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05/31/2003 HTM
Senate and House Compromise on Homeowners Insurance Legislation

05/30/2003 HTM
Agreement Reached on Damage Caps for Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and Fallen Soldiers Remembered

05/29/2003 HTM
Ratliff Reports on Status of Medical Malpractice Bill

05/28/2003 HTM
Transportation and Environmental Legislation Considered By Senate

05/27/2003 HTM
Senate Approves Legislation Necessary to Balance Budget

05/26/2003 HTM
Senate and House Conferees Reach Budget Agreement

05/24/2003 HTM
Conference Committee on Appropriations Bill Reaches Agreement

05/23/2003 HTM
Budget Writers Receive Gift of $1.3 billion in Federal Assistance

05/22/2003 HTM
Senate Unanimously Approves Government Reorganization and Savings Bill

05/21/2003 HTM
Budget Conference Committee Continues to Work Out Differences

05/20/2003 HTM
Abortion Bill Requiring 24-Hour Wait Gains Preliminarily Approval

05/19/2003 HTM
Legislature Authorized to Set Liability Limits if Approved by Voters

05/16/2003 HTM
Tort Reform Legislation Passed By Senate

05/15/2003 HTM
Legislation Aids Insurance Policy Search for Holocaust Victims' Heirs

05/14/2003 HTM
Senate Approved Legislation to Release Tulia 13

05/13/2003 HTM
Dewhurst Disappointed in Representatives, Says Senate will Pick up Slack

05/12/2003 HTM
Despite A Halt in the House, Senate Will Pick Up the Pace

05/09/2003 HTM
Approved Legislation Would Change Education Fund Investment Strategy

05/08/2003 HTM
Senate Votes to Provide Zero-Interest College Loans

05/07/2003 HTM
Senate Approves Radioactive Waste Facility in Texas

05/06/2003 HTM
Senate Approves Plan to Kill "Robin Hood" System of School Funding

05/05/2003 HTM
Environmental and Economic Legislation Highlight Session

05/02/2003 HTM
Committee of the Whole Senate Approves Overhaul of School Finance System

05/01/2003 HTM
Brimer, Harris, and Dewhurst Committed to Supporting UT-Arlington