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NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 86th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Larry Taylor

Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Paul Bettencourt
Donna Campbell
Pat Fallon
Bob Hall
Bryan Hughes
Angela Paxton
Beverly Powell
Royce West
Judith Zaffirini


Brigitt Hartin

Mark Williams

(512) 463-0355

Sam Houston Building, 440

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86th Session Interim

86th Regular Session


Interim Charges

  • Teacher Workforce: Examine best practice models to recruit, prepare, and retain highly effective teachers. Review teacher professional development, continuing education, and training for teachers, and recommend improved training methods to improve student academic outcomes.
  • Alternative Education Students: Study current local, state, and national policies and programs for alternative education student populations. Make recommendations to strengthen existing programs and encourage the development of new innovative models.
  • Adult Education: Identify and evaluate current innovative programs that assist non-traditional students (first-time adult learners, re-enrolling students, working adults, and educationally disadvantaged students) in completing a high school diploma, GED, post-secondary degree, or workforce credential, including a review of adult education charter schools and their performance framework. Make recommendations to help successful expansion with partnered business and education entities.
  • Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs: Review disciplinary alternative education programs, including lengths of placement, quality of instruction, and the physical conditions of these facilities. Make recommendations to support and promote the academic success of these programs and enhance the ability of public schools to meet the needs of these students through innovative school models.
  • Digital Learning: Assess the Texas Virtual School Network and recommend model legislation that improves digital learning for students, families, and educators in a 21st Century classroom.
  • Special Education Services: Evaluate ongoing strategies to continuously improve special education services for students in public schools including, but not limited, to the Texas Education Agency's corrective action plan.
  • Monitoring: Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on Education passed by the 86th Legislature, as well as relevant agencies and programs under the committee's jurisdiction. Specifically, make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, or complete implementation of the following:
    • Senate Bill 11, relating to policies, procedures, and measures for school safety and mental health promotion in public schools and the creation of the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium;
    • House Bill 3, relating to public school finance and public education. Review the impact of the repeal of a Gifted and Talented allotment on programs in districts and charter schools. Highlight various innovative Gifted and Talented programs in districts and charter schools across the state, and make recommendations on methods to strengthen and promote Gifted and Talented programs throughout Texas; and
    • House Bill 3906, relating to the assessment of public school students, including the development and administration of assessment instruments, and technology permitted for use by students.