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Press Release
December 14, 2006
Contact: Doris Sanchez, Press Secretary
(512) 463-0385

AUSTIN, TX -- In the interest of Texas football fans, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. today filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 (SCR 2) encouraging Time Warner and the NFL Network to end a dispute over programming of football games asking both parties to resolve the matter or involve state and federal regulatory agencies to intervene. Representative Jose Menéndez filed a similar Resolution in the House.

Time Warner has not accepted the NFL Network's proposal to offer a "free view" week for the cable company's customers in the New York and New Jersey area, which will include the Dec. 28 Texas Bowl and the Dec. 29 Insight Bowl. Additionally, four of the six remaining games on NFL Network this season have playoff implications for the Cowboys. The Cowboys vs. Atlanta game will not be available outside the immediate Dallas area on Time Warner.

"Some of the most stalwart football and Cowboys fans reside in South Texas, the district I represent," said Sen. Lucio. "Cable television is the only hope for football fans from this area, as well as from other areas of the state, to watch professional and college football, or even high school games, because of the vastness of the state. They are paying cable customers, and supply should meet their demand."

The NFL has offered one free week of its network programming the week of Dec. 24-30 to two cable television operations who presently don't carry the channel in hopes of ending the impasse. "If the private corporations are not able to put the interests of the citizens of Texas first," noted Sen. Lucio, "I will ask my colleagues in the Legislature this upcoming session to request that the Texas Public Utility Commission and the Federal Communications Commission intervene."

"The long-standing tradition of American football and its support by loyal fans merits a compromise by both parties," said Sen. Lucio. "Americans expect and demand their favorite American sport in the comfort and affordability of their homes, and as a football fan myself, I want that tradition preserved and continued. I certainly hope Time Warner and the NFL Network can come to a quick resolution and fulfill the reasonable expectations of so many football viewers."