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Press Release
January 28, 2019
Contact: Alexa Hoisager

On the agenda: Article V Public Safety

Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD)
Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)
Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)

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Key Points for Today's Hearing

  • SB 1 includes $15.5B for Article V, which includes agencies of public safety.
  • Victims of sexual assault and other crimes will benefit from $49.8M in new funding and 122 new staff dedicated to increasing capacity at DPS crime labs and addressing the backlog of sexual assault kits.
  • The Senate's budget includes $60.8M to establish an anti-gang task force and anti-human trafficking task force within DPS -- part of a broader strategy to address human trafficking across state government.
  • TJJD's budget reflects declining revenue, primarily due to a declining census as fewer youth offenders are incarcerated and allowed to serve their sentences closer to home in a community setting.
  • SB 1 provides an additional $2M to expand vocational training programs at TDCJ to better prepare offenders for successful reentry into society.
  • SB 1 includes $12.1M for 64 additional law enforcement officers to target public safety violations in TABC licensed locations, including surveillance of human trafficking operations.
  • The budget also appropriates $7.4M to upgrade the TABC licensing and tax collection technology system to protect the sensitive information of business owners in a booming industry.

Statement from Senator Nelson: "Senate Bill 1 funds every agency exceptional item relating to human trafficking -- a horrendous crime that needs to be met with the full force of state government," said Senator Nelson. "We are working to better support victims of sexual assault by increasing capacity at our crime labs and addressing the backlog of sexual assault kits."