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March 2, 2001
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The Historical Celebration of Texas Independence Day

On March 1, 1836, in the town of Washington on the Brazos River, the Texas Declaration of Independence was written by the delegates of the Convention of 1836. The five authors, George C. Childress, James Gaines, Edward Conrad, Collin McKinney and Bailey Hardeman, were appointed by the delegates of the convention. Because a major highway and ferry were really the only main structures of the town, the town of Washington had nothing to offer. Housing was sparse, and the convention hall had no glass in the windows because it was only half finished, not to mention that the freezing temperatures made the event complete. Since the Alamo in San Antonio was under siege by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's army of Mexico, the committee prepared the document in record time. The document was briefly reviewed, then adopted by the delegates of the convention and sent to the printers the following day, March 2, 1836. This powerful document declared Texas independent from Mexico that day, thus its name "The Texas Declaration of Independence."

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