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May 21, 2007
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Senator Judith Zaffirini of Laredo smiles at passage of HB 2235 during Monday's session.

(AUSTIN) — Texas cities will no longer be able to use cameras to enforce speed limits under a bill passed by the Senate Monday. Senator John Carona, who sponsored HB 922, said he was concerned that these cameras served only to increase revenue rather than protect public safety. Though only two cities in Texas, Marble Falls and Rome, use traffic cameras to catch speeders, Carona said he thought the Legislature should intervene before they become more widespread.

Though HB 922 didn't address the controversial topic of red light cameras, another bill, HB 1052, sponsored by Carona and passed Monday did. That bill would require cities to post signs along roads leading to an intersection that is monitored by red light cameras, informing motorists of that fact. Should such signs not be posted, the city would not be able to issue a valid ticket.

Other bills passed by the Senate Monday include:

  • HB 2328, sponsored by Whitmire, would put stray animals under protection of animal cruelty laws;
  • HB 2235, sponsored by Zaffirini, would create a grant program under the Office of Rural and Community Affairs to sponsor regional rural technology centers;
  • HB 1944, sponsored by Ellis, creates an ombudsman within the Office of Inspector General to monitor prevention and investigation of sexual assault in prison and;
  • HB 887, sponsored by Ellis, would increase the statute of limitations for credit card abuse and fraud from three to seven years.

The Senate will reconvene Tuesday, May 22, at 8 a.m. to consider the Local and Uncontested Calendar, and will meet in regular session at 10:30 a.m.

Session video and all other Senate webcast recordings can be accessed from the Senate website's Audio/Video Archive.