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Special Commission on 21st Century Colleges and Universities
NOTE: This is archived committee information from the 76th Legislative Session.

Committee Information

Sen. Teel Bivins
Sen. Bill Ratliff
Sen. Carlos F. Truan
Sen. Royce West

Jim Adams - CHAIR
Kirbyjon H. Caldwell (Houston)
RRC Commissioner Tony Garza (Austin)
James Hooton (Houston)
Betsy Goebel Jones (Lubbock)
Margarita Diaz Kintz (Austin)
Nancy Cain Marcus (Dallas)
Elaine Mendoza (San Antonio)
Jeff Sandefer (Austin)
Karen L. Shewbart (Lake Jackson)
Danny Vickers (El Paso)

Video/Audio Archives

Hearing Documents and Press Items

Press Room

  • October 27, 1999 – Remarks of Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry at the first meeting of the Special Commission on 21st Century Colleges and Universities
  • October 20, 1999 – Higher Education...The Doorway to the Future
  • September 27, 1999 – Perry Forms Special Commission on 21st Century Colleges and Universities

Hearing Minutes

General Information

Interim Charges

  • The Commission shall study issues related to institutions of higher education and their role in contributing to the human capital needed for the State of Texas to be a leader in the new economy of the 21st Century. These issues should include, but not be limited to:
    • The accessibility and affordability of higher education with special attention to the long-term impact of the changing demographics of the state;
    • The future workforce needs of the state and the role of higher education in addressing those needs;
    • The appropriate role and mission of institutions in meeting state priorities;
    • The effective use of technology in delivering education and training;
    • The development and improvement of appropriate accountability measures and benchmarks to measure performance;
    • The development of strategies to pursue and attain academic excellence;
    • The role of higher education in investment in research and development and its link to economic growth;
    • The use of funding mechanisms to reward performance and provide incentives to address state priorities;
    • The formation of partnerships with business for training and re-training to address workforce demands; and
    • The role of the Higher Education Coordinating Board in pursuing state priorities.