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Press Room Archives



01/15/2016 HTM
OP-ED: Open Carry Myths







11/04/2009 HTM
Estes Applauds Prop 11 As Step In Right Direction

09/04/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Receives Appointment by Governor to Western States Water Council

08/14/2009 HTM
An Open Letter to the President of the United States

08/04/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Receives Appointment by Lieutenant Governor

07/02/2009 HTM
Estes Concludes Special Session

06/29/2009 HTM
Estes Files Eminent Domain Reform Bill for Special Session

06/01/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Concludes 81st Regular Session of the Texas Senate

05/26/2009 HTM
Texas Senate Passes Resolution by Estes Defending Texas Gun Rights

05/25/2009 HTM
Expanding Concealed Carry on Campus

05/20/2009 HTM
Texas Senate Passes Campus Protection Act

05/20/2009 HTM
Texas House Passes Mortgage Foreclosure Deferment Act

05/15/2009 HTM
Texas Legislature Passes Bill Authorizing BRA Divestiture

05/14/2009 HTM
Texas Legislature Passes Bill by Estes to Exempt VFD from Fuels Taxes

05/04/2009 HTM
Senate Passes Eminent Domain Reform Bill

04/24/2009 HTM
Texas Senate Passes Mortgage Foreclosure Deferment Act

04/16/2009 HTM
Senate Passes Bill by Estes to Exempt VFD from Fuels Taxes

04/08/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Files Resolution Defending Texas Gun Rights

04/02/2009 HTM
Texas Senate Passes Bill by Senator Estes to Regulate Salvia Divinorum

03/30/2009 HTM
Texas Senate Passes Legislation to Help Monitor Oil and Gas Disposal Wells

03/18/2009 HTM
Senate Passes Voter ID Bill

03/11/2009 HTM
State Senate Committee of the Whole Passes Voter ID Bill

03/09/2009 HTM
Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs – Opening Remarks by State Senator Craig Estes, Chairman

03/02/2009 HTM
Estes to investigate salmonella outbreak

02/10/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Files Senate Bill 18 to Reform Eminent Domain

02/09/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Files Legislation to Put Major River Authorities Under Sunset Review

02/02/2009 HTM
Estes Named Chairman of Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs

01/28/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Files Legislation to Help Monitor Oil and Gas Disposal Wells

01/23/2009 HTM
OP-ED: Helping Texas Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

01/14/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Files Mortgage Foreclosure Deferment Act

01/13/2009 HTM
Senator Estes Begins Fourth Regular Session with 81st Texas Legislature


12/16/2008 HTM
State Senator Estes Files Legislation to Require Voter Identification

12/10/2008 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes files legislation to crack down on foreclosure rescue scam artists

11/14/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Breaking New Ground with a New Groundwater District

11/12/2008 HTM
Senator Estes files bill to regulate Salvia Divinorum

10/29/2008 HTM
Senator Estes attends Joint Committee on Use of the Sales Tax on Sporting Goods

10/02/2008 HTM
Senator Estes joins Governor Perry in appeal to FEMA
· Attachment: Senator Estes' Letter to FEMA Supporting Gov. Perry's Appeal

09/26/2008 HTM
Senator Estes disappointed by FEMA denial, supports appeal

08/21/2008 HTM
OP-ED: I support Harrold ISD

08/15/2008 HTM
Statement by State Senator Craig Estes on Harrold ISD decision to allow qualified teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus

07/21/2008 HTM
Estes Appointed to Southern States Biobased Alliance

06/26/2008 HTM
Statement by State Senator Craig Estes on U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms

06/25/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Texas Senate Taking a Closer Look at Deer Industry

06/09/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes responds to AG Opinion regarding Possum Kingdom Lake

05/19/2008 HTM
Estes named to parks funding Task Force

04/23/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Teaching the Bible in Public Schools

04/01/2008 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes named Senate Legislator of the Year

03/13/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Celebrating National Ag Day on March 20

02/15/2008 HTM
OP-ED: Texas Primaries Prove Pivotal

02/04/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes receives Interim Charges for Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs, and Coastal Resources

01/30/2008 HTM
Much of Senate District 30 included in Governor's Disaster Proclamation

01/29/2008 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes Releases Statement on Wildfires in Senate District 30

01/28/2008 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes to be Honored by State Parks Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife

01/24/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes statement on the passing of Chet Upham

01/15/2008 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes Honored as "Champion of Free Enterprise"

01/14/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Praises Parole Board, Local Officials, and Community in Stopping Proposed Halfway House

01/07/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes begins Sunset Commission review of major state agencies

01/01/2008 HTM
Senator Craig Estes issues statement on the passing of Transportation Commission Chairman Ric Williamson


12/04/2007 HTM
Senator Estes Files for Another Term

11/14/2007 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes Honored As "Champion of Free Enterprise"

11/13/2007 HTM
Senator Estes Announces Preservation Grant Recipient

11/07/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes pleased with local voter approval of Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

10/31/2007 HTM
Senator Estes Concludes 18 District Dialogue Meetings Across SD 30

09/14/2007 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes announces "District Dialogues" for all 18 counties in Senate District 30

08/13/2007 HTM
State Senator Craig Estes reminds taxpayers of Sales Tax Holiday

06/21/2007 HTM
Senator Estes organizes flood assistance event in Gainesville

06/13/2007 HTM
Senator Estes Announces Intentions to Seek Another Term

05/29/2007 HTM
80th Regular Session of the Legislature Adjourns, Sine Die

05/26/2007 HTM
Estes bill creating groundwater conservation district goes to Governor

05/08/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes urges voters to cast ballot in May 12 election

05/01/2007 HTM
Senate passes Estes bill promoting rural economic development

04/30/2007 HTM
Senate passes Estes bill creating groundwater conservation district

04/26/2007 HTM
Senate passes Estes' bill to restrict the sale of Salvia Divinorum

04/23/2007 HTM
Senate committee passes bill by Estes to create groundwater conservation district

04/19/2007 HTM
Texas Senate passes two-year moratorium on Trans-Texas Corridor

04/17/2007 HTM
Senate passes enhanced penalties for producing meth in the presence of a child

03/27/2007 HTM
Senator Estes files bill to regulate Salvia Divinorum

03/21/2007 HTM
Senate Committee Passes Estes' Bill For Silver Star License Plates

03/15/2007 HTM
Senator Estes Files Concurrent Resolution Opposing Federal Real ID Act

03/12/2007 HTM
Senator Estes: Put brakes on toll-roads, Trans-Texas Corridor

03/07/2007 HTM
Senator Estes asks TCEQ to hold a public hearing on asphalt plant permit

03/01/2007 HTM
State Senate votes to investigate Texas Youth Commission

02/20/2007 HTM
Senator Estes files bill to authorize Silver Star license plates

02/14/2007 HTM
Estes reappointed Vice Chairman of Rural Caucus

02/13/2007 HTM
Senator Estes praises new renewable energy options

02/06/2007 HTM
Senator Estes applauds Governor Perry's commitment to increase park funding

01/30/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes retains key committee assignments important to SD 30

01/24/2007 HTM
Senator Estes files bill to increase parks funding

01/22/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes continues to fight meth production

01/11/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes files bill to authorize Mexican prison

01/09/2007 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Kicks Off 80th Legislature





11/05/2003 HTM

10/10/2003 HTM
TOWN HALL MEETING: Please join Senator Craig Estes and Representative Larry Phillips

08/25/2003 HTM
Senator Estes Encourages Early Voting in Amendments Election

08/14/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Saving Bases and Saving Jobs

08/08/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Attends First Meeting of BRAC Working Group

08/05/2003 HTM
Estes Is Serving on Southern States' Agriculture Committee

07/11/2003 HTM
Senator Estes Urges Tax Fairness to Promote Economic Recovery in Texas

06/19/2003 HTM
Estes Says Special Session Is Constitutional Duty

06/16/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Sine Die -- Without Another Day

06/12/2003 HTM
Senator Estes Passes Legislation for Two New Parker County Courts

06/10/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Pleased with Success of 78th Session

06/02/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Balancing the Budget with Smarter Spending

05/28/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Stopping Lawsuit Abuse

05/13/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Reforming Public School Funding

05/12/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Expresses Disappointment at Absent Representatives

05/07/2003 HTM
Estes Pushes Congress for Fair Treatment of Texas Taxpayers

05/01/2003 HTM
Estes' Amendment Will Relieve Parker County Courts

04/29/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: The Selection of State Judges

04/28/2003 HTM
Estes Applauds Senate Budget for Funding Essential Services

04/22/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Affordable Healthcare for Working Families

04/14/2003 HTM
Senate Approves Measure to Help Small Businesses Provide Health Care

04/03/2003 HTM
Texas Senate Approves Insurance Reforms

03/21/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Legislators File 5,400 Bills

03/17/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes Passes First Bill

03/10/2003 HTM
Fewer Bills Filed as March 14 Deadline Nears

03/04/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Stopping Criminal Identity Theft

03/03/2003 HTM
Sen. Craig Estes Supports Changes in Manufactured Housing Legislation

02/27/2003 HTM
Estes Seeks Tougher Punishment for Identity Theft

02/26/2003 HTM
Estes files legislation to increase state's water supply with increased desalination

02/26/2003 HTM
Estes Files Legislation on Variety of Issues

02/24/2003 HTM
Estes Joins Effort to Help Small Businesses Afford Health Insurance for Employees

02/19/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: A Case for Insurance Reform

02/13/2003 VID
VIDEO: Radio Show: Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1

02/11/2003 HTM
Estes Named Vice Chairman of Rural Caucus

02/05/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Common Sense, Not Higher Taxes, Is the Answer

01/29/2003 HTM
Estes Joins Call for Insurance Companies to Open Books and Justify Rates

01/29/2003 VID
VIDEO: Press Conference on "SB 310"

01/17/2003 HTM
Capitol Update: Sharing the Burden of Taxation

01/17/2003 HTM
Estes assigned to Texas Senate committees

01/15/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes sworn in for 78th Session

01/10/2003 HTM
Senator Estes calls on Congress to treat Texas taxpayers fairly

01/06/2003 HTM
Senator Craig Estes will be sworn in January 14



12/10/2001 VID
VIDEO: Swearing-in Ceremony