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Texas Trivia Quiz

      Test your knowledge of Texas Trivia. Can you pick the right state symbol out of the choices given? There is also a Shockwave version of this quiz.

Click in a circle to make your choice for each question. When you have answered all of them click on the "Turn it in" button at the bottom.

1. symbol of the "Lone Star State"
the Cowboy
the Lone Star Texas flag
the bald eagle
2. state flower
the bluebonnet
the daisy
West Indian Lilac
3. state bird
the bluebird
the mockingbird
the pelican
4. state tree
the apple tree
the cherry tree
the pecan tree
5. state gemstone
blue topaz
6. state insect
the mosquito
the monarch butterfly
the bumble bee
7. state pepper
the jalapeño
the red bell pepper
the poblano pepper
8. state vegetable
the butternut squash
corn on the cob
the sweet onion
9. state fruit
freestone peaches
the red grapefruit
seedless grapes
10. state dish
fried chicken
11. state dance
the macarena
the square dance
the Texas waltz
12. state small mammal
the armadillo
the Irish Setter
the hamster
13. state flying mammal
South American Fruit Bat
Southwest Airlines
Mexican Free-tailed Bat
14. state large mammal
the Aggie
the Longhorn
the antelope
15. state fish
the red snapper
the Guadalupe bass
the rainbow trout
16. state motto

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