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Senator Van Taylor, District 8

Senator Van Taylor's Survey

Senate District 8 Constituents,

My job in the State Senate is to serve as your voice in government. To best represent you, I want to know what you think on the issues that affect us all. That's why I am sending you this short survey—so I can hear directly from you about your opinions and what matters to you. Please take a minute and complete the below survey:

Semper Fidelis,

Van Taylor

Please select the issues most important to you and your family.
(Choose multiple)

Crime and Drugs
Illegal Immigration
Jobs and the Economy
Limiting the Size and Reach of Government
Pro-Life Issues
Gun Rights
State Government Spending
Stopping Obamacare
Traffic and Transportation
Water Issues

Illegal Immigration

Regarding sanctuary city policies being discussed in the Texas legislature, do you believe:

Texas should ban all sanctuary cities in the state
Let local municipalities decide sanctuary city policy

Do you believe illegal immigrants should not be eligible to receive incentives like in-state tuition and taxpayer-funded grants, and instead they should only go to U.S. citizens?


What is the best way to address illegal immigrants already living in Texas?

Deport individuals and move to the back of the line to enter the legal immigration process
After a background check, enforce penalties that include fines and back taxes, but allow individuals to stay and pursue their citizenship


Do you consider yourself:


Second Amendment

Generally speaking, how do you feel about gun laws in Texas:

There should be more Second Amendment freedoms
There should be more restrictions on guns in Texas
Texas' gun laws are about right

Economy and Jobs

Today, Texas leads the nation in job growth and economic opportunity, and Senate District 8 is at the heart of that growth. What must Texas do to continue this growth:

Don't change anything
Lower taxes
Reduce government regulations
Offer incentives for companies to relocate to Texas
Increase the minimum wage


Generally speaking, do you feel your state taxes are:

Too high
Too low
Just right

Specifically relating to property taxes, do you believe:

Property taxes are growing too fast. Texas should reform the property tax system to provide homeowners with much needed property tax relief by limiting government growth without voter approval
No reform is needed to address property tax growth


Do you support efforts to ban CSCOPE?


Which education reforms do you support? (Choose multiple)

Giving school districts the resources and flexibility to increase hours for children who need more education
A waiver program to give parents more choice in public schools
Incentivizing the building of more charter schools
Increasing funding at pre-k levels


Regarding toll roads in Texas do you believe:

Texas should invest in new infrastructure projects by prioritizing state funds and not taxing citizens with additional toll roads
Tolling is an appropriate method and necessary tool to fund new transportation projects
Not sure

Health Care

As a result of the new Federal Healthcare Law are you more or less satisfied with your healthcare coverage:

More satisfied
Less satisfied
No difference
Not currently covered

There have been several reports of negative effects resulting from the new Federal Healthcare Law. Have you experienced any of the following: (Choose multiple)

Increased premiums
Dropped coverage or forced to see new doctor
Reduced hours at work
No, my healthcare has not been effected negatively, or has improved

Do you agree with Texas' position not to expand Medicaid as advocated by the new Federal Healthcare law:

Yes, Texas should not expand Medicaid
No, Texas should expand Medicaid
Not sure