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     Howdy cowpokes! Let's take a tour of the Texas Capitol and learn all about its history! Just click on the object you want to learn about or on the room you want to go into and you're on your way! Get ready for a rootin'-tootin' Texas adventure!
QTVR Tour Take a first person QuickTime Virtual Tour of the capitol. If you have a fast internet connection and Apple's Quicktime Plug-In, then you'll enjoy this panoramic capitol exploration. (Requires QuickTime Version 3.0)

Click a number to go. 1. Texas Capitol Building
2. The Great Walk
3. The Heroes of the Alamo Monument
4. The Goddess of Liberty
5. The South Foyer
6. The Rotunda & Dome
7. The Senate Chamber
8. The House Chamber
9. The Extension

Shockwave tour
If you have the Shockwave plug-in, you can go here to take a 1Mb Shockwave tour of the capitol.

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