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Senator Sylvia R. Garcia: District 6
Press Release
April 12, 2017
Contact: John Gorczynski
Texas School Bus Seat Belt Bill Passes Out of Committee

Austin, Texas- Today, Senate Bill 693, which would require all new school buses purchased by a district to be equipped with three-point seat belts, was unanimously recommended by the Senate Committee on Transportation to the full Senate. Multiple school bus accidents in Texas have led to fatalities and caused injuries that could have been prevented if these buses were equipped with three-point seat belts. "The goal of this legislation is to protect children, prevent injuries, and demonstrate that the State of Texas is serious about the safety of school children," stated Senator Garcia.

"We spend a lot of tax dollars educating children to buckle up. Not requiring them to buckle up on the way to school is inconsistent. Parents rely on school transportation to get their children to school safely. New buses equipped with seat belts will get us where we need to be. Though we cannot protect children from all the world's dangers, we do have a responsibility to do our best in ensuring their safety while they are in our care," added Garcia.

State Senator Sylvia R. Garcia represents Senate District 6 and serves as Chair of the Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus.