News Release
October 12, 2020
Contact: Erin Daly Wilson
Chairman Brandon Creighton Applauds the Senate Committee on Higher Education’s Interim Work

Austin, Texas--Today, Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) held the first interim hearing since March, convening the Senate Committee on Higher Education. Today’s hearing focused on opportunities for Texans seeking higher education and workforce training--whether that be a 4 year institution, non-traditional online or distance learning, and career tech training programs that can help Texans enter the workforce with an excellent education and much-needed skills.

“I want to thank the Members of the Higher Education committee for their continued work throughout the interim. It has been unconventional, but our work is more important than ever,” said Creighton. “Covid 19 and resulting job losses have made it clear that the Legislature needs to identify innovative ways to help Texans get a degree, certificate or workforce training. As we navigate multiple challenges, it is more important than ever to re-skill and up-skill our workforce, ensuring that Texas leads the nation out of this crisis.”

“Every interim, the legislature faces new challenges--whether a natural disaster, economic uncertainty or unexpected circumstances. Covid 19 is new territory, but it does not change the important work we must do to prepare for the next legislative session,” said Creighton. “Today’s hearing is a strong step forward as we open the Capitol so Legislators can do the work we are constitutionally required to do, and also work to ensure that Texas remains the best state to get an education and open a business.”