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Senator Jane Nelson: District 12
February 3, 2015
Contact: Megan Hanson

On the agenda: Article I

  • Office of the Governor
    • Trusteed Programs (Includes Emerging Technology Fund and Enterprise Fund)
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Comptroller of Public Accounts
  • Texas Ethics Commission (TEC)
  • Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)
  • Department of Information Resources (DIR)

For the full agenda, please view the posting online


  • Emerging Tech Fund/Enterprise Fund
    • FY 14-15 budget included $126.5M in available funds for the Texas Enterprise Fund and $88.7M in available funds for the Emerging Technology Fund.
    • SB 2 provides no new funding for the Emerging Technology Fund or the Enterprise Fund, but does allow them to continue using unexpended balances from FY15.
    • Statement from Senator Nelson: "Texas needs an aggressive economic development program to recruit and retain businesses, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and leadership to ensure that these efforts are accountable, effective and truly generating the results we want."
  • Texas Ethics Commission
    • The TEC's FY 14-15 budget of $7.5M included a one-time appropriation of $3.5M for a new electronic filing system. After removing the one-time expense, SB 2 added $800,000 for the agency to cover ongoing costs relating to supporting that system.
    • Statement from Senator Nelson: "We maintained the funding necessary to continue operations at this important agency. A one-time expenditure that was never intended to re-occur in this budget accounts for the change in funding levels from the current budget," Senator Nelson said.
  • Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
    • SB 2 includes approximately $300M per year over the next two years for CPRIT in keeping with Proposition 15, the constitutional amendment overwhelmingly approved by Texas voters in 2007.
    • Last session the Legislature approved SB 149 by Senator Nelson, restructuring the agency's governance and strengthening the grant approval process for greater accountability and transparency.
    • Statement from Senator Nelson: "Now that our mission to fight cancer is back on course, we are ramping back up our efforts to prevent, research and deliver to the marketplace treatments and cures to help those who are living with cancer."

To watch the Senate Finance Committee hearing online, click here.

Senator Jane Nelson
Chair, Senate Finance Committee