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Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.: District 27
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Press Release
September 28, 2001
Contact: Doris Sanchez, Press Secretary
(512) 463-0127
Sen. Lucio expresses feelings on retirement announcement by Sen. Buster Brown

AUSTIN, TX--It is with sadness when I say that my dear friend and colleague, state Sen. J.E. "Buster" Brown, will not be returning for the 78th legislative session, as he announced today.

Sen. Brown was born in Mercedes, in my district in the Rio Grande Valley and he always understood the struggles and challenges that people I represent face on a daily basis. This Valley native rose to become a true Statesman in every sense of the word.

I have served in both the House and Senate and I say without reservation, he brought more vigor and energy to the Legislature than anyone I've had the privilege of serving with. He indeed was an influential member to whom both freshmen and senior member of the Legislature turned to for guidance and direction. Because of his hard work on Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2, the water planning legislation, the groundwork for planning adequate water supplies has been laid for the future of Texas. I am proud to have co-authored these and countless other bills with him.

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous drain of leadership and experience in the Texas Legislature, with the retirement of the late Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock in 1998, that of Sen. David Sibley and now, Sen. Brown. The true impact of these two outstanding Senators' decisions will not be felt until the 78th session when we will be faced with budgetary and other challenges.

I know I don't stand alone when I say that Sen. Brown will be sorely missed. I've been privileged to serve with him for 10 years under his leadership as chair of the Natural Resources Committee. Through this appointment, he has improved the quality of life for Texans by addressing so many critical issues.

I could go on and on praising Sen. Brown's merits, but the bottom line is: the people of Texas will be reaping the benefits resulting from his hard work, devotion and love for them for generations to come.

I hope he and Jill have many wonderful years to enjoy their beautiful children and grandchildren, because they have truly earned it. He has set a new standard for public service that will be difficult to match by many.

Stand up and take a bow, my friend, you have truly earned it."