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News Release
March 24, 1997
Contact: Chris Ward

AUSTIN - A bill by Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, to dedicate Texas Lottery profits to public education is set to be heard in the Senate Finance Committee today. Senator Nelson said the bill is important to help restore people's trust in their government.

"Texans were led to believe that the proceeds from the lottery would flow directly to the public schools. They approved the lottery with that understanding," Nelson said.

Dedicating lottery funds to education has strong bi-partisan support among key state leaders. Governor George W. Bush called on the legislature to dedicate lottery funds in his State of the State address earlier this year. Lt. Governor Bob Bullock has repeatedly stated his support.

SB 105 would direct profits from the lottery to the Foundation School Fund which is used only for K-12 education. Currently, lottery dollars flow into the General Revenue Fund which finances a wide variety of state activities. There is no way to track where specific dollars are going.

"This bill is about keeping faith with the people of Texas," Senator Nelson commented. "If we don't dedicate lottery money to schools we are scratching off the people's trust in their government."