent Campus Site To Be Dedicated Thursday

11/07/2007 HTM
A&M System Center in San Antonio Holds Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at New Location

10/29/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti hosts community at District Office Grand Opening

10/29/2007 HTM
Uresti Receives Prestigious "Friends of Medicine" Award

10/19/2007 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Fiesta de Amistad

10/05/2007 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: San Antonio Senate District Office Grand Opening & Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

10/02/2007 HTM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Bexar Metropolitan Water District Oversight Committee Hearing

09/24/2007 HTM
Senate District 19 Artists Receive Texas Commission on the Arts Grants

09/12/2007 HTM
Uresti to Receive Prestigious "Friends of Medicine" Award

06/21/2007 HTM
Uresti Celebrates Ten Years of Public Service

06/21/2007 HTM
Uresti: Veto No Threat to A&M Southside Campus

05/14/2007 HTM
Uresti Applauds Governor's Signature of Silver Alert Bill

05/14/2007 HTM
80th Legislative Session

05/08/2007 HTM
Uresti, Nelson & Patrick point to abysmal DFPS child safety review numbers

05/07/2007 HTM
OP-ED: Protecting Patient Safety

04/27/2007 HTM
Texans work together following Eagle Pass Tragedy

04/25/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti visits a devastated Eagle Pass following deadly storms

04/19/2007 HTM
Uresti Passes Senate Bill Raising Smoking Age to 19

04/19/2007 HTM
Uresti passes Foster Children's Bill of Rights

03/14/2007 HTM
Senators Uresti, Shapiro Team Up for Fallen Soldiers

03/13/2007 HTM
Statement By State Senator Carlos Uresti Regarding Cancellation of the Accenture Contract

03/01/2007 HTM
Texas Senate Seeks Conservator for the Texas Youth Commission

02/13/2007 HTM
State Representative Joe C. Pickett and Senator Carlos Uresti Join Together to Protect Missing Senior Citizens

02/05/2007 HTM
Uresti Files First Senate Bills

01/26/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti Continues Child Abuse Prevention Work in Bipartisan Effort

01/25/2007 HTM
Uresti Appointed to the Edwards Aquifer Legislative Oversight Committee

01/13/2007 HTM
Senator Uresti Assigned to Five Senate Committees

01/08/2007 HTM
Uresti to Take Oath of Office as 80th Legislature Convenes