Senator Jane Nelson
P.O. Box 12068, State Capitol
Austin, Texas 78711
Tel. (512) 463-0112
Press Release
February 11, 2019
Contact: Alexa Hoisager

On the agenda: Article III - Public Education

Texas Education Agency
Teacher Retirement System
Windham School District
School for the Blind
School for the Deaf

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Key Points for Today's Hearing

  • SB1 includes $2.4 billion to fund enrollment growth for public education, based on an estimated 65,000 additional students per year;
  • SB 1 includes an additional $3.7 billion for teacher pay raises;
  • $2.3 billion to reduce reliance on recapture under the so-called "Robin Hood" system;
  • $8 million, an increase of $3 million, for Pathways in Technology Early College High School, a partnership between technology-based companies and public education;
  • $230 million to maintain current health insurance premiums and benefits for our retired teachers through TRS-Care;
  • SB500, the supplemental appropriations bill, includes $100 million for school safety, over $600 million to address Harvey related expenses for public education, and $300 million to address the TRS pension.

Statement from Senator Nelson: "As a former teacher, I want to ensure that our schools have the resources necessary to properly educate our students and prepare them for success. Education is the great equalizer, and we need to make sure all Texas students have access to a quality education," Senator Nelson said.