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March 24, 2016
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The City of McAllen Awarded $250,000 to The Veterans War Memorial

AUSTIN — Today, the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Commission approved a grant for the City of McAllen's Veterans War Memorial of Texas. This funding is available through the TPW Local Grants Program, Non-Urban Outdoor Grant Projects. Funding for these grants comes from the state sales tax on sporting goods.

The proposed development from the City of McAllen includes the installation of a new $250,000 outdoor plaza at The Veterans War Memorial of Texas. The $250,000 grant will provide an educational, cultural, and historic facility to assist future generations, especially children, to learn about the sacrifices of those who died in the service of their country, the value of their legacy, and the important lessons which must be learned from those sacrifices.

As Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Hinojosa was instrumental in the legislature's decision to appropriate $90 million to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for critical park repairs and new projects for city and county parks across Texas.

"I am pleased with the $250,000 grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission that will create a new outdoor plaza at the Veterans War Memorial, an iconic site that honors all of our Veterans for their selfless service and sacrifices," stated Senator Hinojosa.

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling remarked, "The City of McAllen is grateful for this funding to expand the Veterans War Memorial, a state and national landmark attracting veterans, teachers, students and community members to honor our American heroes who gave their lives for our freedom."

Colonel Frank Plummer. ret., of United States Army and representative for the Veterans War Memorial also commented, "What a wonderful tribute to those who gave their lives in service to their country. We must never forget the sacrifices they have made to ensure that our children and their children will always live in the land of the free. Thank you on behalf of all Americans."

Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa proudly represents the counties of Nueces, Jim Wells, Brooks, and Hidalgo (part). Senator Hinojosa served as the Senate President Pro Tempore of the Texas Senate in the 84th Texas Legislature. Senator Hinojosa currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, and serves on the Senate Committees on Natural Resources & Economic Development; Criminal Justice; Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs as well as the Sunset Advisory Commission.