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January 5, 2010
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State Preservation Board Gives Tejano Monument Final Approval

AUSTIN — Today the Texas State Preservation Board gave final approval to Texas' Tejano Monument, a sculpture that will be located on the grounds of the Capitol in Austin. Initially authorized in 2001 by the Texas Legislature, the Tejano Monument was given the green light for placement on the Capitol’s South Grounds.

The Tejano Monument recognizes the contributions made by Tejanos to the settlement and growth of Texas. Historians define Tejanos as explorers who first came north from Mexico to settle Texas as a province of New Spain. The definition also includes the direct descendents of these Mexican explorers.

Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, vice chairman of the Senate Finance Committee who placed a rider in the state budget which made today's announcement possible, noted the significance of this monument.

"Tejanos have played a substantial role in shaping Texas history. We established some of the first settlements in Texas, fought for independence from Mexico, and contribute today to Texan culture on all levels. This monument is a testament to the sacrifice and joy of Tejanos who made Texas the home it is for millions of people. Tejanos represent an integral part of Texas heritage," Senator Hinojosa said.

The monument will be sculpted in bronze and mounted on pink marble, matching the Capitol’s masonry. The exhibit will host a number of bronzed statutes placed across the marble base, including a vaquero on a horse, a conquistador, a Tejano couple holding a baby, and a Texas Longhorn bull and cow. Several bronze plaques on the monument will provide historical background on Tejanos.

The monument will be approximately 32 feet long, about 15 feet wide and approximately 23 feet off the ground at its highest point. There will also be a paved viewing area in front of the monument.