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Senator Robert Nichols: District 3
News Release
January 13, 2007
Contact: Alicia Phillips
(512) 463-0103
Nichols Appointed to Committees
Will serve on Transportation and Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Intergovernmental Relations, and Nominations

AUSTIN -- Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst announced yesterday evening that State Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) will serve on four committees and one subcommittee during the 80th Legislative Session.

"This announcement is great news," said Nichols. "These committees will allow me to capitalize on my knowledge and experience while giving me a greater opportunity to advocate for specific needs of Senate District 3."

Nichols will serve on:

  • Committee on Transportation and Homeland Security
  • Committee on Health and Human Services
  • Committee on Nominations
  • Committee on Intergovernmental Relations
  • Subcommittee on Evacuations and Flooding

As a former commissioner of the Texas Department of Transportation, Nichols will bring practical know-how and credibility to his new role on the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee.

"As a member of the Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, my goals are simple but vitally important, keep Texans safe and keep Texans moving," said Nichols. "An efficient transportation system is essential to a strong economy, and nothing is more important than protecting Texas from threats to our security."

Nichols was honored with a vice chairmanship of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and will serve on its newly created Subcommittee on Evacuations and Flooding. This committee hears bills over legislation affecting city, county and state agency authority.

"Hurricanes Katrina and Rita greatly affected District 3, and we will likely face similar stress and strain from storms and evacuations in the future," said Nichols. "That disaster reminded the Legislature of the importance of communication on all levels of government, and I plan to use my experience as a mayor and commissioner to help develop the best solutions for our region."

Nichols also wants to help develop practical answers in his role on the Health and Human Services Committee.

"I requested a seat on Health and Human Services because it is important to help Texans in need without creating disincentives for independence," said Nichols. "Texans have a reputation for hard work and independence, but we also have great compassion. My philosophy for working on Health and Human Services is to combine the best of those traits."

Nichols has practical insight into Texas' healthcare needs. He holds 30 medical patents and has served on a hospital board for over 24 years.

"Reliable and accessible healthcare is important to everyone," said Nichols.

Nichols also plans to apply his experience to his work on the Nominations Committee, which is responsible for confirming or rejecting all of the Governor's appointments to state boards and commissions.

"On two occasions I was the nominee going before that commission," said Nichols. "It is vitally important to have dedicated men and women with different experiences serving on our state's boards and agency."