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Senator Brandon Creighton: District 4
News Release
March 10, 2023
Contact: Erin Wilson
Creighton Files Priority Legislation to Empower Parents, Support Teachers and Improve Curriculum

Austin, Texas–Texas Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), today filed a package of priority education bills including the highly anticipated Texas Parental Bill of Rights, which directly empowers parents to determine the best educational path for their child.

“Educating the next generation of Texans is the most fundamental responsibility we have, and I authored Senate Bill 8 to place parents, not government, squarely in the center of the decisions for their children. Giving parents the power to determine the best school for their child will encourage competition and innovation, ensuring that each Texas student has the opportunity to succeed”, said Senator Creighton

“As Chairman of Senate Education, I plan to lift up public schools and teachers in an unprecedented way and ensure Texas schools are places where parents are confident in sending their children, and where students are prepared for a 21st century economy.

“As a state with 6 million students, and 400,000 educators, I recognize that there are no simple solutions to the complex challenges facing our education system. However, as lawmakers, we have an obligation to meet the moment and take decisive action for the future of our state. This package of legislation addresses the many pressing concerns of parents, educators, employers and students throughout the state. I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this legislation, and welcome input from every corner of the state as we chart a path forward for Texas education,” Creighton added.

SB 8: The Texas Parental Bill of Rights

Across Texas, parents overwhelmingly approve of public schools and choose that path for their children’s education, however there have been several high-profile incidents of failing schools, efforts to take away power from parents, and unions demanding shutdowns and dictating what children are taught in the classroom. The Texas Parental Bill of Rights, the strongest in the nation, ensures that Texas parents are the chief decision makers for their children and have access to curriculum and materials. This bill prevents gender identity or sexual orientation instruction, and mandates that parents are informed of any changes to their child's mental, emotional or physical health.

We also acknowledge that kids across Texas have diverse needs, and this bill empowers parents to make choices for their children by opening up alternative education opportunities with their tax dollars. The educational freedom provision creates educational savings accounts up to $8,000 per student. This program, in the first year of implementation, has the potential to serve more students than any other school choice program in the nation, while also fully funding (hold harmless) school districts with enrollment under 20,000 students.

Notable Provisions:

  • Educational Savings Accounts will be administered through the Comptroller of Public Accounts, and disperse up to $8,000 per student
  • School Districts with enrollment under 20,000 students are held harmless.
  • No school will instruct students on gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Parents must be notified of any changes to their child’s mental, emotional or physical health

SB 9: Texas Teacher Bill of Rights

Texas would not be the 9th largest economy in the world and home to the most National Blue Ribbon schools in the nation without exceptional classroom teachers. The Texas Teacher Bill of Rights finally gives teachers the compensation, safety and professional growth opportunities that they rightfully deserve. Senate Bill 9 increases the Teacher Incentive Allotment, opens up social security windfall, and gives educators safety provisions in the classroom. The Texas Teacher Bill of Rights assures our educators, in a time when many of them are considering leaving the profession, that their voices matter and that their contribution to the next generation of Texans is valued.

Notable Provisions:

  • Across the board pay raises for Texas public school teachers
  • Increased funding for the Teacher Incentive Fund
  • Establishes and provides funding for mentor programs and the Texas Teacher Residency Partnership Program
  • Free Pre-K for children of classroom teachers, if offered by the district

SB 2565: 21st Century Curriculum for Tomorrow's Leaders

The future begins in the classroom, and providing Texas students and teachers with accessible, innovative, and proven curriculum will improve outcomes for the 6 million students in Texas schools. SB 2565 creates an accessible, innovative, and data driven curriculum for Texas educators and students. Rather than further burdening teachers with research, or doubling down on antiquated techniques for students, this curriculum increases transparency for parents, and will deliver Texas students the education required for a 21st century workforce.

Notable Provisions:

  • This program is administered through the Texas Education Agency and provides educator training
  • School districts may opt-in to these resources and access the curriculum with no impact to formula funding
  • Curriculum, materials and worksheets are all open source, allowing full transparency of what is being used in the classroom