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Senate Audio/Video Archive — 2018
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Archived audio/video recordings of Senate Chamber proceedings, Senate Committee hearings, and other archived events are streamed over the Internet in H.264 format, which can be viewed in most modern desktop browsers and across a variety of mobile devices. For a list of recommended system requirements and other helpful information, please see these video streaming suggestions.

If you experience problems, please first check our FAQ for help.

Please note that the Texas Senate does not record committee meetings to video tape or DVD; The digital streaming videos found on this website are the only available video content. Official audio recordings and transcripts are available from the Senate Staff Services office at (512) 463-0430.

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Date Program Title Duration Play
03/27/18Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations03h:49mplay
03/26/18Senate Committee on Education06h:49mplay
03/22/18Senate Committee on Health & Human Services07h:38mplay
03/21/18Senate Select Committee on Cybersecurity02h:11mplay
03/21/18Senate Committee on Higher Education01h:51mplay
03/21/18Senate Committee on Health & Human Services07h:07mplay
03/20/18Senate Committee on Finance04h:54mplay
03/19/18Sunset Advisory Commission00h:29mplay