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News Release
April 3, 2007
Contact: Dave Nelson

AUSTIN -- The Senate Committee on Business & Commerce today unanimously approved SB 46, "the Quain law," which indemnifies the victims of car theft from daily storage fees at impound lots. It now moves to the full Senate for further consideration.

"It is unfair for victims of car theft to be further victimized by excessive daily storage fees," Senator Nelson said. "This bill is named after a woman in my community whose car was stolen, impounded and then sold at auction because she could not afford to pay the impound fees. She was violated not once but twice, and we should never let that happen to another car theft victim."

SB 46 states that if a police report confirms that an impounded vehicle has truly been stolen, the owner is not required to pay daily storage fees. It was filed after Senator Nelson was contacted by Fort Worth resident Carol Quain, whose car was stolen and then later recovered by police. She went without transportation for more than a year until a local auto dealer donated to her a used car.

"I hope this bill passes because no one should go through what I have gone through over the last year and a half. It is bad enough to have your car stolen. To have it recovered and then sold at auction just isn't right, and the law needs to be changed to protect car theft victims," Carol Quain said.

Senator Nelson represents District 12, which includes several communities in Tarrant and Denton counties.