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Texas Trivia and Official Facts

     Do you know what the Texas state flower is? How about the official state vegetable? Learn about all the state symbols that make Texas so special here in the Texas Official Facts section. Then test your knowledge with the game that follows.
Texas trivia Quiz After you have read the Texas facts below, test your knowledge with the Texas Trivia Quiz.
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Several different flags have flown over Texas during its history. Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, and the Republic of Texas all claimed Texas as its own throughout the years.
The official seal of the state has a five-pointed star, encircled by olive and live oak branches and the words "The State of Texas".
Texas remained a republic for almost 10 years until it became part of the United States in 1845. The Texas flag is the official symbol of the "Lone Star State" because of its single bright star gracing the red, white and blue banner. The colors in the flag symbolize bravery (red), purity and liberty (white), and loyalty (blue).

Composer William J. Marsh of Fort Worth along with lyricist Gladys Yoakum Wright wrote "Texas, Our Texas". This patriotic song was adopted in 1929 as the official state song of Texas after being selected in a state-wide competition. See if you can remember the tune of this glorious song!

Texas, Our Texas

Texas, our Texas! All hail the mighty state!
Texas, our Texas! So wonderful, so great!
Boldest and grandest, withstanding every test;
O empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

God bless you, Texas! And keep you brave and strong.
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

Texas, O Texas! Your freeborn single star.
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far.
Emblem of freedom! It sets our hearts aglow.
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.

Texas, dear Texas! From tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes! We come your children true.
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

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Texas's state flower is the beautiful bluebonnet which can be found growing wild in the country sides of South Central Texas. Named for its color and resemblance of a woman's sunbonnet, the flower blooms in early spring, making Texas hillsides appear as endless seas of blue.

The mockingbird is the state bird, known to have the "prettiest song of any bird in North America". The song of the bird is a medley of the calls of many other birds, thus nicknamed the "mocker". But don't be fooled. A mockingbird is known to be a viciously fierce protector of its nest and environment, often seen swooping down on a dog, cat or predator that may be venturing too close to the bird's protected territory.

Pecan trees are the official state trees of the state. Native pecan trees have shown to be an estimated 150 years old and can grow an average of 70-100 feet tall! The edible nuts the trees produce can be found in brownies, cookies and other foods. How about some pecan pie?

Texas blue topaz was chosen as the state gemstone. Its crystal-like appearance occurs in many natural colors including blue, orange, brown, green, pink, beige and red.

Texas's state insect is the beautiful monarch butterfly. This type of butterfly is special because it is the only species of butterfly that does not hibernate, but migrates in changing seasons. Three to four generations of these gorgeous black and orange butterflies are produced each year.

A seashell called a lightning whelk is the state shell, named for its colored stripes. Only found along the Gulf Coast, it is unique because it is one of few shells that open on the left side.

Here are some other interesting state symbols you should know:

The state pepper is the jalapeño.
The state grass is the sideoats grama.
The state motto is "friendship".
The state vegetable is the 1015 sweet onion and the state fruit is the Texas red grapefruit.
The official dish of Texas is chili.
Texas's official dance is the square dance.
The Armor-plated armadillo is the offical state small mammal and the Guadalupe bass is the state fish.
Texas's official flying mammal of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat.
The state large mammal is the Longhorn.

Texas Trivia Quiz After you have read the Texas facts, test your knowledge with the Texas Trivia Quiz.
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The Quiz is also offered in Shockwave format (200k).

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