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The Senate Chamber

On the second floor of the Capitol's east wing is the Senate Chamber which still looks much as it did when it was originally constructed. The 31 original walnut desks are still in use. On the desks where ink wells used to be are microphones for the senators to use when they wish to speak. Telephones with direct lines to the senators' offices have also been installed at each desk. The Lieutenant Governor, who presides over the Senate, sits at the large desk, or rostrum, at the front of the Chamber. The Secretary of the Senate uses the small podium directly in front of the rostrum. Notice the Senate's public gallery where you can watch the legislature when it is in meetings. Also occupying the east wing of the Capitol are Senate offices, committee rooms, the Lieutenant Governor's office and Reception Room.

These two large brass chandeliers hang in the center of the Chamber and were installed in 1890. The lights in the star points that spell out "TEXAS" make them a unique addition to the Chamber.

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