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Texas Senate
Joint Committee on Water Resources
NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 77th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Rep. David Counts
Sen. Robert Duncan

Sen. David Bernsen
Sen. Teel Bivins

Rep. Robert "Robby" Cook
Rep. Robert Puente

Teddy Carter

(512) 463-0390


The following reports are available for download:

Interim Charges

  • The Committee shall conduct an interim study and make recommendations regarding:
    • Increasing the efficient use of existing water resources;
    • Developing sufficient long-term financing strategies;
    • Improving existing water conveyance systems;
    • Water marketing
    • determining the appropriate role of environmental and wildlife concerns in water permitting and water development; and
    • protection of the natural condition of beds and banks of the state-owned watercourses.
  • The Joint Committee may call and hold hearings, and shall:
    • meet at least annually with the TNRCC and the TWDB, and
    • consider information relating to:
      • encouraging the effective development of water marketing and water movement;
      • prioritizing the use of state funds for financing the development and conservation of water resources, and
      • measures for encouraging donation of water rights, for protecting instream uses.