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Press Room Archives


06/07/2017 PDF
Abbott Signs Schwertner's Pre-Born Protection & Dignity Act

05/17/2017 PDF
Statewide Ridesharing Bill Passes Texas Legislature

04/19/2017 PDF
Schwertner Takes Action to Protect Vulnerable Texans

03/15/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Gives Overwhelming Approval to SB 8

03/14/2017 PDF
Schwertner Works to Bring UIL Events to the Brazos Valley

03/08/2017 PDF
Schwertner Drives Effort to End Toll Road Headaches

03/06/2017 PDF
Schwertner Files Major Sunset Reform Legislation for Dental, Optometry Boards

03/02/2017 PDF
Schwertner Works to Reform Child Care Licensing, Enhance Care Options for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

03/01/2017 PDF
Texas Senate Gives Unanimous Approval to SB 11

02/27/2017 PDF
Schwertner Unveils Long-Awaited Deal on Telemedicine

02/23/2017 PDF
Hoping to Keep New Doctors in Texas, Schwertner Asks Medical Schools to Consider Graduate Medical Education

02/22/2017 PDF
Senate Panel Pushes Forward with Fixes to CPS/Foster Care

02/22/2017 PDF
Major CPS Reform Clears Senate Committee, Heads to Floor

02/21/2017 PDF
Lawmakers Take Action to Derail Bullet Train between Dallas and Houston

02/16/2017 PDF
Schwertner Works to Protect Vulnerable Texans from Abuse

02/15/2017 PDF
Pro-Life Senators Fight to Protect Dignity of the Unborn

01/31/2017 PDF
Abbott Names CPS/Foster Care Reform as Emergency Priorities; Schwertner Wastes No Time Getting to Work

01/30/2017 PDF
Schwertner Unveils Plan to Recruit Psychiatrists to Texas

01/26/2017 PDF
Schwertner Fights to Protect Private Landowner Rights

01/23/2017 PDF
Schwertner Works to End Franchise Tax for Small Businesses



10/13/2015 PDF
Planned Parenthood Backtracks; Announces It Will No Longer Sell Aborted Fetal Tissue

08/04/2015 PDF
Graphic Video Shows Planned Parenthood Personnel in Houston Discussing the Sale of Fetal Tissue for Profit

07/29/2015 PDF
Senate Committee Meets to Investigate Fetal Tissue Donation in Texas, Planned Parenthood Refuses to Testify

07/15/2015 PDF
Schwertner Announces Committee Investigation of Planned Parenthood Following Disturbing New Video

06/25/2015 PDF
Statement from Senator Schwertner on SCOTUS Decision in King vs. Burwell

05/21/2015 PDF
Statement on Removal of Budget Provision Banning State Funds for High-Speed Rail Projects

04/23/2015 PDF
Schwertner Named to Budget Conference Committee

04/01/2015 PDF
Schwertner's DFPS Overhaul Clears Senate Committee, Heads to Floor for Vote

03/31/2015 PDF
Schwertner's Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan Passes the Texas Senate

03/25/2015 PDF
Schwertner's Small Business Tax Relief Act Passes the Texas Senate

03/12/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files Legislation to Reform Foster Care, Keep Texas Children Safe

03/04/2015 PDF
Schwertner Tasked with Leading Up Health and Human Services Budget in Texas Senate

03/02/2015 PDF
Lt. Governor Patrick, Senator Schwertner, and Senate Republicans Take a Stand Against Medicaid Expansion in Texas

03/02/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding management of the state Medicaid program

02/24/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files SB 8, Landmark Tax Relief for Small Business

02/24/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding SB 1, SB 7 and SB 8, relating to tax relief measures

02/18/2015 HTM
Senator Schwertner Launches Petition Website to Support “Texas Tuition Freeze” Bill

02/11/2015 PDF
Schwertner Announces Public Health Measures to Protect Texans from Ebola, Other Infectious Diseases

02/11/2015 VID
VIDEO: Press conference regarding SB 538, relating to the control of infectious diseases

02/06/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files Eminent Domain Bill to Protect Private Property Rights

02/03/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files Freestanding ER Bill to Protect Texas Patients

01/29/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files Second E-Verify Bill to Protect Texas Jobs

01/28/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files E-Verify Legislation for State Agencies

01/26/2015 PDF
Schwertner Joins Birdwell as Joint Author of Campus Personal Protection Act

01/15/2015 PDF
Schwertner Files "Three Strikes" Bill to Protect Seniors from Nursing Home Abuse