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NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 83rd Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Royce West

José Rodríguez

Donna Campbell
John Carona
Sylvia R. Garcia
Kelly Hancock


Tiffany White

(512) 463-0395

Sam Houston Building, 350


The following reports are available for download:

Interim Charges

  • Monitor the implementation of Senate Bill 393 and Senate Bill 1114 and determine if any statutory changes are necessary to clarify the intent of this legislation. In addition, determine those school districts that have implemented the graduated sanctions envisioned by Senate Bill 393 and decide if any additional statutory changes are necessary to ensure that school districts are complying with its intent.
  • Monitor the implementation of statewide electronic filing as mandated by the Texas Supreme Court to determine if any additional training or resources are needed by local jurisdictions. In addition, determine those jurisdictions that have imposed the local transaction fee, as created by House Bill 2302, to determine how it is being utilized and if its continued collection is necessary.
  • Study and make recommendations on the feasibility of removing failure to attend school (Section 25.094, Texas Education Code) as a Class C misdemeanor offense and determine the feasibility of adjudicating juvenile truancy as a civil offense.
  • Study and make recommendations on the availability and application of deferred adjudication, orders for non-disclosure, and expunctions. Study extending the use of expunction of criminal records history and non-disclosures to certain qualified individuals with low-level, non-violent convictions.