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Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa: District 20
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Press Release
July 21, 2014
Contact: Jennifer Saenz
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Senator Hinojosa's Statement on Governor Perry's Announcement to Deploy 1,000 National Guard

Today, Governor Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus directed that 1000 National Guard Troops be deployed along the border area. The purpose of this operation and the millions in funding is to aid in DPS' recent border surge entitled "Operation Stronghold."

I oppose the calling up of the National Guard to be stationed along the border area. We do not need to militarize our border. We need more resources to hire more police officers, law enforcement, DPS troopers and Border Patrol. The people who are coming across the border are children and families. They are not armed and carry no weapons. The National Guard is trained to "search and destroy." Law enforcement and peace officers are trained to "serve and protect." This is a civil matter, not a military matter.

This is a humanitarian issue and a situation that our local communities have been managing with the help of church groups, charities, and other local volunteers. This is a complex issue that needs to be resolved through immigration reform and working with Mexico and Central American countries to stop the flow of immigrants coming across our border. To call up the National Guard is a very simplistic approach to a complex problem.

We have less crime in the Valley than we do in other major Texas cities. If we were to use crime as a basis to deploy the National Guard then we should be sending the National Guard to other metropolitan areas in our State.

We live in the Valley, we work in the Valley and we know what's going on in the Valley. Yet, politicians come in and politicize the issue without offering solutions. Immigration is so politicized that we cannot have a rational discussion based on the merits and this is unfortunate.

It is my priority to ensure the safety of our citizens in the Valley, support the strained resources of our local law enforcement and protect the public health. Ultimately the safety and security of our families is of the utmost importance.

Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa proudly represents the counties of Nueces, Jim Wells, Brooks, and Hidalgo (part). Senator Hinojosa serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, and is a member of the Senate Committees on Natural Resources; Criminal Justice; Agriculture, Rural Affairs and Homeland Security as well as the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) and the Sunset Advisory Commission.