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NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 79th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Judith Zaffirini

Kip Averitt
Kyle Janek
Todd Staples
Royce West
Tommy Williams


(512) 463-4788

Sam Houston Building, 320


The following reports are available for download:

Interim Charges

  • Study the impact and costs associated with distance learning on traditional higher education.
  • Study the cost of education at public institutions of higher education, specifically, tuition de-regulation and student fees. The committee should also review current tuition and fee exemptions and make recommendations for improving student access to education.
  • Study what impact any changes to the percentage requirement of the Top 10% Law could have on students currently in the educational pipeline, discuss developing a uniform transcript and a standard methodology for calculating GPAs, and make recommendations for relating to the application of the Top 10% Law, including to children of Texas residents in the military.
  • Monitor the progress of the Closing the Gaps goals and recommend any legislative action needed to ensure we stay on target to meet the goals by 2015.
  • Study the relationship of College of Education coursework on teacher effectiveness and student performance. Examine the State‚Äôs role in the accountability of these teacher preparation programs in delivering the most effective instruction strategies recommended or validated by scientifically-based research, particularly in the area of reading. Examine past and current studies linking teacher preparedness with student performance and identify any barriers to conducting such research. Make recommendations for legislative changes to improve programs.

Joint Charge with Senate Finance Committee:

  • Monitor changes made during the 79th Legislature, Regular Session, to adjust higher education funding formulas by adopting a cost-based formula matrix. Make recommendations for continuing improvements.