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Date Program Title Duration Play
12/21/04Press Conference: Lt. Gov David Dewhurst and Senator Mike Jackson on Insurance Reform00h:19mplay
12/20/04Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversite Committee03h:25mplay
12/16/04Finance Committee03h:03mplay
12/14/04Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee03h:20mplay
12/07/04Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and Senator Jane Nelson holds a press conference to unveil The Protection Act for Children & Adults00h:45mplay
12/03/04Lt. Governor David Dewhurst Press Conference
"Open and More Accessible Government"
12/01/04Legislative Audit Committee00h:02mplay
11/20/04Jeff Wentworth Sworn In as Governor for a Day01h:42mplay
11/17/04Legislative Budget Board00h:11mplay
11/09/04Natural Resources Committee
(*audio issues)
11/09/04Finance Committee07h:49mplay
11/08/04Finance Committee p.203h:10mplay
11/08/04Finance Committee p.102h:56mplay
11/03/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy04h:57mplay
11/03/04Joint Committee on Study Commission on Water for Environmental Flows02h:08mplay
10/28/04Infrastructure Development and Security Committee
(*audio issues)
10/26/04Finance Committee p.204h:21mplay
10/26/04Finance Committee p.103h:08mplay
10/25/04Finance Committee09h:29mplay
10/25/04Business & Commerce Committee Joint Hearing02h:46mplay
10/19/04Non-Profit Forum on the Role of CBO's in the Transformed HHS System02h:27mplay
10/19/04Health & Human Services Committee05h:35mplay
10/19/04Finance Committee02h:35mplay
10/18/04Subcommittee on Higher Education02h:16mplay
10/18/04Finance Committee04h:09mplay
10/14/04Long Term Care Legislative Oversight Committee03h:25mplay
10/12/04Select Interim Committee on Workers' Compensation02h:28mplay
10/11/04Subcommittee on State Contracting Practices04h:28mplay
10/11/04Finance Committee01h:32mplay
10/06/04International Relations and Trade Committee07h:26mplay
10/06/04Intergovernmental Relations Committee03h:05mplay
10/05/04Finance Committee06h:44mplay
10/04/04Press Conference: Senator John Whitmire00h:20mplay
10/04/04Finance Committee05h:56mplay
09/29/04Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee00h:21mplay
09/29/04Joint Hearing: Business & Commerce Committee and Electric Utility Restructuring Legislative Oversight Committee04h:32mplay
09/28/04Finance Committee04h:43mplay
09/27/04Subcommittee on State Contracting Practices03h:56mplay
09/27/04Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure02h:11mplay
09/27/04Finance Committee01h:21mplay
09/22/04Senator Robert Duncan Holds a Press Conference on Agriculture Conservation Initiative00h:32mplay
09/22/04Long Term Care Legislative Oversight Committee06h:08mplay
09/21/04State Affairs Committee04h:02mplay
09/21/04Finance Committee04h:43mplay
09/20/04State Affairs Committee03h:33mplay
09/20/04Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst's Press Conference on Medical Malpractice Reform00h:32mplay
09/20/04Finance Committee04h:50mplay
09/16/04Subcommittee on Agriculture02h:25mplay
09/14/04Government Organization Committee00h:51mplay
09/13/04Finance Committee06h:33mplay
09/08/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy03h:30mplay
09/08/04Education Committee04h:09mplay
09/07/04Education Committee06h:41mplay
08/26/04Select Interim Committee on Workers' Compensation05h:40mplay
08/25/04Jurisprudence Committee06h:46mplay
08/24/04Criminal Justice Committee01h:49mplay
08/23/04Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure
(*audio issues)
08/23/04Education Committee07h:30mplay
08/19/04Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee04h:07mplay
08/13/04Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst Press Conference on Protecting Texas00h:22mplay
08/13/04Joint Hearing of Infrastructure Development and Security Committee & Business & Commerce Committee02h:54mplay
08/12/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy
(*audio issues)
08/11/04State Affairs Committee03h:40mplay
08/10/04Legislative Oversight Committee on Higher Education05h:00mplay
08/10/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education01h:05mplay
08/09/04International Relations and Trade Committee06h:13mplay
08/09/04Education Committee05h:46mplay
08/05/04Natural Resources Committee06h:33mplay
08/04/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy06h:45mplay
07/27/04Intergovernmental Relations Committee04h:25mplay
07/20/04Finance Committee and Subcommittee on Higher Education03h:34mplay
07/19/04Finance Committee and Subcommittee on Higher Education02h:17mplay
07/19/04Finance Committee04h:06mplay
07/12/04Intergovernmental Relations Committee02h:27mplay
07/07/04International Relations and Trade Committee05h:13mplay
06/30/04Advisory Committee on Rock Crushers and Quarries06h:58mplay
06/29/04Joint Committee on Nutrition & Health in Public Schools06h:55mplay
06/24/04Subcommittee on Higher Education06h:36mplay
06/15/04Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst Press Conference00h:30mplay
06/08/04Joint: Finance Committee & Subcommittee on Higher Education04h:53mplay
06/08/04Health & Human Services Committee02h:58mplay
06/07/04Texas Water Advisory Council02h:26mplay
06/07/04Joint: Finance Committee & State Affairs Committee03h:42mplay
05/25/04Health & Human Services Committee01h:32mplay
05/25/04Finance Committee05h:02mplay
05/24/04Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee01h:12mplay
05/24/04Joint Meeting: Finance Committee and Health & Human Services Committee04h:56mplay
05/18/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education, Select02h:59mplay
05/18/04Business & Commerce Committee02h:22mplay
05/17/04With Governor Rick Perry and Speaker Tom Craddick on Interim School Finance Plans00h:14mplay
05/17/04State Affairs Committee02h:04mplay
05/17/04Lt. Governer Press Conference00h:14mplay
05/17/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session00h:59mplay
05/14/04Press Conference on Public School Finance00h:24mplay
05/14/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part II)00h:03mplay
05/14/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part I)00h:22mplay
05/14/04Finance Committee p.202h:50mplay
05/14/04Finance Committee p.102h:12mplay
05/13/04Senator Jane Nelson holds a press conference on Gambling Issues00h:24mplay
05/13/04Natural Resources Committee00h:03mplay
05/13/04Lt. Gov.'s Media Briefing00h:06mplay
05/13/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part II)00h:07mplay
05/13/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part I)01h:29mplay
05/12/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate04h:07mplay
05/11/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part II)04h:17mplay
05/11/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate (Part I)01h:29mplay
05/11/04Business & Commerce Committee p.202h:15mplay
05/11/04Business & Commerce Committee p.101h:17mplay
05/10/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session / Committee of the Whole Senate04h:34mplay
05/06/04Subcommittee on Higher Education p.3
(*audio issues)
05/06/04Subcommittee on Higher Education p.2
(*audio issues)
05/06/04Subcommittee on Higher Education p.1
(*audio issues)
05/06/04Lt. Gov.'s Media Briefing00h:15mplay
05/06/04Jurisprudence Committee p.201h:26mplay
05/06/04Jurisprudence Committee p.100h:51mplay
05/06/04Government Organization Committee01h:14mplay
05/06/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session (Part II)00h:12mplay
05/06/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session (Part I, continuation of May 3, 2004 session)00h:00mplay
05/05/04Infrastructure Development and Security Committee01h:31mplay
05/04/04Nominations Committee02h:51mplay
05/04/04Infrastructure Development and Security Committee05h:05mplay
05/03/04Lt. Gov.'s Media Briefing00h:10mplay
05/03/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session00h:21mplay
05/03/04Business & Commerce Committee02h:37mplay
04/29/04Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee01h:36mplay
04/29/04Subcommittee on Higher Education01h:26mplay
04/29/04Select Interim Committee on Workers' Compensation04h:18mplay
04/28/04Senator Nelson Holds a Press Conference on Gaming00h:14mplay
04/28/04Health & Human Services Committee02h:27mplay
04/28/04Criminal Justice Committee01h:38mplay
04/27/04Lt. Gov.'s Media Briefing00h:08mplay
04/27/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session00h:21mplay
04/27/04Finance Committee p.203h:19mplay
04/27/04Finance Committee p.104h:01mplay
04/27/04Business & Commerce Committee02h:04mplay
04/26/04Finance Committee04h:14mplay
04/22/04Education Committee01h:06mplay
04/20/04Lt. Gov.'s Media Briefing00h:10mplay
04/20/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education, Select02h:44mplay
04/20/04Health & Human Services Committee p.201h:36mplay
04/20/04Health & Human Services Committee p.100h:32mplay
04/20/04Fourth Called Senate Special Session01h:56mplay
04/20/04Administration Committee00h:02mplay
04/19/04Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure03h:34mplay
04/19/04Joint Committee on Public School Finance, Select09h:43mplay
04/15/04The Joint Committee on Nutrition and Health in Public Schools03h:51mplay
04/14/04Infrastructure Development and Security Committee03h:31mplay
04/13/04Joint Hearing: Infrastructure Development & Security Committee and Finance Committee03h:03mplay
04/13/04Infrastructure Development and Security Committee02h:47mplay
04/13/04Health & Human Services Committee01h:21mplay
04/13/04Finance Committee01h:47mplay
04/12/04Finance Committee03h:13mplay
04/08/04Subcommittee on Higher Education05h:34mplay
04/03/04The Swearing-in of Senator Jane Nelson as Governor For a Day01h:16mplay
03/31/04Senate Select Committee on Water Policy04h:53mplay
03/30/04Natural Resources Committee02h:05mplay
03/30/04Finance Committee08h:24mplay
03/29/04Texas Water Advisory Council00h:38mplay
03/29/04Subcommittee on Higher Education03h:16mplay
03/29/04Jurisprudence Committee00h:56mplay
03/29/04Joint Select Committee on Public School Finance10h:50mplay
03/29/04Finance Committee03h:25mplay
03/29/04Advisory Committee on Rock Crushers and Quarries03h:30mplay
03/25/04Senator Kyle Janek Holds a Press Conference on Coastal Erosion00h:26mplay
03/25/04Select Interim Committee on Workers' Compensation05h:40mplay
03/24/04Sunset Advisory Commission05h:48mplay
03/24/04Intergovernmental Relations00h:29mplay
03/24/04Business and Commerce Committee02h:06mplay
03/23/04Sunset Advisory Commission09h:18mplay
03/22/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education03h:30mplay
03/17/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy05h:00mplay
03/16/04Finance Committee02h:36mplay
03/15/04Finance Committee02h:44mplay
03/11/04Subcommittee on the Lease of State Water Rights, Interim 04h:13mplay
03/10/04Joint Committee on Public School Finance, Select02h:19mplay
03/10/04Criminal Justice Committee02h:13mplay
03/04/04Joint Committee on Public School Finance, Select02h:56mplay
03/04/04International Relations and Trade Committee (El Paso)08h:21mplay
03/02/04The Oath of Office Ceremony for Senator-elect Kel Seliger00h:17mplay
02/26/04Select Interim Committee on Workers' Compensation04h:08mplay
02/23/04Press Conference: Senator Van de Putte
Texas Pharmacy Association and Sen. Van de Putte discuss the need to control the influx of unsafe drugs into US via Canada and Mexico
02/18/04The Study Commission on Water Environmental Flows03h:05mplay
02/18/04The Select Interim Committee on Water Policy07h:03mplay
02/17/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education03h:32mplay
02/13/04Administration Committee00h:39mplay
02/11/04Subcommittee on the Lease of State Water Rights, Interim (Dell City)04h:26mplay
02/09/04Texas Legislative Agencies: LRL03h:23mplay
02/04/04Senator Tommy Williams Press Conference on SB 54100h:23mplay
02/03/04Senate Committee on Water Policy, Select (El Paso)07h:56mplay
01/26/04Legislative Redistricting Board00h:19mplay
01/22/04Joint Committee on Public School Finance, Select04h:27mplay
01/21/04Legislative Oversight Committee on Higher Education00h:07mplay
01/20/04Legislative Oversight Committee on Higher Education05h:26mplay
01/20/04Joint Interim Committee on Higher Education03h:02mplay
01/14/04Select Interim Committee on Water Policy05h:21mplay