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Senate Audio/Video Archive — 2005
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Date Program Title Duration Play
12/09/05Press Conference by Senator Juan Hinojosa
Senator Hinojosa Speaks Regarding Contributions to the Vietnam War Memorial
11/17/05Senate Finance Committee Meeting - Beaumont, TX
SFC met to discuss the effects on the state budget of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
11/14/05Swearing-in Ceremony: Judge Dan Mills
Swearing-in of Judge Dan Mills in the Senate Chamber
08/19/05Senate Second Called Session
Sine die.
08/17/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:02mplay
08/16/05Senate Second Called Session (Part III)00h:03mplay
08/16/05Senate Second Called Session (Part II)00h:04mplay
08/16/05Senate Second Called Session (Part I)03h:21mplay
08/15/05Senate Second Called Session01h:01mplay
08/11/05Senate Second Called Session00h:00mplay
08/10/05Senate Second Called Session
Message from the House and reading and referral of bills.
08/09/05State Affairs Committee 00h:02mplay
08/09/05Senate Second Called Session (Part III)00h:30mplay
08/09/05Senate Second Called Session (Part II)01h:54mplay
08/09/05Senate Second Called Session (Part I)04h:10mplay
08/09/05Natural Resources Committee 00h:03mplay
08/08/05Senate Second Called Session00h:06mplay
08/08/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Press Conference on SB800h:17mplay
08/04/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:10mplay
08/04/05Finance Committee01h:04mplay
08/04/05Education Committee (Part II)01h:21mplay
08/04/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:48mplay
08/01/05Senate Second Called Session00h:06mplay
08/01/05Education Committee (Part II)05h:39mplay
08/01/05Education Committee (Part I)03h:30mplay
07/29/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:01mplay
07/28/05Senate Second Called Session (Part II)00h:05mplay
07/28/05Senate Second Called Session (Part I)00h:16mplay
07/28/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:05mplay
07/26/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:01mplay
07/25/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:15mplay
07/21/05State Affairs Committee 00h:08mplay
07/21/05Senate Second Called Session 00h:17mplay
07/21/05Joint Press Conference by Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Speaker Craddick 00h:17mplay
07/21/05Education Committee 00h:38mplay
07/21/05Business & Commerce Committee 00h:06mplay
07/21/05Administration Committee 00h:01mplay
07/20/05Senate First Called Session (Part III)
Adjourns Sine Die.
07/20/05Senate First Called Session (Part II)00h:01mplay
07/19/05Senate First Called Session (Part II)00h:36mplay
07/19/05Senate First Called Session (Part I)00h:25mplay
07/19/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on HB 3)00h:39mplay
07/18/05Senate First Called Session (Part II)01h:14mplay
07/18/05Senate First Called Session (Part I)00h:29mplay
07/18/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on HB 3)00h:03mplay
07/18/05Administration Committee 00h:21mplay
07/17/05Senate Session (Part II)
Message from the House
07/17/05Senate Session
Message from the House
07/17/05Finance Committee 01h:28mplay
07/16/05Senate First Called Session 00h:00mplay
07/15/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on HB 3) (Part II)00h:39mplay
07/15/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on HB 3)00h:21mplay
07/13/05State Affairs Committee 00h:03mplay
07/13/05Senate First Called Session (Part II) 00h:12mplay
07/13/05Senate First Called Session (Part I)07h:49mplay
07/13/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:04mplay
07/13/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:21mplay
07/13/05Finance Committee02h:05mplay
07/12/05Senate First Called Session (Part II)00h:02mplay
07/12/05Senate First Called Session (Part I)00h:36mplay
07/12/05Finance Committee 00h:09mplay
07/11/05Senate First Called Session 00h:08mplay
07/11/05Senate First Called Session 07h:22mplay
07/08/05Senate First Called Session 01h:43mplay
07/07/05Senate Session (Part I)00h:03mplay
07/07/05Senate First Called Session (Part III)00h:22mplay
07/07/05Senate First Called Session (Part II)00h:18mplay
07/07/05Finance Committee (Part II)02h:56mplay
07/07/05Finance Committee (Part I)00h:29mplay
07/06/05State Affairs Committee 00h:50mplay
07/06/05Senate First Called Session00h:25mplay
07/06/05Press Conference: Senator Van de Putte00h:06mplay
07/06/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:04mplay
07/06/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:04mplay
07/06/05Finance Committee (Part II)01h:05mplay
07/06/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:05mplay
07/01/05Press Conference: Senator Shapleigh00h:12mplay
06/30/05State Affairs Committee 00h:53mplay
06/30/05Senate First Called Session (II)01h:32mplay
06/30/05Senate First Called Session (I)00h:16mplay
06/30/05Education Committee 00h:34mplay
06/29/05Senate First Called Session 00h:10mplay
06/29/05Natural Resources Committee 00h:08mplay
06/29/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:02mplay
06/29/05Business & Commerce Committee 00h:05mplay
06/28/05Press Conference by Sen. Seliger & Rep. Flores on HB 135700h:06mplay
06/27/05State Affairs Committee 01h:04mplay
06/27/05Senate First Called Session 00h:11mplay
06/27/05Natural Resources Committee 01h:28mplay
06/27/05Business & Commerce Committee 03h:08mplay
06/24/05Senate First Called Session
Audio Only
06/23/05Senate First Called Session Reading and Referral of Bills00h:02mplay
06/23/05Finance Committee 02h:43mplay
06/23/05Education Committee (Part II)02h:09mplay
06/23/05Education Committee (Part I)00h:54mplay
06/22/05Education Committee (Part II)01h:41mplay
06/22/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:12mplay
06/21/05Senate First Called Session 00h:57mplay
06/21/05Administration Committee 00h:01mplay
06/01/05Press Conference: Senator Ellis on Indigent Defense
(Audio only)
05/31/05State Leaders Post Session Press Conference00h:21mplay
05/30/05Senate Session (Part II)03h:40mplay
05/30/05Senate Session (Part I)00h:54mplay
05/29/05Senate Session (Part II)06h:05mplay
05/29/05Senate Session (Part I)02h:26mplay
05/29/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Press Conference on HB2 and HB300h:13mplay
05/28/05Senate Session (Part II)03h:20mplay
05/28/05Senate Session (Part I)01h:34mplay
05/28/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Press Conference on Public School Finance Negotiations & the Budget00h:22mplay
05/27/05Senate Session (Part III)02h:29mplay
05/27/05Senate Session (Part II)01h:19mplay
05/27/05Senate Session (Part I)02h:08mplay
05/26/05Senate Session (Part II)02h:33mplay
05/26/05Senate Session (Part I)02h:39mplay
05/26/05Finance Conference Committee on HB300h:44mplay
05/25/05Senate Session (Part II)06h:58mplay
05/25/05Senate Session (Part I)04h:23mplay
05/25/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 02h:17mplay
05/24/05Senate Session (Part II)11h:39mplay
05/24/05Senate Session (Part I)02h:50mplay
05/24/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:28mplay
05/24/05Education Committee
audio only.
05/24/05Conference Committee on SB5 and HB7 (Part II)00h:02mplay
05/24/05Conference Committee on SB5 and HB7 (Part I)01h:21mplay
05/23/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:06mplay
05/23/05Senate Session 08h:24mplay
05/23/05Nominations Committee00h:30mplay
05/23/05Natural Resources Committee 00h:53mplay
05/23/05Joint Hearing: Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee, Subcommittee on Base Realignment & Closure and House Defense Affairs & State-Federal Relations Committee00h:28mplay
05/23/05Conference Committee on SB5 and HB700h:34mplay
05/23/05Administration Committee 00h:32mplay
05/21/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:58mplay
05/21/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)00h:38mplay
05/21/05Senate Session 04h:50mplay
05/21/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:10mplay
05/21/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:17mplay
05/21/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:05mplay
05/21/05Government Organization Committee
(audio only)
05/21/05Finance Committee01h:04mplay
05/21/05Education Committee 00h:09mplay
05/21/05Business & Commerce Committee 00h:02mplay
05/20/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:03mplay
05/20/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee02h:18mplay
05/20/05State Affairs Committee 00h:25mplay
05/20/05Senate Session 10h:34mplay
05/20/05Natural Resources Committee 00h:12mplay
05/20/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:04mplay
05/20/05Jurisprudence Committee00h:56mplay
05/20/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)01h:42mplay
05/20/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)02h:16mplay
05/20/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:01mplay
05/20/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:30mplay
05/20/05Finance Committee01h:32mplay
05/20/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:20mplay
05/20/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:01mplay
05/20/05Business & Commerce Committee 00h:24mplay
05/20/05Administration Committee 00h:02mplay
05/19/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:28mplay
05/19/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:02mplay
05/19/05State Affairs Committee (Part II)08h:39mplay
05/19/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)01h:36mplay
05/19/05Senate Session 02h:05mplay
05/19/05Natural Resources Committee05h:55mplay
05/19/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:10mplay
05/19/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:18mplay
05/19/05Jurisprudence Committee00h:06mplay
05/19/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:03mplay
05/19/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:10mplay
05/19/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:53mplay
05/19/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:41mplay
05/19/05Government Organization Committee (Part II)00h:11mplay
05/19/05Government Organization Committee (Part I)00h:40mplay
05/19/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)02h:16mplay
05/19/05Finance Committee 01h:47mplay
05/19/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:46mplay
05/19/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:47mplay
05/19/05Criminal Justice Committee 03h:59mplay
05/19/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)02h:05mplay
05/19/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)02h:47mplay
05/19/05Administration Committee 00h:22mplay
05/18/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee 00h:31mplay
05/18/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:09mplay
05/18/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)02h:48mplay
05/18/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:07mplay
05/18/05Senate Session 01h:51mplay
05/18/05Nominations Committee 00h:01mplay
05/18/05Jurisprudence Committee01h:59mplay
05/18/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:31mplay
05/18/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 02h:18mplay
05/18/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:06mplay
05/18/05Finance Conference Committee on HB301h:40mplay
05/18/05Finance Committee00h:39mplay
05/17/05Senate Session 03h:00mplay
05/17/05Senate Committee on Education00h:40mplay
05/17/05Nominations Committee00h:02mplay
05/17/05Natural Resources Committee 03h:24mplay
05/17/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing 00h:05mplay
05/17/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:16mplay
05/17/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)02h:36mplay
05/17/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:48mplay
05/17/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:15mplay
05/17/05Criminal Justice Committee 01h:28mplay
05/17/05Business & Commerce Committee 02h:40mplay
05/16/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:03mplay
05/16/05Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:35mplay
05/16/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:42mplay
05/16/05State Affairs Committee (Part II)02h:09mplay
05/16/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)02h:11mplay
05/16/05Senate Session 02h:30mplay
05/16/05Nominations Committee (Part II)01h:37mplay
05/16/05Nominations Committee (Part I)00h:27mplay
05/16/05Natural Resources Committee 04h:41mplay
05/16/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:01mplay
05/16/05Government Organization Committee (Part II)00h:07mplay
05/16/05Government Organization Committee (Part I)00h:48mplay
05/16/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)02h:08mplay
05/16/05Business & Commerce Committee 02h:43mplay
05/16/05Administration Committee 00h:15mplay
05/13/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:45mplay
05/13/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure00h:02mplay
05/13/05State Affairs Committee 00h:05mplay
05/13/05Senate Session 03h:18mplay
05/13/05Press Conference by Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst 00h:21mplay
05/12/05State Affairs Committee 02h:09mplay
05/12/05Senate Session 04h:57mplay
05/12/05Press Conference by Sen. Ellis on Minimizing Risk in Texas Criminal Justice System00h:27mplay
05/12/05Natural Resources Committee 03h:36mplay
05/12/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:31mplay
05/12/05Jurisprudence Committee02h:47mplay
05/12/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee02h:20mplay
05/12/05Health & Human Services Committee 01h:12mplay
05/12/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:03mplay
05/12/05Finance Committee01h:34mplay
05/12/05Education Committee 00h:51mplay
05/12/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:00mplay
05/12/05Business & Commerce Committee 01h:18mplay
05/12/05Administration Committee 00h:03mplay
05/11/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee01h:27mplay
05/11/05Senate Session (Part III)03h:25mplay
05/11/05Senate Session (Part II)06h:25mplay
05/11/05Senate Session (Part I)00h:18mplay
05/11/05Natural Resources Committee 01h:48mplay
05/11/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:05mplay
05/11/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:01mplay
05/10/05Senate Session (Part III)06h:46mplay
05/10/05Senate Session (Part II)00h:42mplay
05/10/05Senate Session (Part I)01h:16mplay
05/10/05Natural Resources Committee 01h:12mplay
05/10/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:34mplay
05/10/05Business & Commerce Committee 01h:38mplay
05/09/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:34mplay
05/09/05State Affairs Committee 00h:47mplay
05/09/05Senate Session 05h:22mplay
05/09/05Nominations Committee (Part II)00h:01mplay
05/09/05Nominations Committee (Part I)02h:00mplay
05/09/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:08mplay
05/09/05Government Organization Committee 00h:30mplay
05/09/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:57mplay
05/09/05Finance Committee02h:23mplay
05/09/05Administration Committee 00h:04mplay
05/08/05Senate Session (Part III)00h:02mplay
05/06/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:08mplay
05/06/05State Affairs Committee 00h:02mplay
05/06/05Senate Session (Part II)03h:09mplay
05/06/05Senate Session (Part I)02h:45mplay
05/06/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:02mplay
05/06/05Finance Committee 01h:33mplay
05/05/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure00h:04mplay
05/05/05State Affairs Committee 01h:46mplay
05/05/05Senate Session 03h:13mplay
05/05/05Natural Resources Committee 01h:49mplay
05/05/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:07mplay
05/05/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:25mplay
05/05/05International Relations and Trade Committee (Part II)00h:15mplay
05/05/05International Relations and Trade Committee (Part I)00h:25mplay
05/05/05Finance Committee (Part II)02h:57mplay
05/05/05Finance Committee (Part I)01h:31mplay
05/05/05Education Committee 00h:10mplay
05/05/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:16mplay
05/05/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)00h:29mplay
05/05/05Administration Committee 00h:11mplay
05/04/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:13mplay
05/04/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)02h:15mplay
05/04/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure00h:00mplay
05/04/05Senate Session 02h:57mplay
05/04/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:18mplay
05/04/05Jurisprudence Committee01h:40mplay
05/04/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:08mplay
05/04/05Government Organization Committee 00h:03mplay
05/04/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:44mplay
05/04/05Criminal Justice Committee 00h:12mplay
05/03/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:06mplay
05/03/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:01mplay
05/03/05Senate Session 04h:20mplay
05/03/05Press Conference with Senators Hinojosa & Shapleigh on CHIP00h:12mplay
05/03/05Nominations Committee00h:01mplay
05/03/05Natural Resources Committee 03h:15mplay
05/03/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:22mplay
05/03/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:30mplay
05/03/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)02h:08mplay
05/03/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:47mplay
05/03/05Government Organization Committee 00h:04mplay
05/03/05Finance Committee (Part II)02h:13mplay
05/03/05Finance Committee (Part I)01h:26mplay
05/03/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:48mplay
05/03/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:10mplay
05/03/05Education Committee (Part I)00h:39mplay
05/03/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:05mplay
05/03/05Business & Commerce Committee 01h:44mplay
05/02/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:30mplay
05/02/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:28mplay
05/02/05State Affairs Committee 02h:47mplay
05/02/05Senate Session 04h:43mplay
05/02/05Nominations Committee 00h:33mplay
05/02/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:10mplay
05/02/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:14mplay
05/02/05Government Organization Committee 00h:15mplay
05/02/05Finance Committee (Part II)01h:33mplay
05/02/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:49mplay
05/02/05Administration Committee 00h:04mplay
04/29/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee 00h:07mplay
04/29/05Senate Session 04h:46mplay
04/29/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing 00h:11mplay
04/29/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:01mplay
04/29/05Education Committee 01h:40mplay
04/28/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:12mplay
04/28/05State Affairs Committee 01h:58mplay
04/28/05Senate Session 02h:31mplay
04/28/05Natural Resources Committee 05h:09mplay
04/28/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:14mplay
04/28/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:31mplay
04/28/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 03h:15mplay
04/28/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:21mplay
04/28/05Education Committee (Part II)05h:32mplay
04/28/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:07mplay
04/28/05Criminal Justice Committee 00h:13mplay
04/28/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:31mplay
04/28/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:55mplay
04/28/05Administration Committee 00h:12mplay
04/27/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee01h:08mplay
04/27/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:49mplay
04/27/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)01h:49mplay
04/27/05Senate Session 03h:54mplay
04/27/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:05mplay
04/27/05Jurisprudence Committee02h:39mplay
04/27/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:11mplay
04/27/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)00h:06mplay
04/27/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)00h:00mplay
04/27/05Government Organization Committee 00h:01mplay
04/27/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:27mplay
04/27/05Criminal Justice Committee 01h:09mplay
04/26/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:04mplay
04/26/05Senate Session 01h:28mplay
04/26/05Nominations Committee00h:01mplay
04/26/05Natural Resources Committee 04h:39mplay
04/26/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:08mplay
04/26/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:20mplay
04/26/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:12mplay
04/26/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:41mplay
04/26/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:46mplay
04/26/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:38mplay
04/26/05Business & Commerce Committee 01h:10mplay
04/25/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:10mplay
04/25/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:32mplay
04/25/05State Affairs Committee 02h:10mplay
04/25/05Senate Session 01h:43mplay
04/25/05Press Conference by Sen. Whitmire
Regarding "Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority"
04/25/05Nominations Committee01h:32mplay
04/25/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:18mplay
04/25/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:01mplay
04/25/05Government Organization Committee 00h:58mplay
04/25/05Education Committee 02h:49mplay
04/25/05Administration Committee00h:08mplay
04/22/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)01h:04mplay
04/22/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)00h:50mplay
04/22/05State Affairs Committee (Part II)00h:39mplay
04/22/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)00h:34mplay
04/22/05Senate Session 03h:29mplay
04/22/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing 00h:14mplay
04/22/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)01h:14mplay
04/21/05State Affairs Committee 03h:47mplay
04/21/05Senate Session 01h:56mplay
04/21/05Natural Resources Committee 06h:12mplay
04/21/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:43mplay
04/21/05Jurisprudence Committee00h:09mplay
04/21/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)00h:02mplay
04/21/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)02h:26mplay
04/21/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:12mplay
04/21/05Government Organization Committee 00h:01mplay
04/21/05Finance Committee01h:28mplay
04/21/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:02mplay
04/21/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:08mplay
04/21/05Criminal Justice Committee 00h:10mplay
04/21/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:21mplay
04/21/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:47mplay
04/21/05Administration Committee 00h:32mplay
04/20/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:18mplay
04/20/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)01h:30mplay
04/20/05Senate Session 01h:08mplay
04/20/05Jurisprudence Committee05h:38mplay
04/20/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:30mplay
04/20/05Government Organization Committee 00h:18mplay
04/20/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:22mplay
04/19/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:20mplay
04/19/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:04mplay
04/19/05Senate Session 02h:13mplay
04/19/05Nominations Committee00h:01mplay
04/19/05Natural Resources Committee08h:14mplay
04/19/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:17mplay
04/19/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:15mplay
04/19/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:19mplay
04/19/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:38mplay
04/19/05Finance Committee (Conference Committee on SB 1)00h:19mplay
04/19/05Education Committee 02h:07mplay
04/19/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:24mplay
04/19/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:27mplay
04/19/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:33mplay
04/18/05Subcommittee on Higher Education02h:06mplay
04/18/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development01h:23mplay
04/18/05State Affairs Committee (Part II)01h:59mplay
04/18/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)03h:47mplay
04/18/05Senate Session 01h:32mplay
04/18/05Nominations Committee01h:26mplay
04/18/05Government Organization Committee 01h:34mplay
04/18/05Finance Committee03h:27mplay
04/18/05Administration Committee 00h:08mplay
04/15/05Press Conference: Senator Barrientos on Gas Tax00h:21mplay
04/14/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:10mplay
04/14/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources (Part II)00h:12mplay
04/14/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources (Part I)00h:53mplay
04/14/05State Affairs Committee (Part II)03h:47mplay
04/14/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)00h:03mplay
04/14/05Senate Session 02h:55mplay
04/14/05Press Conference: Senator Estes on Fire Prevention00h:10mplay
04/14/05Natural Resources Committee 06h:49mplay
04/14/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:38mplay
04/14/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:03mplay
04/14/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)01h:12mplay
04/14/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)01h:49mplay
04/14/05Education Committee (Part II)02h:42mplay
04/14/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:15mplay
04/14/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:31mplay
04/14/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)00h:59mplay
04/13/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee02h:02mplay
04/13/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)02h:56mplay
04/13/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)02h:28mplay
04/13/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure00h:13mplay
04/13/05Senate Session 01h:44mplay
04/13/05Jurisprudence Committee00h:54mplay
04/13/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:42mplay
04/13/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)01h:35mplay
04/13/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)01h:48mplay
04/13/05Government Organization Committee 00h:57mplay
04/13/05Criminal Justice Committee 03h:17mplay
04/12/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:24mplay
04/12/05Senate Session 01h:31mplay
04/12/05Press Conference: Senator Fraser on the Central Texas University Task Force00h:11mplay
04/12/05Nominations Committee00h:01mplay
04/12/05Natural Resources Committee 08h:40mplay
04/12/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)02h:28mplay
04/12/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:41mplay
04/12/05Government Organization Committee (Part II)00h:03mplay
04/12/05Government Organization Committee (Part I)02h:21mplay
04/12/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:55mplay
04/12/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:11mplay
04/12/05Criminal Justice Committee 03h:49mplay
04/12/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)03h:07mplay
04/12/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:56mplay
04/11/05Subcommittee on Higher Education 02h:07mplay
04/11/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:58mplay
04/11/05State Affairs Committee (Part I)04h:13mplay
04/11/05State Affairs Committee (Part 2)03h:14mplay
04/11/05Senate Session 02h:13mplay
04/11/05Press conference with Senators Estes, Shapleigh and Van de Putte on predatory lending to soldiers00h:14mplay
04/11/05Nominations Committee 01h:04mplay
04/11/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:02mplay
04/11/05Government Organization Committee 01h:03mplay
04/11/05Finance Committee (Part II)00h:32mplay
04/11/05Finance Committee (Part I)04h:03mplay
04/11/05Education Committee 00h:14mplay
04/11/05Administration Committee 00h:12mplay
04/09/05The Inauguration of Governor Florence Shapiro02h:01mplay
04/07/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources 00h:45mplay
04/07/05State Affairs Committee 01h:10mplay
04/07/05Senate Session 02h:48mplay
04/07/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:27mplay
04/07/05Jurisprudence Committee00h:02mplay
04/07/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:05mplay
04/07/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:06mplay
04/07/05Education Committee (Part II)03h:37mplay
04/07/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:22mplay
04/06/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part II)00h:02mplay
04/06/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee (Part I)02h:56mplay
04/06/05Senate Session 03h:35mplay
04/06/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:03mplay
04/06/05Jurisprudence Committee02h:13mplay
04/06/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:35mplay
04/06/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)02h:07mplay
04/06/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)01h:37mplay
04/06/05Criminal Justice Committee 03h:11mplay
04/06/05Waive Goodbye to Your Rights press conference by Sen. Van de Putte & Pharmacist's Association.00h:30mplay
04/05/05Subcommittee on Higher Education 00h:11mplay
04/05/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:05mplay
04/05/05Senate Session 02h:20mplay
04/05/05Press Conference by Sen. Staples on SB 164700h:16mplay
04/05/05Natural Resources Committee 07h:54mplay
04/05/05Health & Human Services Committee 01h:37mplay
04/05/05Education Committee 01h:39mplay
04/05/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)03h:11mplay
04/05/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:54mplay
04/04/05Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:59mplay
04/04/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development01h:54mplay
04/04/05State Affairs Committee 03h:18mplay
04/04/05Senate Session 01h:51mplay
04/04/05Press Conference by Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Sen. Armbrister on State's Water Policy 00h:25mplay
04/04/05Nominations Committee01h:19mplay
04/04/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:07mplay
04/04/05Government Organization Committee 03h:33mplay
04/04/05Finance Committee00h:39mplay
04/04/05Administration Committee 00h:05mplay
03/31/05State Affairs Committee 02h:17mplay
03/31/05Senate Session 02h:00mplay
03/31/05Press conference by Sen. Janek and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse00h:12mplay
03/31/05Natural Resources Committee 04h:01mplay
03/31/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:22mplay
03/31/05Finance Committee 02h:12mplay
03/31/05Education Committee (Part II)02h:53mplay
03/31/05Education Committee (Part I)01h:18mplay
03/31/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:18mplay
03/31/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)01h:09mplay
03/30/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:49mplay
03/30/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee03h:03mplay
03/30/05Subcommittee on Higher Education (Part II)04h:34mplay
03/30/05Subcommittee on Higher Education (Part I)01h:46mplay
03/30/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure00h:18mplay
03/30/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources 02h:15mplay
03/30/05Senate Session 02h:47mplay
03/30/05Jurisprudence Committee03h:30mplay
03/30/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:05mplay
03/30/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)02h:07mplay
03/30/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)01h:52mplay
03/29/05State Affairs Committee 00h:07mplay
03/29/05Senate Session 01h:47mplay
03/29/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)06h:49mplay
03/29/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:40mplay
03/29/05Education Committee (Part II)03h:59mplay
03/29/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:12mplay
03/29/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:35mplay
03/29/05Business & Commerce Committee01h:42mplay
03/29/05Administration Committee 00h:20mplay
03/23/05Senate Session 05h:17mplay
03/23/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:12mplay
03/23/05Jurisprudence Committee02h:05mplay
03/23/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:51mplay
03/22/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:03mplay
03/22/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:02mplay
03/22/05Senate Session 01h:33mplay
03/22/05Press Conference by Senator Eliot Shapleigh on Great Schools, Fair Taxes00h:17mplay
03/22/05Natural Resources Committee 02h:47mplay
03/22/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing 00h:15mplay
03/22/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:01mplay
03/22/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:38mplay
03/22/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:41mplay
03/22/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:37mplay
03/22/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:26mplay
03/22/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:26mplay
03/21/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:04mplay
03/21/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:04mplay
03/21/05Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:46mplay
03/21/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:11mplay
03/21/05State Affairs Committee 03h:22mplay
03/21/05Senate Session 01h:52mplay
03/21/05Press conference by Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst on the Senate Budget00h:35mplay
03/21/05Nominations Committee 00h:27mplay
03/21/05Government Organization Committee 00h:03mplay
03/21/05Finance Committee00h:11mplay
03/17/05State Affairs Committee 00h:07mplay
03/17/05Senate Session 01h:15mplay
03/17/05Local & Uncontested Calendar 00h:20mplay
03/16/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee02h:54mplay
03/16/05Subcommittee on Higher Education00h:01mplay
03/16/05Senate Session 00h:53mplay
03/16/05Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst holds a press conference on Texas Children First00h:29mplay
03/16/05Jurisprudence Committee03h:26mplay
03/16/05International Relations and Trade Committee 02h:15mplay
03/16/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)00h:01mplay
03/16/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:57mplay
03/15/05Senate Session (Part II)05h:16mplay
03/15/05Senate Session (Part I)00h:30mplay
03/15/05Natural Resources Committee 00h:45mplay
03/15/05Health and Human Services Committee (Part II)02h:14mplay
03/15/05Health and Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:37mplay
03/15/05Education Committee (Part II)01h:46mplay
03/15/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:22mplay
03/15/05Criminal Justice Committee 02h:18mplay
03/15/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)01h:37mplay
03/15/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)02h:01mplay
03/14/05Subcommittee on Higher Education 01h:25mplay
03/14/05State Affairs Committee 03h:10mplay
03/14/05Senate Session
Notice : Starting at 33:48 on this files time track the senate stands at ease until 02:04:45.
03/14/05Press Conference: Sen. Ellis Calls for Increased Funding for Indigent Criminal Defense00h:00mplay
03/14/05Nominations Committee00h:23mplay
03/14/05Government Organization Committee 00h:59mplay
03/14/05Administration Committee 00h:07mplay
03/11/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 02h:05mplay
03/10/05Senate Session 00h:57mplay
03/10/05Press Conference by Senator Wentworth on Redistricting Legislation00h:24mplay
03/10/05Press Conference by Sen. Armbrister on SB 132600h:08mplay
03/10/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:07mplay
03/10/05Finance Committee00h:59mplay
03/09/05Transportation and Homeland Security01h:24mplay
03/09/05Senate Session 00h:56mplay
03/09/05Press Conference by Lt. Governor on Asbestos and Silica Litigation Reform00h:16mplay
03/09/05Jurisprudence Committee02h:49mplay
03/09/05International Relations and Trade Committee 02h:14mplay
03/09/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 01h:09mplay
03/09/05Finance Committee04h:11mplay
03/08/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:03mplay
03/08/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources 00h:50mplay
03/08/05Senate Session 00h:00mplay
03/08/05Natural Resources Committee 03h:22mplay
03/08/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:41mplay
03/08/05Health & Human Services Committee 01h:43mplay
03/08/05Finance Committee (part II)03h:01mplay
03/08/05Finance Committee01h:18mplay
03/08/05Education Committee 00h:24mplay
03/08/05Business & Commerce Committee 01h:46mplay
03/07/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:04mplay
03/07/05Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:05mplay
03/07/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development01h:02mplay
03/07/05State Affairs Committee 05h:17mplay
03/07/05Senate Session 00h:34mplay
03/07/05Nominations Committee01h:18mplay
03/07/05Finance Committee (Part II)01h:10mplay
03/07/05Finance Committee02h:20mplay
03/03/05State Affairs Committee 03h:14mplay
03/03/05Senate Session 00h:52mplay
03/03/05Press Conference: Sen. Wentworth, Ellis and Lucio on Student Regent Bill00h:13mplay
03/03/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:05mplay
03/03/05Finance Committee02h:09mplay
03/02/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee 00h:40mplay
03/02/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee00h:56mplay
03/02/05Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure 00h:07mplay
03/02/05Senate Session 05h:32mplay
03/02/05Press Conference by Senator Barrientos and Hispanic Contractors Association00h:13mplay
03/02/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:10mplay
03/02/05Jurisprudence Committee 01h:19mplay
03/02/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)00h:26mplay
03/02/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)00h:47mplay
03/02/05Finance Committee 01h:46mplay
03/01/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources 00h:39mplay
03/01/05Senate Session 01h:24mplay
03/01/05Press Conference by Sen. Ellis on The death penalty for juvenile offenders00h:23mplay
03/01/05Health & Human Services Committee 02h:35mplay
03/01/05Finance Committee 02h:39mplay
03/01/05Education Committee 01h:13mplay
02/28/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development00h:52mplay
02/28/05State Affairs Committee 02h:16mplay
02/28/05Senate Session 00h:57mplay
02/28/05Press Conference by Senators Shapleigh and Barrientos on Texas on the Brink00h:17mplay
02/28/05Nominations Committee 01h:39mplay
02/28/05Government Organization Committee 02h:07mplay
02/28/05Finance Committee02h:32mplay
02/24/05Senate Session 01h:05mplay
02/24/05Press Conference by Senator West on Racial Profiling with Senators Ellis and Van de Putte00h:34mplay
02/24/05Press Conference by Senator Ellis on Casino Legislation00h:19mplay
02/24/05Finance Committee 02h:58mplay
02/23/05Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee 01h:12mplay
02/23/05Senate Session 01h:00mplay
02/23/05Jurisprudence Committee 02h:14mplay
02/23/05Joint Sesion: State of the Judiciary00h:28mplay
02/23/05International Relations and Trade Committee 00h:09mplay
02/23/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part II)01h:35mplay
02/23/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Part I)00h:50mplay
02/23/05Finance Committee (Part II)01h:01mplay
02/23/05Finance Committee (Part I)01h:50mplay
02/22/05Senate Session 01h:06mplay
02/22/05Press Conference: Senators West, Lindsay, Hinojosa, Lucio and Deuell on Medicaid Rollout00h:12mplay
02/22/05Press Conference by Senator Deuell and the American Heart Association00h:14mplay
02/22/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)03h:27mplay
02/22/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:31mplay
02/22/05Education Committee (Part II)00h:10mplay
02/22/05Education Committee (Part I)02h:20mplay
02/21/05Subcommittee on Higher Education
NOTICE , this file is not available due to technical difficulties experienced during the hearing.
02/21/05Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies & Economic Development 00h:04mplay
02/21/05State Affairs Committee 06h:18mplay
02/21/05Senate Session 00h:15mplay
02/21/05Nominations Committee 01h:48mplay
02/17/05Subcommittee on Agriculture & Coastal Resources 00h:01mplay
02/17/05Senate Session 00h:47mplay
02/17/05Criminal Justice Committee 01h:46mplay
02/16/05Senate Session 00h:43mplay
02/16/05Sen. Fraser & Railroad Commissioner Carrillo press conference on SB 53300h:17mplay
02/16/05Sen. Ellis press conference on Canadian pharmaceutical issues00h:16mplay
02/16/05Jurisprudence Committee 01h:12mplay
02/15/05Senate Session 01h:31mplay
02/15/05Natural Resources Committee 02h:11mplay
02/15/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:03mplay
02/15/05Finance Committee (Part II)02h:11mplay
02/15/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:58mplay
02/15/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part II)02h:26mplay
02/15/05Business & Commerce Committee (Part I)02h:00mplay
02/14/05Senate Session 00h:26mplay
02/14/05Nominations Committee 01h:47mplay
02/14/05Finance Committee (Part II)02h:42mplay
02/14/05Finance Committee (Part I)03h:19mplay
02/10/05Senate Session 00h:33mplay
02/10/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:09mplay
02/10/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)03h:15mplay
02/10/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)00h:39mplay
02/10/05Finance Committee (Part II)01h:43mplay
02/10/05Finance Committee (Part I)01h:52mplay
02/09/05Transportation and Homeland Security Committee 02h:10mplay
02/09/05Senator Hinojosa holds a press confrence on SB 42500h:09mplay
02/09/05Senate Session 00h:42mplay
02/09/05Finance Committee (Part II)03h:41mplay
02/09/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:56mplay
02/08/05Senator Hinojosa and Attorney General Abbott hold a press conference on Identity Theft - SB 12200h:09mplay
02/08/05Senate Session 01h:07mplay
02/08/05Senate Committee on Finance 05h:38mplay
02/08/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)05h:47mplay
02/08/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)01h:36mplay
02/08/05Education Committee02h:12mplay
02/07/05Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:56mplay
02/07/05Senate Session 00h:35mplay
02/07/05Nominations Committee 00h:27mplay
02/07/05Government Organization Committee 00h:10mplay
02/07/05Finance Committee (Part II)03h:58mplay
02/07/05Finance Committee (Part I)03h:38mplay
02/03/05Senate Session 00h:26mplay
02/03/05Press Conference by Senator Whitmire on highway safety00h:19mplay
02/03/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:03mplay
02/03/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part II)01h:46mplay
02/03/05Health & Human Services Committee (Part I)00h:39mplay
02/03/05Finance Committee (Part II)05h:45mplay
02/03/05Finance Committee (Part I)01h:52mplay
02/03/05Administration Committee00h:17mplay
02/02/05Senate Session00h:25mplay
02/02/05Press Conference with Senator Nelson regarding Texas Council on Family Violence00h:16mplay
02/02/05Nominations Committee00h:39mplay
02/02/05Lt.Gov. On State Trooper Pay Raises00h:19mplay
02/02/05Jurisprudence Committee 00h:03mplay
02/02/05Intergovernmental Relations Committee 00h:05mplay
02/02/05Finance Committee (Part II)06h:04mplay
02/02/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:50mplay
02/01/05Senate Session 00h:51mplay
02/01/05Natural Resources Committee 05h:29mplay
02/01/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:03mplay
02/01/05Health & Human Services Committee 00h:11mplay
02/01/05Finance Committee (Part II)05h:04mplay
02/01/05Finance Committee (Part I)02h:41mplay
01/31/05Senate Session00h:50mplay
01/31/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:08mplay
01/31/05Finance Committee (Part II)05h:01mplay
01/31/05Finance Committee (Part I)
Due to technical difficulties, the video begins with the hearing approximately 30 minutes already in progress.
01/31/05Administration Committee 00h:03mplay
01/27/05Senate Session00h:19mplay
01/26/05Senators Estes and Van de Putte Press Conference on BRAC00h:25mplay
01/26/05Governor's State of the State Address01h:00mplay
01/25/05Senate Session 00h:16mplay
01/25/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:02mplay
01/24/05Senate Session00h:12mplay
01/24/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Senator Whitmire and Senator Williams Hold a Press Conference on Crime Labs00h:27mplay
01/24/05Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:08mplay
01/13/05Senate Session00h:44mplay
01/13/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Senator Todd Staples and Senator Jane Nelson Hold a Press Conference on Workers' Compensation00h:26mplay
01/13/05Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:12mplay
01/12/05Senate Session00h:13mplay
01/12/05Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Holds a Press Conference on Improving Public Education and Reforming School Finance00h:41mplay
01/11/05Senate Session02h:06mplay
01/11/05Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst Media Briefing00h:06mplay
01/10/05State Affairs Committee00h:07mplay
01/10/05Senators Ellis, Barrientos and Shapleigh Hold Press Conference to Respond to Texas Department of Insurance Credit Scoring Study00h:18mplay
01/04/05Criminal Justice Committee (This file has audio problems up to 02:19:57 due to circumstances beyond our control)06h:25mplay