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Thursday, January 21, 1999
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AUSTIN - Lt. Governor Rick Perry announced committee chairs and membership today. The following committees were appointed.

Administration - Chris Harris, Chair; Frank L. Madla, Vice-Chair; Florence Shapiro, Rodney Ellis, John Whitmire

Criminal Justice - Ken Armbrister, Chair; Robert Duncan, Vice-Chair; Jane Nelson, Mike Jackson, John Whitmire, Royce West, Florence Shapiro

Economic Development - David Sibley, Chair; Ken Armbrister, Vice-Chair; Frank L. Madla, John Carona, Troy Fraser, Mike Jackson, John Whitmire

Economic Development: Subcommittee on Technology & Business Growth - Troy Fraser, Chair; Frank L. Madla, Vice-Chair; Mike Jackson, John Carona, John Whitmire

Education - Teel Bivins, Chair; Gregory Luna, Vice-Chair; Jane Nelson, Steve Ogden, David Sibley, Royce West, Judith Zaffirini, Bill Ratliff, David Cain

Education: Subcommittee on Higher Education - Royce West, Chair; Steve Ogden, Vice-Chair; Bill Ratliff, Judith Zaffirini, Jane Nelson

Finance - Bill Ratliff, Chair; Carlos F. Truan, Vice-Chair; Mario Gallegos, Jon Lindsay, Royce West, Steve Ogden, Mike Moncrief, Troy Fraser, Gonzalo Barrientos, Robert Duncan, John Carona

Health Services - Jane Nelson, Chair; Mike Moncrief, Vice-Chair; Frank L. Madla, Jon Lindsay, Drew Nixon

Human Services - Judith Zaffirini, Chair; John Carona, Vice-Chair; Mario Gallegos, David Bernsen, Chris Harris

Intergovernmental Relations - Frank L. Madla, Chair; Jon Lindsay, Vice-Chair; Mike Moncrief, Rodney Ellis, Drew Nixon

Jurisprudence - Rodney Ellis, Chair; Chris Harris, Vice-Chair; J.E.'Buster' Brown, Gregory Luna, Jeff Wentworth

Natural Resources - J.E. 'Buster' Brown, Chair; Ken Armbrister, Vice-Chair; Bill Ratliff, Eddie Lucio Jr., Teel Bivins, Gonzalo Barrientos, Tom Haywood

Natural Resources: Subcommittee on Agriculture - Tom Haywood, Chair; Teel Bivins, Vice-Chair; Ken Armbrister

Nominations - Jeff Wentworth, Chair; Mario Gallegos, Vice-Chair; Mike Jackson, David Bernsen, J.E. 'Buster' Brown, Gonzalo Barrientos, Tom Haywood

Special Committee on Border Affairs - Eddie Lucio Jr., Chair; David Sibley, Vice-Chair; Eliot Shapleigh, Robert Duncan, Teel Bivins, Judith Zaffirini, Carlos F. Truan

Special Committee on Electric Utility Restructuring - David Sibley, Chair; David Cain, Vice-Chair; Jane Nelson, Ken Armbrister, Gonzalo Barrientos, Teel Bivins, Troy Fraser

State Affairs - Florence Shapiro, Chair; Eliot Shapleigh, Vice-Chair; Eddie Lucio Jr., David Cain, Drew Nixon, J.E. 'Buster' Brown, David Bernsen, Tom Haywood, Jeff Wentworth

State Affairs: Subcommittee on Infrastructure - David Cain, Chair; J.E. 'Buster' Brown, Vice-Chair; Eddie Lucio Jr., David Bernsen, Drew Nixon

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations - Carlos F. Truan, Chair; Gregory Luna, Vice-Chair; Troy Fraser, Eliot Shapleigh, Steve Ogden

Session video and all other Senate webcast recordings can be accessed from the Senate website's Audio/Video Archive.