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Press Release
January 29, 2019
Contact: Alexa Hoisager

On the agenda: Article IV - Judiciary

Supreme Court of Texas
Court of Criminal Appeals
14 Courts of Appeals
Office of Court Administration
Indigent Defense Commission
State Law Library

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Key Points for Today's Hearing

  • SB 1 includes $835.5M for Article IV, which funds the judiciary.
  • SB 1 adds $5.7M and 34.4 FTEs to expand the Guardianship Compliance Program statewide. The program assists courts with reviewing and auditing guardianship filings for the elderly and incapacitated via Rider 13.
  • The budget provides an increase of $18M for the Indigent Defense Commission to provide discretionary grants to counties.
  • SB 1 directs the newly established Judicial Commission on Mental Health to report its expenditures and to coordinate with the Statewide Behavioral Health Coordinating Council to ensure collaboration with other behavioral health efforts funded by the state.
  • SB 1 requires judicial education materials to include details on mental health care resources available in each court's geographic region.
  • The budget appropriates $28.2M for judicial education, an increase of $4.3M over FY18-19.

Statement from Senator Nelson: "The judiciary system is an essential piece of state government, providing Texans with access to justice. I am proud to say SB 1 expands the Guardianship Compliance Program, which assists courts with reviewing and auditing guardianships of elderly and incapacitated Texans and ensuring these persons are receiving the best care," said Senator Nelson. "We are also working to improve collaboration among state behavioral health efforts, which will continue to strengthen our ongoing work on this issue."