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Press Release
October 25, 2002
Contact: Doris Sanchez
(512) 463-0127
Sen. Lucio receives State Health Care Champion Award

AUSTIN, TX--In honor of the efforts state Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., (D-Brownsville) exerted on behalf of the children of Texas last legislative session, the Texas Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. (TACHC) recently presented him with the State Health Care Champion Award.

TACHC said that Sen. Lucio's support and hard work helped pass Senate Bill 43, the legislation that eliminated the barriers Texas children faced in accessing health care services by simplifying the Medicaid process.

Until passage of the bill during the 77th legislative session, the application and eligibility process for children's Medicaid required a face-to-face interview. S.B. 43 eliminated this interview requirement and instead streamlined the process that now provides for continuous medical assistance eligibility when children are transitioning from Medicaid to CHIP or to private insurers.

"Co-authoring this legislation certainly marked one of my most rewarding moments," said Sen. Lucio. "I can't think of a higher goal and richer outcome than knowing that the children of Texas can be afforded continuous medical assistance despite changes in their lives and economic situations.

"I commend the work of the TACHC for all their efforts in assuring that this bill passed in both Chambers, and for their dedication to the children of this state. And I also commend my colleagues in the Senate and the House for the roles they played in the passage of this legislation," added Sen. Lucio.