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Senate Interim Committee on Gangs and Juvenile Justice
NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 75th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Royce West

Robert Duncan
Chris Harris
Jon Lindsay
Mike Moncrief


Susie Ramirez

(512) 463-0123

Video/Audio Archives

There are no audio/video archives available online for the 75th session.


The following reports are available for download:

Interim Charges

  • Study and make recommendations to address the increasing gang problem in Texas, including consideration of:
    • collaboration between law enforcement, education officials, and state and local juvenile justice agencies;prevention and intervention efforts; needs of prosecutors and law enforcement agencies; and criminal information systems.
  • Study the need, if any, for additional juvenile court masters to assist courts with juvenile jurisdiction in providing speedy and effective justice for juvenile offenders and their victims. Identify jurisdictions most significantly impacted by juvenile justice caseloads. If necessary, make recommendations for the number of any such masters and the fiscal implications with potential funding sources.
  • Monitor the implementation of HB 1550, passed by the Legislature during the 1997 regular session, regarding progressive sanctions. Study the impact of progressive sanctions on juvenile facilities and upon program needs to make recommendations, if any, for statutory or funding changes.
  • Monitor the STARS (Services to Runaways and At-Risk Youth) program and community youth development grants to evaluate their effectiveness and continued implementation.