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Press Release
October 30, 2023
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Senator Hinojosa Announces Grants Awarded to Jim Wells County and Alice ISD
$1.4 Million for Sidewalks; $220,000 for a Nursing Program

Austin, TX — The Texas Transportation Commission recently announced the allocation of over $345 million for 83 projects throughout the state, aimed at improving access, safety, and mobility options for schools, jobs, public transit, and local destinations. Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa is pleased to announced that Jim Wells County is one of the recipients, having been awarded $1.4 million for the Hwy 281 Pedestrian Connectivity and Accessibility Sidewalk project.

“I appreciate the Jim Wells County Commissioners Court for their dedication and commitment to enhancing our communities,” said Senator Hinojosa. He added, “Sidewalks in our neighborhoods are important, as they not only promote safety but also foster a sense of connectivity and accessibility for all residents.”

The Transportation Alternatives program plays a vital role in supporting local projects that enhance bicycle and pedestrian amenities for individuals of all ages and abilities. These initiatives aim to improve safe access to multimodal options and connect important community destinations such as schools, jobs, downtowns, commercial areas, and medical facilities for Texans who walk, use a wheelchair, or bike.

Senator Hinojosa is also pleased to announce that the Texas Workforce Commission recently awarded five dual credit grants, totaling over $900,000, to five Texas independent school districts (ISD). Alice ISD has been awarded $220,000 for a nursing program. These grants will enable the ISDs to purchase, repair, or replace equipment for career and technical education programs that provide postsecondary training to students for high-demand industries.

“Congratulations to the Alice ISD Administration, the Trustees, and the dedicated staff for their leadership and their work on securing this important grant,” said Senator Hinojosa. “With the ongoing nursing shortage, this investment and program will not only have a positive impact in addressing the nursing shortage, but will also provide our students the skills and tools needed to get a good paying job in a high-demand occupation,” he concluded.

The Texas Workforce Commission utilizes funding from the Skills Development Fund to support, create, and expand dual credit and career and technical education programs that cater to the local demand for high-skill industries, offering well-paying job opportunities.