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February 13, 2003
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Lucio Proposes Legislation to Fight Obesity Epidemic

Austin - Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. from Brownsville targeted what he called the growing epidemic of obesity today by filing the Texas Schoolchildren's Nutrition and Health Act. "All of us as parents are concerned about the health and welfare of our children, and we think this is a giant step in creating the environment which will help them adopt healthier lifestyles," said Lucio.

Senate Bill 474, announced by Lucio in a press conference this morning, calls for the creation of the Schoolchildren's Nutrition and Health Advisory Council. One of the assigned duties of the twelve-member council--made up of the commissioners of education, public health, and agriculture; healthcare professionals; a school food service director; school officials; and the parent of a public school student appointed by the governor--is to develop a plan designed to improve the nutritional health of schoolchildren.

Senator Lucio's legislation also limits access in schools to so-called junk foods, such as most vending machine snacks and certain foods that are high in fat or sugar.

Senate congratulats Lee Ruth Graves Campbell on her 87th birthday
Mrs. Lee Ruth Graves Campbell and her family with Senator Kip Averitt.

The Senate Committee on Business and Commerce reconvened today to hear further testimony on Senate Bill 14, regulating the rates of automobile and homeowners insurance under a file and use system in which an insurer is required to file rates and supporting data with the commissioner of insurance. The commissioner has sixty days to disapprove of the rate, otherwise it becomes effective.

In session today, the Senate congratulated Lee Ruth Graves Campbell on her 87th birthday by passing Senate Resolution 171, sponsored by Senator Kip Averitt from Waco.

The Senate will reconvene Monday, February 17, 2003, at 1:30 p.m.

Session video and all other Senate webcast recordings can be accessed from the Senate website's Audio/Video Archive.