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December 1, 2012
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Mike Jackson is sworn in as Governor for a Day by former Chief Justice Thomas Phillips.

(Austin) — Senator Mike Jackson of LaPorte was honored Saturday as Governor of the State of Texas for one day. The Senate elects a President Pro Tempore each session and each interim, and according to the state Constitution, that man or woman stands third in line for the Governorship, and serves in that capacity whenever both the Governor and Lt. Governor leave the state. Traditionally, the Governor and Lt. Governor will plan to leave the state on one day out of the President Pro Tempore's term, allowing that person to serve as Governor for a day. The Senate takes this opportunity to honor that person for their years of public service. Senator Troy Fraser of Horseshoe Bay, who was elected to the House the same year as Jackson, remembered his years of service alongside the Governor for a Day. "If Mike Jackson told you something, you could take it to the bank," said Fraser. "He was a great asset to me as a friend and as we worked together in the Legislature."

Governor Mike Jackson escorts his wife Vickie into the Chamber for his swearing in ceremony.

Jackson was honored today with a ceremony in the Senate Chamber, where hundreds of friends, family and colleagues gathered to thank him for his years as a lawmaker. Saturday served as a farewell of sorts for the Senator, who is retiring from his seat when his term ends in January. In his Inaugural Address, Governor for a Day Jackson thanked his wife Vickie and his children Vic and Michelle for their love and support over his 23 years of public service. Drawing from his long experience in office, Jackson offered advice to his fellow lawmakers, "First, remember that you are elected to represent almost 800,000 people," he said, "The seats that we occupy aren't ours, we borrow them from the people for a short amount of time."

Jackson was first elected to the Texas Legislature in 1989, when he won a seat in the House of Representatives. He served there for 10 years, until he was elected as Senator for Texas District 11, a costal district that includes parts of Brazoria, Galveston and Harris Counties. This past session Jackson chaired the Economic Development Committee.

Session video and all other Senate webcast recordings can be accessed from the Senate website's Audio/Video Archive.