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Senate Committee on Finance
NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 75th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Bill Ratfliff

Carlos F. Truan

Kenneth L. Armbrister
Gonzalo Barrientos
Teel Bivins
J.E. "Buster" Brown
Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Mike Moncrief
Jane Nelson
David Sibley
Jeff Wentworth
Royce West
Judith Zaffirini


Patricia Hicks

(512) 463-0370

Capitol Extension, E1.038

Video/Audio Archives

There are no audio/video archives available online for the 75th session.

Senate Finance Subcommittees

Articles 1, 6 & 7

Senator Barrientos — Chair
Senator Armbrister
Senator Bivins

Articles 2 & 8

Senator Nelson — Chair
Senator Truan
Senator West

Article 3

Senator Moncrief — Chair
Senator Brown
Senator Zaffirini

Articles 4 & 5

Senator Wentworth — Chair
Senator Lucio
Senator Sibley

Interim Charges to the Subcommittees:

  • Each Finance Subcommittee shall for agencies within its jurisdiction as enumerated in the FY'98-99 Budget (Appropriations Bill, HB 1) report and:
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the agencies' performance measures;
  • Analyze the agencies' accuracy in reporting on performance measures;
  • evaluate agencies' budgets and identify reasons for differences in budget requests and appropriated amounts;
  • examine the history of agencies' unexpended balances and the causes for those balances;
  • evaluate agencies' caseload, population or enrollment forecast methods; and
  • monitor agencies' responses to State Auditor reports;
  • Analyze agencies' line-item strategies and determine if they are essential to and reflective of the agencies' missions;
  • Review increases and decreases in the number of agencies' full- or part-time employees and use of consultant/contract individuals; and
  • Evaluate all (i) judgments; (ii) settlement agreements; and (iii) pending legal claims, whether or not asserted in a lawsuit, which will or may impact agencies' FY'98-2001 budget periods.

Interim Charges to the Finance Committee:

  • Based upon the work of the Finance Subcommittees, make any necessary recommendations for legislative or state agency action.
  • Review the use of riders in the Appropriations Bill and recommend guidelines to evaluate proposed riders for appropriateness and legality.