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Senator Brandon Creighton: District 4
News Release
April 26, 2023
Contact: Erin Wilson
Creighton Advances High Quality Classroom Materials for Texas Public Schools

Austin, Texas — Senator Brandon Creighton has advanced SB 2565 in the Texas Senate, a bill that provides high quality instructional materials to Texas schools.

“The future begins in the classroom, and providing Texas students and teachers with accessible, innovative, and proven curriculum will improve outcomes for the 6 million students in Texas schools, said Senator Creighton. “We cannot double down on antiquated materials when a majority of Texas students are not meeting grade-level standards.”

Several studies have found that only 17% of Texas students are on grade level. Additionally, the Texas Teacher Vacancy Task Force found that classroom teachers are overworked and dedicating 7-9 hours outside of the classroom to creating lesson plans. SB 2565 creates open educational resources that school districts can opt in to. These resources also add transparency by allowing Texas parents to view materials on an online portal.

“Senate Bill 2565 creates an opportunity to equip teachers with valuable, proven classroom resources, provide parents more access to their children’s classroom materials, and ensures that the 6 million students in Texas schools will have gold standard curriculum.”

This curriculum is completely opt-in, and is fully funded. School districts that do opt-in can continue to make decisions on instruction material selection.