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News Release
May 31, 1997
Contact: Chris Ward

AUSTIN - Senator Jane Nelson, a Republican from Flower Mound, passed several measures of particular interest to her North Texas constituents during the 75th session of the Texas Legislature. Senate District 12, represented by Senator Nelson, includes parts of Dallas, Denton, Ellis, and Tarrant Counties.


Nelson sponsors North Texas Toll Authority
Senator Nelson co-sponsored a bill which creates the North Texas Tollway Authority to give special attention to the toll road needs of the Metroplex region. The four-county regional authority includes Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant Counties.

Nelson bill tightens voting requirements for county development districts
Senate Bill 1425 requires that if ten or fewer votes are cast in the election to create a county development district a record of the election proceedings must be submitted to the state Attorney General within 90 days. The record must include voter affidavits attesting to residency and qualification to vote. It also allows the county to require the landowner who requested creation of the district to pay for the cost of the election.

Nelson bill expedites Super Collider land sales
Senate Bill 728 grants landowners who were displaced a preference right in buying back land that was acquired by the state for the Superconducting Super Collider project. Original owners or their heirs will have the opportunity to repurchase surface tracts at fair market value before they are offered to other persons.

Nelson creates two municipal courts of record
Senator Nelson passed bills which could ease congestion in the municipal courts of Lewisville and Coppell by establishing them as municipal courts of record. Municipal courts deal with municipal citations such as traffic violations. The defendant has the automatic right to appeal to the county court where a new trial must be held. In practice, this results in unnecessary backlogs. Establishing these courts as muncipal courts of record allows appeals made to the county court to be based on recorded errors made during the original trial rather than holding a new trial.

Nelson helps Dallas County Flood District
Senate Bill 1450 helps Dallas County Flood District #1 preserve its capacity to attract potential development. The flood district is located in western Dallas County and includes portions of the cities of Irving and Grand Prairie. The bill grants the district flexibility in setting tax abatement terms to enhance the development of a substantial tax base.

Nelson creates two Denton County Criminal Courts
Senator Nelson sponsored a bill which creates two new criminal courts in Denton County to ease the caseload of the two existing courts. One new court will begin on September 1, 1997, the other on September 1, 1998.

Nelson sends out-of-state prisoners home
Senator Nelson carried a bill which assures that out-of-state prisoners who are sent to Texas don't overstay their welcome. Texas, which has a surplus of prison beds, is paid by other states to house their overflow inmates. Under House Bill 485 requires these criminals must be returned to their home state before being released. North Texas houses a high proportion of out-of-state prisoners.

Nelson sponsors boat safety bill
House Bill 966 requires juveniles to complete a boating safety course and enhances training for water safety enforcement officers. It also includes stiffer penalties for boat safety violations, including a mandatory safety course. Texans who are not required to take a boating safety course can do so voluntarily for only $10.

Nelson sponsors Waxahachie Crape Myrtle resolution
Senator Nelson sponsored a resolution naming Waxahachie the Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas. This resolution honors the beauty that the Crape Myrtle adds to the Texas landscape and recognizes Waxahachie as a community whose identity is intertwined with that of the Crape Myrtle.