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Senator Jane Nelson: District 12
February 19, 2015
Contact: Megan Hanson

On the agenda: Article II

  • Public testimony on all Article II agencies

For the full agenda, please view the posting online


  • Today the Senate Finance Committee will hear public testimony on all Article II agencies, which testified before the Finance Committee yesterday.
  • To view the agencies' testimony from yesterday, click here.
  • SB 2 Article II Focus on: Autism
    • SB 2 more than doubles overall funding for autism.
    • SB 2 includes funding for the DARS Autism program to serve 135 children in FY2016 and 23 children in FY2017 as the program winds down.
    • SB 2 adds $18.4M GR -- up from the current funding level of $9.1M All Funds -- to establish a new autism program at the Texas Education Agency with the goal of reaching more young Texans with autism.
    • If continued, the DARS program would serve an estimated 0.52% of the total projected population of Texas children with autism.
    • Statement from Senator Nelson: "I think we can do better when it comes to serving children with autism. We need a new strategy -- one that focuses our resources in a way that reaches more children. The idea put forth in SB 2 is a conversation starter, and I look forward to discussing how we should invest these additional resources."

To watch the Senate Finance Committee hearing online, click here.

Senator Jane Nelson
Chair, Senate Finance Committee