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News Release
November 12, 1996
Contact: Chris Ward

AUSTIN - On this first day for pre-filing bills for the 75th Texas Legislature, State Senator Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) was at the front of the line with her proposal to abolish parole for violent criminals.

"The state's first duty is to protect law-abiding citizens from crime," Nelson commented, "Texans live in fear of violent crime. That is wrong. Criminals, not law-abiding citizens, should be behind bars."

Nelson's proposed legislation, first announced at a June press conference, would abolish parole for so-called "3g offenders". 3g offenses include murder, rape, assault, child molesting, robbery, arson, and kidnapping. Nelson's bill would establish true sentencing for these violent criminals.

"My plan to abolish parole is well-researched. It is doable, affordable, and absolutely necessary", Nelson said of her proposal. "We have tried the carrot-and-stick approach. It's time for a stick- and-stick approach. 30 years should mean 30 years."

Senator Nelson noted that Texas currently has excess prison space. To account for future increases in the incarceration rate, the Nelson plan includes provisions allowing criminal justice officials to make more efficient use of existing prison space to minimize the need for new construction.