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NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 87th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Lois Kolkhorst

Charles Perry

César Blanco
Dawn Buckingham
Donna Campbell
Bob Hall
Borris L. Miles
Beverly Powell
Kel Seliger


Kimberly Robertson

(512) 463-0360

Sam Houston Building, 420

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87th Session Interim

87th Third Called Session

87th Second Called Session

87th First Called Session

87th Regular Session

Interim Charges

  • Public Health Data: Review the processes for public health data collection and coordination by local and state entities as well as regional trauma centers. Identify any continuing barriers to the real-time dissemination of data concerning health care facility capacity—including data that can expedite timely care— and mortality rates, as well as other information that can assist in public policy decisions.
  • Foster Care: Evaluate state investments in the child welfare system. Examine reasons for delayed implementation of past legislative reforms and any deficient agency performance metrics. Identify ways to continue to improve the child welfare system in Texas and consider other state models to ensure the health and well-being for children in state care.
  • Health Care Workforce: Study the impact of the global pandemic on the health care workforce in acute and long-term care. Identify health care staffing challenges and examine how staffing services and payment models changed the economics of the health care workforce. Identify and recommend ways to increase the health care workforce pipeline.
  • Pandemic Response: Examine the impact of state and federal pandemic policies—including agency guidance, licensing and regulatory actions, and health care industry policies—on patient care and treatment delivery. Examine how regulatory guidance impacts the patient-doctor relationship. Recommend any changes needed to ensure Texas can develop its own data- driven guidance during public health emergencies.
  • Monitoring: Monitor the agencies and programs under the Committee's jurisdiction and oversee the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 87th Legislature. Conduct active oversight of all associated rulemaking and other governmental actions taken to ensure intended legislative outcome of all legislation.