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Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.: District 27
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Press Release
September 23, 2009
Contact: Doris Sanchez, Communications Director

AUSTIN, TX--Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. offers appreciation to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for delivering the keynote address at his State of the District Conference today in Harlingen.

"Gov. Dewhurst, thank you for taking the time to travel down here today. I am so proud to further acquaint you with our district. Your leadership and belief in this district will be an important part of moving District 27 forward," said Sen. Lucio, who also thanked the State Representatives, agency representatives, local leaders and officials, and everyone who attended.

"It is no mystery that education is the long term solution for genuine economic progress," remarked Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, who in turn praised Sen. Lucio for his outstanding service to the people of Texas . "The future of Texas is being forged in our classrooms every day. Dynamic universities and fundamentally sound public schools are powerful engines for churning out jobs, as well as centers of intellectual and economic progress for our society."

The Senator's aspirations for South Texas include "at least one Tier One university, a thriving medical school, a veterinary school and more local opportunities for those in pursuit of advanced degrees, such as business and law."

Describing Senate District 27 as continuing to be challenged, Sen. Lucio said, "Too many of our basic needs are unmet, and it is unacceptable when so many of us can't find a good paying job, lack basic infrastructure for our homes and are unable to afford treatment when we're sick."

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst noted, "Today, Medicaid costs consume roughly one-third of our state budget and they're beginning to crowd out public education, higher education and other services you expect government to provide. We need to work now to control skyrocketing health care costs. Because the fact of the matter is we don't have healthcare in America. We have sick care."

Offering a more positive outlook, Sen. Lucio said, "In the last 20 years, we have also made great progress as a district, and we possess numerous assets that will make us a model of success, not just for the state, but for the country. We are blessed with natural resources like rich agricultural land and wind energy. We have major waterways and a relatively youthful population.

"I can promise you that one day District 27 will have premiere educational facilities competitive with the best institutions in the state. When I look to our future, I see a people with greater ability to afford health insurance. I see a community economically powered by a diversity of fields, including high-tech and green industry jobs. I envision the creation of an interstate highway vital and essential to our economic development," he continued

"One of our most important assets is ourselves. We can and we will lead ourselves to a better tomorrow if the entire community is involved, and we embrace innovative thinking," concluded Sen. Lucio.