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NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 78th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Kenneth L. Armbrister

Mike Jackson

Gonzalo Barrientos
Robert Duncan
Craig Estes
Troy Fraser
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
Jon Lindsay
Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Frank L. Madla
Todd Staples


Kelly Gilbert

(512) 463-0390

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78th Session Interim (continued)

78th Fourth Called Session

78th Session Interim

78th Third Called Session

78th First Called Session

  • July 16, 2003 [ AM - PM ]

78th Regular Session


The following reports are available for download:

Interim Charges

  • Study the ongoing efforts, and make recommendations, as needed, to achieve cleaner air in Texas including:
    • Implementation of HB 1365, 78th Regular Session;
    • State Implementation Plan revisions;
    • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's (TCEQ) implementation of the 8-hour air quality standard;
    • Early action compacts and other innovative air quality planning tools;
    • Emissions transport issues, including recent court decisions and federal legislation implementing transport policy;
    • Transition of the Texas Council on Environmental Technology to TCEQ; and
    • Regional air quality challenges.
  • Study long-term funding and planning solutions to combat erosion along the Texas coast with particular attention to: the National Flood Insurance Program, securing, matching and additional federal dollars, and alternative funding approaches.
  • Study and make recommendations regarding current state and federal laws relating to the permitting and operation of landfills. Issues to be considered include the generation and transportation of waste; the selection, approval, and regulation of treatment and storage facilities; the projected demand for new facilities; and the adequacy of existing technology to safely dispose of waste.
  • Study the consistent implementation of federal and state air and water quality standards by local governments and make recommendations for improving the consistency and effectiveness of the requirements.